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Scurrying off the Ship

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President Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers to the U.S. Supreme Court has served as an opportunity for those in his own party desperate to distance themselves from his sinking ship to do just that.

This column spoke to this prospect two months ago when it first became clear to many in the GOP that they could be riding the Bush bandwagon into oblivion if they did not jump off in a hurry.

Bush’s Katrina fiasco, the continued chaos in Iraq, persisting oil price woes, the popular uprising against Bush’s Social Security reform scam and Bush’s job approval ratings nosedive are all already history. These factors combined with imminent and steeply rising interest rates, a loss of confidence by foreign investors in the U.S. and deepening oil price squeeze on industry’s bottom line portend a bumpy ride for Republicans going into next year’s mid-term Congressional elections, and the best they can do for now is establish a track record of firm and principled disagreement with the Bush command.

The rats are scampering off both sides of the ship — left and right. The way its going, it will be very hard for anyone in that party to arise as a unifier, even in time for the 2008 presidential election, least of all Bush, himself.

Things are getting so bad for George W. that there’s even a poll by a highly respectable, non-partisan polling firm, Ipsos, showing that a majority of Americans favor impeaching the president if it is determined that he did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq.

The poll, as reported by the activist web site,, shows 50% of Americans, including 72% of Democrats, 56% of independents and 20% of Republicans, favor impeachment under such circumstances, compared to 44% who oppose. This is an 14% swing from as recently as late June, when a Zogby poll had only 42% for and 50% against impeachment on the same grounds.

The deepening scandals embroiling the fortunes of three top-level leaders in the GOP — Karl Rove, Bill Frist and Tom DeLay — are not helping matters, either.

The New York Times’ Frank Rich recognized the same motive of distancing amongst Republicans opposed to the Miers nomination in an article Sunday.

Turning to the other side of the aisle, we do not agree with those pundits who argue that while the GOP is in disarray, the Democrats are not taking good enough advantage of it by articulating a clear positive message of their own. That’s a GOP line.

It’s good enough for right now that the Democrats didn’t cause any of the problems engulfing Bush, and it will be better for those among them most vocal all along in their opposition to those among his policies that are now becoming so unpopular, especially Iraq.

Parties rise and fall around elections, and the Democrats have until a year from November to get it all together for a massive takeover of Congress.

The first task is to prepare to challenge the GOP in virtually every single Congressional district in the land. Running strong races even in historically Republican territories not only builds a national movement, bolsters fundraising and clarifies the message, it creates the necessary preconditions for what could snowball into a veritable electoral revolution.

This is where the Democrats are fortunate to have Howard Dean at the helm of their party organization. He pioneered this form of grass roots organizing, built on a passion for fundamental change and unprecedented Internet-based mobilization capabilities, during his presidential run, and he can be expected to put that to even better use now. He also brings a special talent for inspiring new legions to get active and overturn the political applecart.

The Democrats have to be the party that will restore what Bush has destroyed, including America’s good image in the eyes of the rest of the world by building back up the positive role of the United Nations and other global alliances. That will be the pathway to solving Iraq. Democrats will also most credibly advance the pursuit of alternatives to the nation’s dependency on depleting oil supplies, by contrast to Bush’s unsavory alliance with Big Oil. They will protect Social Security and focus on the meat and potatoes that Bush has been stealing off American dinner tables.

Honestly, it really won’t be that hard.



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The republican party created this mess, it is their disaster, they purchased it, live with it, and own it all the way until the end.

They will never be seperate from it, not EVER. And that goes for anyone who supported that war.

Doug E.

It is time for the true conservative base of the republican party, that is the Goldwater-Reagan conservatives, to wake up to the brutal fact that you have been duped and lied to by that master liar George Bush. George Bush is not a conservative, I repeat George Bush is not a conservative; he has mastered the art of saying anything and everything that you want to hear so that you will vote for him, he makes the lying Bill Clinton look like George "I can not tell a lie" Washington. How do you know that George Bush is not a conservative? It is very simple, stop listening to the lies coming out of his stinking mouth and simply look at what he does!

I have been a conservative all my life, first as a republican and now as a Libertarian, George Bush does not represent anything that I believe in as a life long conservative.

Fact one: George Bush cut taxes, well and good, and then proceded to spend spend spend, this is the most fisically irresponsible president in our history.

Fact two: name one thing George Bush has done to reduce the size of the federal government, you can't, in fact he has presided over the unprecedented expansion of bankrupt medicare to include prescription drugs, and the government can not even use it's tremendous buying power to negotiate lower prices, go figure; and he lied about the actual cost too boot!

Fact three: The Iraq war, need I say more? 2,000 Americans dead, 100,000 Iraqis dead, hundreds of thousands wounded and maimed for life, most of them weomen and children. 300 billiuon down the drain and the cost continuing even as we speak at the rate of 6 billion a month! And all of this death, destruction and suffering based on a pack of lies.

And I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Even some of little George's mind dead supporters are starting to get the picture too, when he nomonated an unknown adoring and fawning female collage to the supreme court instead of one of numerous qualified conservative constitutional scholars that the conservatives have been waiting for years to see on the supreme court. Harriet Miers is just another Condolezza Rice only white.

If this is not enough then look at the Campaign Finance Reform Act, Patriot Act, Katrina disaster, failed energy policies and $4.00 a gallon gas...


Yeah sure. The Tweedledum party is full of rats deserting a sinking ship, while the Tweedledee party is full of platitutinous do-nothings protecting their own access to corporate sponsorship. And both are hoping that, when the time comes, the "great unwashed" will just forget about their traitorous record in the preceeding months and years.

Very "firm and principled" indeed. Unfortunately, if history is any guide, they're probably right. It seems to take very little flim-flam artistry to persuade a nation of Homer Simpsons to vote against their own best interests. Then it's back to U.S governance as usual: of the oligarchy, for the plutocracy, by the corporations. D'oh!

It may not be that hard, but it's well beyond Democrats as we know them.

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