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Leak Hypocrisy: Applying the Bush Standard

by QWQ [Subscribe]
Sat Oct 15, 2005 at 11:55:01 AM PDT
A primer for the press corps, especially the Washington Post and Houston Chronicle.

George Bush in 2001:

I want Congress to hear loud and clear, it is unacceptable behavior to leak classified information when we have troops at risk.

If you receive a briefing of classified information, you have a responsibility, and some members did not accept that responsibility. It is a serious matter, very serious, that people in positions of responsibility understand that they have a responsibility to people who are being put in harm's way.

I took it upon myself to notify the leadership of Congress that I intend to protect our troops.

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Context: In the wake of leaks to the media in October 2001, Bush acted immediately to cut off most members of Congress who had previously been cleared to receive classified information.

No waiting for a criminal investigation.

No waiting for indictments.

And here's Bush patronizing response to bipartisan objections from Congress:

I understand there may be some heartburn on Capitol Hill. But I suggest if they want to relieve that heartburn, that they take their positions very seriously and that they take any information they've been given by our government very seriously.

Here's how the Chronicle described Bush's comments:

President Bush angrily scolded lawmakers Tuesday for leaking secrets to the media.

And here's the Post characterization:

[Bush] gave Congress a stern lecture.

Bottom Line:

Bush has applied a double standard when it comes to leaks -- one standard for elected members of Congress, and a second, lower standard for unelected members of his political staff.

Four years ago, the President said people who receive classified information have a "responsibility" not to disclose that information. Karl Rove and Scooter Libby did not meet that responsibility, yet they're still in the White House.



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calling orwell....

From today's NY Times article: "During the breakfast, Mr. Libby provided a detail about Ms. Wilson, saying that she worked in a C.I.A. unit known as Winpac; the name stands for weapons intelligence, nonproliferation and arms control."

Double standard or not, that sure makes it appear that Scooter violated both his confidentiality agreement and United States criminal law.

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