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McKinney Issues Astounding Claim. Impeachment Evidence

Speaking at the Critical Resistance 10 conference in Oakland, Ca., Sept.28th, 2008, Green Party Candidate, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has issued an astounding claim that some 5,000 persons were executed and dumped in a Louisiana Swamp as a result of Hurricane Katrina, etc., by the Department of Defense.

As far as impeachment evidence.... this would take the cake. Any department under Bush-Cheney regime, including the DOD, which perpetrated such an atrocity would clearly label Bush-Cheney as war criminals.

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The stunning report concerning the execution and dumping of the bodies of 5,000 persons in a Louisiana Swamp as a result of Hurricane Katrina which Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney revealed during the Critical Resistance 10 conference in Oakland, Ca. on Sept. 28th, 2008 ahould bew of serious concern to anyone who fears for the continuation of the United States.

What Ms. McKinney spoke about is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg, one which will become more and more apparent as the global economic collapse is further hastened by G.W. Bush's signing of the economic bailout package. When the American people learn that among the major institutions lining up to be bailed out are foreign interests, including British, Dutch, and Spanish banks which are all lining up to demand hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayers, the result will not only be devastating hyperinflation, but also an explosion of fury within the American population, akin to that which characterized the French Revolution.

But ... the Bush Administration already knew this was going to happen, so they've taken pre-emptive measures to insure that the “French Revolutionary’’ mood which is building among the American people against the destruction of their nation through Bush Administration policy, and the bailout of Wall Street speculators in particular, will be brutally nipped in the bud.

How is this going to happen? Take notice of these things which occurred within the last few days -- an Army Times story, originally posted on September 8, reported that an active duty Army brigade has been assigned to U.S. Northern Command (NorthCom) for twelve months, beginning October 1. On September 30, another military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, re-published the Army Times information.

Also on October 1, Amy Goodman, the lead reporter for Democracy Now, wrote a lengthy column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, warning of "an active duty military force that could be used to suppress public protest” during a time of a complete failure of the financial system. "Military participation in domestic operations” was outlawed with the Posse Comitatus Act in 1878, writes Goodman, but she notes that Sen. John Warner's National Defense Authorization Act for FY2007 "included a section that allowed the president to deploy the armed forces to `restore public order' or to suppress `any insurrection.' While a later bill repealed this, President Bush attached a signing statement that he did not feel bound by the repeal.”

Combine this with the NSA's illegal wiretapping program already in place, along with NSPD-51 and HSPD-20 (which Bush is champing at the bit to activate), and the secret recruting of America's prison population by Blackwater operatives to create a corporate-owned domestic police force which would enforce all of the illegal laws secretly put into place by the Bush/Cheney Regime, as well as the death camps which have already been built, and ready to be used at a moment's notice.

There are people within the Bush Adminstration who would actually use U.S. troops to shoot down people who want to oppose this bill, and if American troops refused to obey the order given to them by the President, to turn on the American people to suppress the opposition to this 'bailout' bill, then the mercenaries who work for Blackwater would have no problem obeying a Presidential order to turn on the American people; after all, they turned on hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and murdered them without a pang of conscience, so it would be no big step for them to kill a few thousand Americans, then hold up a "get out of jail free" card, because their service in Blackwater renders them immune from all prosecution.

All of these things should be a gigantic red flags for anyone who considers themselves to be genuine patriots, and these things should also become the clarion call to take decisive political action against the establishment of a Caesarian military dictatorship which will arise in the wake of an illegal financial bailout, which will cost the American people much more than money.
Right, and I'm reading more than one sources indicates this is only the first of the bailouts. They will virtually stick the gun to the heads of Congress again and again like they did on this last one and demand more payola. As you said the foreign interests are receiving theirs, but what's not being told is it's probably We The People who are actually paying off Bush's and Cheney's, and Clinton's share of The Global Settlements because either their stolen slush funds have been frozen, or they simply will not put the money back into repatriation, part of which would go the U.S. Treasury.

The whole thing reads like a nightmare. In Lyndon LaRouche's YouTube video he is actually saying there are members who are literally afraid of being shot by Bush's troops if they don't vote this through. LaRouche warned them to fight, but they didn't. I think I'd rather fight than to turn on my people and have to face them as a coward. What difference would it make if we bucked em and the bums killed us for trying to stop them? If we cannot stop them we are short-lived, anyway. LaRouche told them they were bringing on a French Revolution.

I've had more overflights of black military type helicopters in groups, always several Sheriff's cars come out when I go to town and pass me. I won't mention what I found in my house when I came home from store, but the doors & windows were all locked while I was gone. They never stop. But these cons will stop when they lose their own homes, families, money, lives, too.

At least I am now satisfied that most everyone of any understanding realize what a complete bastard-buttholes bushfraud and company really are. They were parasites through Iran-Contra, B.C.C.I. Scandal, S &L's, Enron, Stevens(spelling) Energy Scandal, etc., etc.,and now they literally hold up Congress and The People with no shame at all, calling it a financial emergency because they and their drug holding companies like AIG with something like 14 Trillion in black ops drug funds won't cut loose with some of it to at least keep America afloat. They are laughing at all of us who are the least bit decent. joe martin

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


Correction to last para above comment is: Stevens Energy should be "Harken Oil Scandal", aka "Harken Energy Scandal", here:

Jackson Stephens, head of Stephens, Inc., a large investment bank in Little Rock, Arkansas involved in Harken Matter here:

But this stuff is separate from "Stevens", etc. below.

Stevens Scandal now has Cheney linked to it here:

Thanks, joe martin
PS. So many scandals it's hard to keep up with them. No wonder America's broke.

McKinney here is provoking, but very true. In fact, if I ever knew it, I'd forgotten that Robert F. Kennedy was considering Martin Luther King to be his Vice Presidential running mate. This was brought out in her speech, etc..

Something is going to give soon and it may be outbreaks of violence from outraged, frustrated citizens who watch as we lose our butts and don't understand how the D.C. elitists can tell Congress to let them fleece us and they just obey!!!!!!!!!1

LaRouche, in his YouTube "They will kill you", indicated that at least some members of government had begged him and others to talk for passage of the bankster bailout "so we won't get shot", and LaRouche said things are now down to where people know George Bush will have troops shoot those who don't cooperate.
This is the end coming up. It will not be pretty.
Thanks, later, joe martin

When Mr. LaRouche said that people know G.W. Bush will have troops who will shoot to kill those who don't cooperate with the draconian terms of the bailout, he hit upon something which many might have forgotten, although he didn't mention this during his "They Will Kill You" YouTube segment.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 and National Security Presidential Directive 51 gives the President unprecedented authority to declare a national state of emergency, including the permanent imposition of nationwide martial law in cases of 'public unrest', a 'terrorist attack', an 'insurrection' or some other very broadly defined "national emergency".

This means that the President can order all telecommunications to be heavily censored, illegally monitored and, if necessary, immediately shut down, and all employees of the telecommunications company be arrested and charged with anything, ranging from 'inciting public violence' and 'disorderly conduct', to "treason", as it is defined by the PATRIOT Act. Travel both inside and outside the U.S. will be heavily restricted, and the President can also order the permanent closing of all seaports, airports, Interstate highways and rail transportation hubs, as well as the immediate shut down of both the Mexican and Canadian borders.

Both of these Presidential directives, along with the "John Warner Defense and Military Commissions Act", also give the President the ability to call upon "private militias" to assist the U.S. military in it's newly expanded duties as a national police force, effectively rendering the "Posse Comitatus Act" null and void, along with permanently shutting down Congress, permanent revocation of the U.S. Constitution, and the complete transference of all lawmaking power and authority from the Congress to the offices of the Presidency and Vice Presidency, and the U.S. military's Northern Command (NorthCom).

And, as I've said before, if those American troops who still have a shred of humanity left -- if they haven't become stone killers due to many of them coming from the "shoot-'em-up" violent videogame culture -- can not or will not obey the Presidential order to shoot to kill those outraged, frustrated Americans who rise up and engage in violent outbreaks, rest assured that Blackwater's mercenary "stone killers" (many of whom are street gang members who'd been secretly recruited by Blackwater operatives while they were in prison) will be more than happy to shoot and kill the American people, or brutally arrest them and ship them off -- after a rigged "kangaroo" trial -- to the North American "gulags" which have already been built and are ready to be opened at a moment's notice.

After all, when these new Blackwater "domestic police officers" were members of the local street gang, many of them participated in the cold-blooded killings of neighborhood residents and expressed no remorse or regret about doing so, so getting them to turn on the American people won't be much of a big leap, especially when they will be able do so without worrying about ever having to go back to jail for killing innocent Americans, because they'll have permanent immunity from all prosecution, similar to each of them possessing a gold-plated "get out of jail free" card.

These days are much more than "perilous times"; what we're seeing is the countdown to the end, and you're right, Joe ... it definitely won't be pretty.

The strong-arm ops is what's ruled in Iraq already. This is no doubt how Pat Tillman was murdered by the Pentagon for preparing to turn peace activist after he saw what was going on. I put a link to his murder on one of my archive pages on the right side.

Now that you mentioned the mercenary group, Blackwater, and stuff, I think most citizens are unaware of the level of 'official' thug element on the loose within the U.S.. Some of these goons are definitely stalking citizens, and, according to observations are harming and at times killing citizens just as they did subsequent to JFK Assassination. I think they are military ops teams who are interested in neutralizing gun owners, especially gun owners who are not in Bushfraud's so-called 'mainstream'.

According to what I've read these teams will stalk a person or family forever, or until the target(s) are dead or framed and in prison for an offense. The teams operate completely outside the law and the law does not bother them.
So where the hell is the incentive to obey the law? Seems like there's more incentive to have as many efficient firearms as one can manage and afford, and have them close by. What difference do gun laws make if they are inspired by the United Criminal Nations who seek to take away the power to oppose? The lawyers who have allowed this crap to creep in are just as responsible for not doing some activism as regular citizens who have remained complacent.

Some folks will ultimately end up saying "if I'd only known".
I'm hearing reports on the scanner of 'subjects' who refuse to identify themselves, etc.. This is probably at traffic stops, etc., but people know the law is phony now, if we the citizens can be singled out for arrest or murder, and the perpetrators get off scot-free.
The phony, unconstitutional admiralty law which Bushfraud loves, which the lawyers now go by for citizens who have a social security number is so intricately condemning, a citizen can be charged and/or arrested for practically anything or nothing.
Brown vs. Texas, and Kolender Vs. Lawson, are decisions which stated basically that when no crime was being committed a citizen did not have to talk to cops, etc., and deal with I.D.. With all the phony invented crime nowadays, how could a society live by those decisions? The phony invented crime comes from the gang mentality of the Pentagrom, and the forced poverty we live under, etc..
Kirsten Brydum, 25, a San Francisco community activist, was shot in the head while on vacation riding a bicycle in New Orleans and robbed. Her body laid in the morgue for about 2 days before her friends and parents could find her due to her purse or wallet stolen. One cannot even ride down the streets of America without the risk of being murdered and robbed.
This just on the heels of the murder of a DEA agent from Houston who was at a law enforcement convention and apparently returning to his hotel late and they found his body, I think, about 30 blocks away. Later his credit cards, ATM card or other were used and suspects arrested.
What a piece of crap Bushfraud and bums have made of this place.

You call this "impeachment evidence", but what exactly is the evidence that this is true?


The question is: do you really want to find the bodies and determine what happened to them. Did these persons receive any kind of due process and right to trial by jury for an alleged theft or misconduct, or were they robbed of their due process and trial, legal representation, and their civil rights completley violated?
Just because Bushfraud, in his guilt, conjures up a bunch of unconstitutional executive orders does not mean they are legal under The Constitution, especially since those orders were created by a numb-skull secret society Skull & Boner who was NEVER ELECTED.
The "impeachment evidence" is glaring you in the face, for these orders, reportedly, came from either DOD or some agency, but McKinney claimed DOD, didn't she?

DOD, DOJ, and whatever are directly influenced, and, to a large extent, controlled by the White House, my friend, or did you not know that? I'll lay it out better for you. The reason fired F.B.I. linguist, Sibel Edmonds , who has the names of 10 of the most prominent citizens and politicians in The United States of America as complicit in funding the 911 Attacks with drug money, etc., was fired at F.B.I. is because of Bushfraud DIRECTLY! The White House controls the Dept. Of Justice which is where F.B.I. is on this chart of hierarchy. That is why three high republican lawyers were at Sibel's hearing and convinced the Judge she must not be able to attend her own hearing and had her wait OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM. This is another flagrant deprivation of a citizen's rights, under the phony national security laws!

As far as proof in today's world of "fixed" media, you may sit content, if you are with Bushfraud, that these murders may never be fully covered under our U.S. grade A News blackout system. McKinney said insiders at Red Cross provided this information.
Incidentally, if you wish to pick apart all this, and you are with Bushfraud, you can go jump in that lake of fire he is headed for.

Alright. Jesus. "McKinney said insiders at Red Cross provided this information" -- that's all you had to say. You really assume someone is on Bush's side just because they're skeptical of such serious accusations given without much detail or substantiation?

directly at her live interview at at 7-9 tonight, Sunday. Haven't been to forum before so don't know if live questions allowed, but could be.


You have a good point, adam, as it seems like something as grandiose as this would have more proof offered. It's difficult to tell anymore exactly what's going on, especially with witnesses, etc., and testimony concerning serious crimes. People who would otherwise be helpful with information are nowadays often reluctant to be totally forthcoming with it.

McKinney may know who the persons are who could actually find the bodies, but that information itself might only serve to completely jeopardize her life and the lives of the witnesses.
Lyndon LaRouche, for example, spoke of government people(Congressmen?) who told him to please push for the bailout plan so they wouldn't get shot! That's hard to believe for most folks, but if we remember the shootout in 05 in the parking garage of the Rayburn building where 2 British, and 1 French Intelligence Agents were shot to death with automatic gunfire, it sobers folks up real quickly. The bodies in body bags were removed in Taxi Cabs and contractors came from N.Mexico to re-plaster, cement the walls where they said all the bullet holes hit, and I guess new cars had to be bought and lots of money paid out for silence.
It's disappointing that machine gun pistols can be carried so close to the members of Congress, and they aren't really authorized. That article can be found at , but none of the news agencies carried it that I know of.
I wonder if these same kind of armed personnel were roaming the halls when the bailout package was shoved through. LaRouche's statements seem to suggest it.
Thanks for your post.

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