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If Rove, Libby Indicted, Bush Must resign. No Settling

If Rove, Libby Indicted, Bush Must resign. No Settling
by letsfight [Subscribe]
Sun Oct 16, 2005 at 07:36:06 AM PDT
I read an article this morning that said that if Rove is indicted that he will most likely resign -- that such a move would be the only reasonable thing for Rove to do to protect George Bush from the 'aspersions' that such an indictment would bring to the oval office.

I have a visceral reaction to such a scenario. Bush should also resign. We should settle for nothing less.

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first, here is the link to the article:,9171,111831...

Here's a snip of the article:

"Karl rove has a plan, as always. Even before testifying last week for the fourth time before a grand jury probing the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity, Bush senior adviser Rove and others at the White House had concluded that if indicted he would immediately resign or possibly go on unpaid leave, several legal and Administration sources familiar with the thinking told TIME.

Resignation is the much more likely scenario, they say. The same would apply to I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, the Vice President's chief of staff, who also faces a possible indictment. A former White House official says Rove's break with Bush would have to be clean--no "giving advice from the sidelines"--for the sake of the Administration.

END SNIP -- more at link, above

Second, this is my rationalization that if anyone that close to the President is indicted, then the President is required to take a fall as well.

1. George Bush went before the American public in 2003 to say that he intended to get to the bottom of the treasonous outing of a CIA agent.

2. George Bush more than indicated that if it was someone in his Administration, he would 'get to the bottom of it."

3. If this President cannot get even his closest advisors -- the top dogs -- the dudes and dudettes who are his constant companions, strategizers, and who are in charge of the highest levels of decision-make (after the boy wonder, o course) to COP TO A CONFESSION wayyyyy back two years ago when Bush said, "Oh, this is wrong, America; I will get to the bottom of it," then Bush has no business being in a positon of 'leadership. No ifs, ands or butts.

I believe that if anyone other than some copy clerk is indicted for this that Bush should demand their full CONFESSION (ie, a plea of GUILTY -- what a concept!). I mean, that is pretty much what Bush SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO: get to the bottom of it.

I am sickened at the thought that this Administration actually has an OPPORTUNITY to just turn this into a long drawn out years' long criminal investigation (that's what it already is.)

If George Bush can't get the people closest to him to confess (which he obviously didn't OR Bush, himself, already knew) and do the right thing, he has no business being president. I mean, there's a war on humanity, right? His reelection was based on keeping us safe.

And his right hand men are traitors to this country? And we are supposed to accept a couple of RESIGNATION LETTERS?

No. He promised to get to the bottom of it. He failed. Or he lied. And this is the man who is going to keep us safe from the terrorists?

I think every ounce of activism should be used to FORCE George Bush to resign.

Oh, but there is that problem of "innocent before proven guilty" (that only seems to apply to people of privilege these days). Too bad. He's the President. He's the war president, for god's sakes. He's the president. He can march right over to the special prosecutors' office, ask to see the evidence against his top dogs, and MAKE A DECISION. That's what Bush does? Reviews the facts and makes decisions, right? And implore, demand, command, cajole those top dogs to come clean. And then admit that he, himself, has failed in his promise 'to get to the bottom of it.'

We can't let them turn this into partisan political mud fest that casts confusion and murkiness on the entire affair until the perps walk free.

George Bush must be made to account. For the first time in his life.

And, people, our democratic representatives and senators are NOT going to suddenly come through on this. Why would they start now? This is a matter for the people. How can WE SPIN the most obvious thing that must be done: Bush must be made to account.

And no offense, but I have this sick feeling that the reality-based crowd is going to again sit around talking about this and not making it happen. If there were any time to SPIN and stay focused, the Plame outing is the one. They must be stopped. Oh, there is that small detail that most Americans cannot critically comprehend what the Plame outting is about or the seriousness of the charge/crime. Too bad. The only thing we have to do is show clip after clip after clip of Bush saying he will get to the bottom of it and deal with the guilty party, and then show clips after clip of Bush with these high level officials in HIS inner cirle. HE failed. Surely something as obvious as "he can't control his own kids!" is enough for the average Joe Six Pack to lose respect and support for such a weak man. I mean, we have no time for weak, ineffective men, right? The war on terror and all.



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bUSH and new reason for Iraq war.So we are FINALLY at the TRUTH where we should have been in MARCH 2003.bUSH NOW claims that OIL is the reson for the Iraq war Any resonal individual knew that all along.It's time for impeachment for the most lying,criminal,pRESIDENT in U.S.history.Nothing more will do.morever,he should be TRIED for "CRIMES AGAINST PEACE""CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY""CRIMES AGAINST THE GENEVA CONVENTION" "CRIMES AGAINST INTERNATIONAL LAW"and finally,"VIOLATIONS OF THE U.S.CONSTITUTION"----then either executed or confined to prison for the rest of his miserable life.

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