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Following Cindy's Example, Brits to Camp Out at Blair's Place

Downing Street Peace Camp
Tuesday 18 October 3pm - Wednesday 19 October 3pm.

Rose Gentle's son Gordon died in a roadside bombing in Basra on 28th June 2004 - Susan Smith's son Philip was killed in a roadside bombing in Al Amarah on 16th July this year.

Next Tuesday both mothers will camp outside Downing Street to protest at the political decision to deny the families legal aid in their campaign to bring the Prime Minister to book for the Iraq war. The families believe the war to have been fought on the basis of lies and deceit and moreover consider that there was no legal basis for the conflict.

Both Rose and Susan have been inspired by the example of Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan - a US soldier also killed in Iraq. Cindy took her protest to George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Families on each side of the Atlantic will not rest until both George Bush and Tony Blair face them and take responsibility for their actions.

The US President and the British Prime Minister have both refused to meet the bereaved families. Rose and Susan welcome any support.

Stop The War Coalition (UK)
011 44 7939 242229

Karen Pomer: 310-463-7025


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Money sees, monkey does. Or in this case, monkeys see, monkeys do.

"GOLDSTAR* Moms - Monkey's

Great Wonderful Moral Value Fundamentalists Patriot You Are!!!!!!!!

But Spitting On Others Started Long Ago By People Just Like You, and the Spin was Placed on Others!!!!!!!
This is a Silent Honor Roll shown on the PBS 'News Hour', now Almost Daily, that was started at the Beginning!

As of Today, 10-9-05 there are 49 Pages with 5 'Honor Roll' links per page!

If you take the Time to View 'ALL' the Pages/Photo's and Information Instill This Thought Into Each American Military Face You See,'Try and Picture 30, 40, 50, 60 or More Iraqi Faces, Children-Women-Men, Killed for Each Of These Faces You Are Looking At'

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
If that is true than



James Starowicz
VFP 'Declaration Of Impeachment'
Sign On and Pass Link To Others
USN '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In-Country'70-'71 COMNAVFORV
Member: Veterans For Peace

"We, having dutifully served our nation, do hereby
affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause
of world peace by applying the concept of engaging
conflict peacefully, without violence."

Hey Bozo, the British mothers were inspired by Cindy Sheehan. You sound like an idiot, not copying her.

No WOAS, I don't copy. I can think for myself.

Hi first you have to have a brain to be able to think for yourself as you can see the entire WhiteHouse is under investagation and so should that stupid Blair be checked


The two major contributors to this illegal war would be the most affected by it. Any lost of life should be viewed with special consideration to the innocence that tallies so many. Some of the fallen did not have glue what they were dying for. We must watch how close we have come to escalating this war with Syria. This administration is in war mode and is only bent on winning a military fight not a "Just" one. This war has never been about what is "Just" only what is economically beneficial to the Right wing power base and the President.


But what happened was Rumsfelt and Bechtel had a loan ready for Iraq to sign so as to build a pipeline going to Jordan and so Bush took him off the terrorist list, sold him planes, tanks and yes WMD's til Hussein reneged on the building of this pipeline.
Which cost these people and their friends tons of dollars and the power they would have gained.
Suddenly he was condemned, called a tyrant etc.
Yes Money is the root of all evil and they just wanted their hands on the roots.
They all should be in jail but if anything at all happens it will be when they try and pass through the golden gates I'm afraid.
But it is enough to know that the real and only judge doesn't need anything they have to offer.
All He ever ask's for is love and to believe in Him but evidently, as alot of people today, Greed is in their eyes and has blurred their vision.
I pity such people for they don't know what lies ahead or perhaps they would see the light and admit their faults.
God Bless ya all,
PS: Leading to his son's action in the matter of Iraq.

YOU GO GIRLS! WE'RE BEHIND YOU! Do not be discouraged by anyone, but just keep on keeping on!

You go get Blair, Rose and Susan - your sons died needlessly as did over 2000 Americans and Brits. This war is a lie.

Peter Barnett

Go for it Rose and Susan... the world needs to follow your lead as well as all people that are against the unjust, ilegal and immoral wars and occupation by any and all nations. It MUST stop NOW.
Bring all troups home NOW and close all forign bases NOW.
negotiation beats confrontation EVERY time.
If the the greedy that are hungry for BLOOD money and power want to fight anyware LET them and their extended families be on the front lines. My guess is that they would start looking to satisfy their greedy selfishness elseware.

I think this is a wonderful idea. I hope Rose takes this camp up to Scotland and sits outside Bliar's colonial lackey, Jack McConnell's house (he is the Scottish First Minister). Scotland voted NO to this war, but McConnell is still to ask his master to pull out Scottish troops.

i think the entire administration should resign and be up on war crimes. we all need to work on this.thank you cindy sheeham, rose gentle and susan smith for what you are trying to do. i am so sorry for your loss. i am trying to do what i can.every two months i have an anti-war-pro-soldier rally. my next one is nov.19. i have also been invited to be on a local am radio talk show on nov.15 to talk about my rally. marylou schmidt

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