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Blacksburg woman connects with a national debate

Roanoke Times (Virginia)
By Tonia Moxley

BLACKSBURG -- When the United States attacked Iraq a decade ago, Blacksburg resident Pris Sears said she was terrified that the conflict would escalate into a nuclear war.

But she felt helpless to do anything about it.

Two years into the latest U.S. war in Iraq, Sears has found a way to take action by volunteering, some weeks for as many as 30 hours, for, a national anti-war information network and lobbying organization.

Sears helps maintain the Web site that is the organization's virtual headquarters. Fielding a slew of e-mails and posting articles about the war "is a small thing, but it's something useful I can do," Sears said.

And it's not necessarily small. It makes her part of a growing number of citizens, many of them young, whose Web-based political participation is beginning to shape national debates and influence the stories that national newspapers and networks cover.

Sears, a 30-something network administrator at Virginia Tech, wrote her first computer program at the age of 8.

It was an online quiz that kids interesting in joining her Star Trek fan club had to pass before joining, Sears said.

Later she got a degree in information technology at Tech and taught herself to create Web sites while working at Tech's veterinary school.

Three months ago, Sears logged onto the Internet to find information on "The Downing Street Memo," a British document that suggested that President Bush manipulated intelligence on Iraq's nuclear and biological weapons programs to justify going to war.

Sears was always against the war, but the memo and the information she found on the Web "really proved it to me."

But she said she was dismayed that the U.S. press wasn't covering the story to a larger degree. So she contacted David Swanson, organizer and director of and signed on as a volunteer.

Since then she's worked directly with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who made national headlines when she camped out at Bush's Texas ranch.

Now Sears sees the Internet as a valuable link between citizens and the government. "It gives better access to information. It lets anyone publish their point of view," she said.

Researchers such as Tech's John Tedesco study the effects of the Internet on political participation, especially among young people.

He has found that Web sites such as, or its polar opposite, the conservative site, make people "feel needed in the system," Tedesco said.

And such sites, along with personal Web logs, can even affect the stories the national media covers, Tedesco said.

He pointed to the political downfall of U.S. Sen. Trent Lott, whose praise of ardent segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond was picked up by bloggers.

Eventually, that Internet buzz caused so-called mainstream media outlets to pick up the story.

"It was people on the Internet who wouldn't let that die," Tedesco said.

The organizers of hope to create a similar effect with the Downing Street memo and other Iraq information.

Sears said she doesn't know exactly what she wants to see happen in Iraq. "We can't just leave now that we've destroyed all their infrastructure," she said.

But Sears plans to keep encouraging debate online.

The key, she said, is "to stay relatively calm and keep doing something useful."



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Bush's impeachment must be soon! He could do more disastrous damage in his next three years.

Dear Ms Sears,

I knew before the war started there were no WMDs. I had read all the UN reports and everything Scott Ritter had written on this subject or said that was reported by the media. I had a long drawn out argument with my Senator, Mary Landrieu, that she would be making a major mistake if she voted to support George W. Bush’s insane war on Iraq. Needless to say she ignored me, her constituent, and voted FOR WAR. She voted for and illegally gave The Bush Administration the Power to start the War on Terror and the War on Iraq.

Unlike many Americans I keep up on all aspects of the government because I remember Vietnam all to well. This country was lied into that war, and we were lied into this war as well. We The People were railroaded into this War by 98% of the governing body, not just the president and his administration. Our Senators betrayed We The People, and the Constitution of the US. All Senator that voted yes for George W. Bush must be voted out of office, charged with War Crimes and prosecuted along side George W. Bush and his entire corrupt Administration. After prosecution they must have all their assets confiscated, and used to pay for the Debt caused by this war. After all they were compensated very well by all the Lobbyist, AIPAC, war profiteers, illegal raises they gave themselves, and all the crooked shenanigans they have pulled. I want them, ALL, to serve time for the needless death of all our children. They have No Souls, and deserve the strongest punishment the law will allow. I know God has a place, in the basement of hell, where they will burn in lakes of fire for a thousand years, and then some.

I was pretty much in a depressed slump thinking that the Government was going to get away with all these War Crimes until I heard Cindy Sheehan speak for the first time. She spoke straight to my “Woman’s Heart

bush allowed the only sensible soldier retire instead of putting
him in complete charge of every thing regarding war.
COLIN POWELL was the only person that spoke sense in the whole
republican hierarchy, we would not be looking at, in excess of
2,ooo DEAD, & thousands more crippled for LIFE,as we are now.
I am a disabled veteran from ww2 and an INDEPENDENT voter,over
80 years old w/little future, but I hate to see a PSEUDO religious
person raping our COUNTRY & people for no good reason !!!!!!!!!!!

It is past time for the American citizens to demand the impeachment of the Bush - Cheney, Rumsfield neocons for all the lies that they fed the Congress and the American people that got us into the quagmire we are in over in Iraq!
Congress must listen to we the people and act!!!!!!
Earl J Prignitz

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