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Impeach them

October 10, 2008

Never in my 71 years of life have there been politicians who more deserved impeachment than George Bush and Dick Cheney.

The arrogance of both of them is unheard of unless they would be dictators of a Third World nation. I say it's time to replace Nancy Pelosi as House speaker and find some one with the guts and backbone to pursue impeachment proceedings for these two thugs who have shown disgust for our legal system, stolen our reputation as an honorable country, cost the lives of our fine military men and women, left thousands of innocent Iraq citizens dead or wounded beyond repair, left thousands of our own military citizens wounded and are now stealing our money through bad financial interests with Wall Street and Washington.

It's time the political leaders stand up and defend the rights of citizens who elected them to do just that.

Gerry Evans

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I agree,,
Never in my 53 years have I seen anything like this..

What's different now from before,,is that it's exposed...
Many politicans threw the years have did wrongs and corruptions..,,many times it was covered up or exposed when they were out of power...

But the serious crimes that have been committed along with being exposed with multiple evidence is staggering...

The contempt the US Congress and Senate just showed the American people...they did the Cheney and said,,"F*ck you Americans"....

Lets not be naive,,,there even leaving an obvious trail of political's astounding....
It's sad when a person outside of the circle of government and rich can see a trail of death,,,,

My question,,Why are they still in power...
My conclusion,,the MSM....
There appears to be some of the MSM trying to bring the news but there still a powerful force in the MSM who is covering-up the crimes and corruption of government...
Threw silence or explanation...Explaining this behavior...

This latest campaigning approach by the McCain camp is WRONG and DANGEROUS...
With talking heads supporting this...
Maybe there's an agency that can fine the McCain camp for inciting violence,racial hate,etc....
If the MSM won't step up and condemn this behavior,,,many of which condemned a BOOB of Janet Jackson...
Maybe the FCC will step up to the plate and charge the McCain with violations of FCC rules...

If the FCC doesn't take action,,,maybe we should investigate the FCC....

The McCain camp has opened a pandora's box...this behavior of inciting a crowd to violence will grow...
Any musician,actor,minister,or politican will be allowed this behavior...

As if there isn't enough prejudice,hatred or anger in the World already...
Do not put this crime on Sara Pallin alone,,
McCain was guilty of this himself...his words,,his no eye contact,,his THAT ONE,,his body language,,his hand shake,,his contempt....

So FCC,,does McCain have to flash his boob before you take action? Whether he's given a warning,fined or charged....

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