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Bush-Cheney Negotiate Resignations

Various reports are coming in that Bush and Cheney are negotiating resigning.

One following post says the following:
"U.S. Naval Flag Officers are now negotiating the terms of Bush and Cheney's resignations given the massive crimes of high treason against the American People have now been fully documented"

My suggestion to citizens is this: Don't Fear, for fear is the rejection of faith. But keep believing that these bums will go and keep pushing for impeachment.

UPDATE:10/2/08 The last I read, Bush remained under a house arrest which allowed him to remain within D.C. area.
Since Bush was already interrogated at Omaha last year by the military, I think he's now finally in serious trouble. Dr Stefan Grossmann has compiled a nearly 2 megabyte "Science" report on the 911 WTC attacks, and the damning evidence is once again made completely public. It's on the net for free! Covers Larry Silverstein's 3.2 Billion $ recovery from insurance, etc..
j martin

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If they are impeached will we have to still pay for secret service the rest of their lives? And their pensions, too? I'm quite sure that Nixon had secret service as well as a pension, too. Can anyone enlighten me?

Thank you! Stay vigilant.


These bums won't need Secret Service in prison, but depending on the success of criminal prosecution(s) the pensions may or may not stay instated. I think it depends on how seriously they are stripped of power and prosecuted for serious offenses.

For example, HIGH TREASON, which was 911 Attacks and the resulting misuse of that information to start a phony war, would probably preclude any pensions, etc., and draw a prison sentence, or possibly worse.

You might learn at some point in time that these failed corporations, etc., are Bush-Clinton money laundries. Bushfraud desperately wanted We The People to bail them out and save them, and still does want us to save the rest of it. Let it all fall flat and quit believing in "trickle down economics", for unless you are part of the elitist thugs the money you should get will ultimately not get handed down to you.

Also impeachment would strip any benefits dervived from holding any past federal office - (ie pension, SS, or other priveledge).
That's comforting to know. With no statute of limitations it means the crims in this regime can be hunted with subpoena after subpoena, warrant after warrant, year after year, decade after decade, if they are not sentenced immediately after early prosecution.

Please also see:

on the fine print of the bailout bill. It appears the 'salespeople' 'Candidates For The Con' are still trying to shove the bad debt off on us without Congressional oversight.

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