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New Hampshire State Representative Betty Hall Sends You an Update

New Hampshire State Representative Betty Hall Sends You an Update

You may remember my efforts to compel the US Congress to consider impeachment. I introduced this past spring a petition HR 24 in the New Hampshire House to Commence Impeachment Proceedings in the United States Congress. I was grateful for your support in that effort. I received thousands of e-mails from all over the country.

The Petition was “tabled” - the speaker of the New Hampshire house followed our national leaders by sweeping accountability under the rug. But in NH, it’s a little harder to avoid the citizenry: any member of the House may move to bring it back to consideration at any time before the end of the legislative session.

HR 24 is still alive, and may (will) be brought up again any session day, if there is one, before the last day of the session. It will have added importance because we are now in the middle of an election.

I have become so disturbed by the failure of both parties to hold the Bush/Cheney administration accountable to the Constitution and to the American people, thatI have decided to run as an Independent this fall for the NH Senate. I havecollected the necessary signatures and will appear on the ballotas “Independent Moderate.” I hope you agree with me that the parties need a wake-up call. The abolition of straight-ticket voting in New Hampshire makes this doable.

Can you help me with a small donation?

As an experienced and well knownlegislator (14 terms in the NH House), I can blaze a trail for access to the ballot for other independent minded, grassroots-oriented candidates to get on the ballot without having to prostrate myself before the money bags of either party.

Here are my priorities as a State Senator (see my web site, for more information):

* Reform the two party system
* Accountability -- truth and reconciliation
* Single payer health care system
* Election integrity (voter machine fraud)
* Global warming and toxics in the environment.
* Education reform.

Thank you for any help you can give. Small donations from many individuals keeps our politics clean and simple. Please go to:

Betty Hall

18 Old Milford Rd.

Brookline, NH 03033

Ph : (603) 672-8712


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