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Nobama/Mclame=Were Screwed

It doesn't matter who wins in november, this country is finished as the late George Carlin said.

More wars, more destruction, More UN, NAU and many others.

and both of these corrupted parties are owned by the military industrial complex in which eisenhower was warned against.


and save our country.

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your Baldwin link seems to be dead. Is it ".org"?


spelling...fixed :)


I tried to get to that same site a few days ago. None of the button options on the top seem to work. I push [issues] and noting happens! What am I doing wrong? I'm on a different computer now, so it's not the machine.

Al K.

then look at China and Dubai. As a matter of fact, here is a link to an article on what is happening with the modern slavery of the U.A.E.

Once they cripple our economy, they will be able to get anything done for peanuts. With their survielance systems in place, they will be better able to undermine any revolt before it even takes place. And with their police officers equiped like soldiers all dissent can be easily and quickly stamped out.

The media, our last hope at fairness, will tell whatever lie they are told to tell in order to facilitate this fascist state.

What we are about to see here, there is no precident for, ever, anywhere.

Our lawmakers and representatives are chosing sides because they know they will either be in the privileged class or the oppressed class and their children will be paying for their choice one way or the other.

And I'm getting the feeling the more they fiddle with things now, the worse it will get. We've had a week and a half of uncertainty originating with governments' market manipulations and fixes, and how are we doing so far?

... they keep "fixing" us to the poor house.

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