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Productive Freedom of Speech

RE: "My Letter To Senator Obama" posted by 3rd Generation Mexican American

Your first generation Mexican Americans and the ones who never made it to America would likely encourage you to speak with far greater respect to the Senator whether you agree or disagree with him. Do you get that that this United States Senator (with a Columbia and Harvard education) may very well become the next President of the United States and essentially the most influencial leader of the free world??? Those generations before you would also tell you that all of the circumstances (however challenged they may be at present) you have the privelage of taking for granted in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (where millions of people far less fortunate around the world who lack even the most basic of liberties dream of one day experiencing), far exceed the regimes and hardships they experienced in preparation for giving you and me a life in "the land of the free and home of the brave." This is not to say that you are not entitled to your opinions, as freedom of speech is a right all Americans should embrace and exercise, particulary while remembering the many who have and will give their lives to defend it.

Although this wreckless posting could be dissected to pieces with little effort and fact checking, I shall address only the most outrageous points. First of all President Bush (notice the title and proper capitalization) has without question made a chronic series of mistakes (that few would argue have snowballed completely out of control), IS a lot of things not the least of which is that he is in fact ONE (1) man. He is one man in a democracy consisting of a lawful and defined government with a clear system of checks and balances elected by the people through free elections (a right most American don't even exercise) followed by the PEACEFUL transfer of power (something that is so rare in other parts of the world). Considering such FACTS, blaming ONE person, any person - yes even President Bush (duly titled AGAIN) for all the problems alleged with such unproductive and hateful rhetoric so full of inacurate procedural references as well as attempting to label or brand President Bush as a traitor is simply ridiculous. Traitor is defined as: someone who betrays his country by committing treason. Treason is defined as: Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

There is no doubt (regardless of where one stands on the war in Iraq) that it is the President's committment to the war on terror (be it right, wrong or indifferent) that became the cornerstone in getting the U.S. into the Iraqi war in the first place.

FACT: Without a doubt in the days that followed September 11th the overwhelming majority of Americans truly believed that we would suffer another attack on American soil , Many even believed it would be in the not so distant future and with similar extreme results yet again.

While I (and the great majority of the Nation, according to the polls) disapprove of a great many of President Bush's decisions, I for one will be forever grateful for - IF nothing else... the attack-free 2,617 days since the devastation of that Tuesday morning, forever changing the world as we knew it, that we have been blessed with. I do not believe for one minute that I am alone in that thankfullness. This man (whether you approve of his policies or not) has IN FACT led the way in keeping our homeland (including all the people who believe in him, and yes even those who despise him) safe. And anyone who is foolish enough to believe for one moment that the absence of follow-on attacks on our AMERICAN soil has been by chance, luck, or coincidence, is far more foolish than the temper tantrum post which I have replied to.

While I would not vote for President Bush if he were re-electable, it's not a big effort to at a minimum simply properly capitalize the man's name, refer to him with common courtesy by the appropriate title our nation had the opportunity, right and privelage to cast votes for or against (in a free society without fear of intimidation, oppresion or retaliation), all the while speaking up to exercise my civil rights (mostly in disagreement) responsibly and productively which may actually result in something effective. At the very least this demonstrates good character and citizenship and sets an example for my children and anyone who may influenced by me.

Regardless of how you feel about Senator Obama, Presient Bush, or the other leaders of our government, if we as citizens choose to exercise our RIGHT to free speech, our beliefs & opinions carry far more credibility if they are expressed with BASIC, common and polite manners which prior generations (Mexican, African, Muslim, Asian, or otherwise) did. Generations before us KNEW they lived in the greatest country in the world and did not hesitate to make sacrifices for their country. Like it or not... they ARE our leadership - at least for now). Ideally all Americans should feel the responsibility to speak out, take action, or get involved but doing so in a nasty accusatory manner accomplishes NOTHING except exacerbating anger and frustration.

By the way, Senator Obama is ONE MAN too. What makes you think that he could accomplish any more in the next 24 days than he has in his short Senatorial career? The polls would not be anywhere near this tight had the primary season lasted another 30 days. Americans had begun to grow tired of the repeated controversies that he and his aquaintances repeatedly find themselves in the middle of. Dissing Senator Clinton was the biggest mistake of his political career, and quite possibly the biggest political blunder during times of economic crisis in our nations history. Perhaps Acorn, William Ayers, Reverand Wright, or Father Flager could lend a hand. All American should pray there isn't another sleeping giant yet to be unleased.

I doubt that you will recognize the lesson that should come from this, but the generations of Americans who came before US ALL would truly hope that you do.



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