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LaRouche "They will Kill you"

LaRouche "They will Kill you"

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The Bush Administration already knew that the American people would rise up in anger about the bailout package, so they've taken measures to insure that the “French Revolutionary’’ mood which is building among the American people against the destruction of their nation through Bush Administration policy, and the bailout of Wall Street speculators in particular, will be brutally nipped in the bud.

On October 1, Amy Goodman, the lead reporter for Democracy Now, wrote a lengthy column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, warning of "an active duty military force that could be used to suppress public protest” during a time of a complete failure of the financial system. "Military participation in domestic operations” was outlawed with the Posse Comitatus Act in 1878, writes Goodman, but she notes that Sen. John Warner's National Defense Authorization Act for FY2007 "included a section that allowed the president to deploy the armed forces to `restore public order' or to suppress `any insurrection.' While a later bill repealed this, President Bush attached a signing statement that he did not feel bound by the repeal.

Combine this with the NSA's illegal wiretapping program, along with NSPD-51 and HSPD-20 (which Bush is champing at the bit to activate), and the secret recruiting of America's prison population by Blackwater operatives to create a corporate-owned domestic police force which will enforce the illegal laws secretly put into place by the Bush/Cheney Regime, as well as those North American death camps which have already been built, and are ready to be opened at a moment's notice.

There are people within the Bush Adminstration who would actually use U.S. troops to shoot down people who want to oppose this bill, and if American troops refused to obey the order given to them by the President, to turn on the American people to suppress the opposition to this 'bailout' bill, then the mercenaries who work for Blackwater would have no problem obeying a Presidential order to turn on the American people; after all, they turned on hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and murdered them without a pang of conscience, so it would be no big step for them to kill a few thousand Americans, then hold up a "get out of jail free" card, because their service in Blackwater renders them immune from all prosecution.

All of these things should be a series of gigantic red flags for anyone who considers themselves to be genuine patriots, and these things should also become the clarion call to take action against the establishment of a Caesarian military dictatorship which will arise in the wake of an illegal bailout, which will cost the American people much more than money.

a couple of years ago. Go figure, LaRouche is correct about all of it.

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