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Bailout Wrong: CEO's Leave With $Millions Each on Backs of Wounded Vets, Civilians.

Hardly believable that this Bankster Bailout is going through on the backs of Dead & Wounded Veterans, and hobbled civilians who cannot get gas to go to work at times, if they can find a job to go to through hurricanes and broken down bridges, etc..

Hardly believable when you consider how much the CEO's of the failed banks are raking off, some for a few weeks work. Look at the following:

Alan Fishman, Washington Mutual, to receive $20 Million Package for 17 days work.

Former American International Group (AIG) CEO Martin Sullivan received a $47 million severance package after leading his company to financial ruin.

Stanley O’Neal at Merrill Lynch walked away with $66 million, shortly before the company was taken over by Bank of America.

Ken Thompson was thrown out of Wachovia in June and got $5 million while Chuck Prince was forced out at Citigroup and given $16 million.

John McCain’s financial adviser Carly Fiorina received $45 million including a $21.5 million severance package from Hewlett-Packard. Fiorina insists that it was just $40 million in severance.
So right here is McCain's conflict of interest, just as it is with wife, Cindy's offshore war-profit 1241 corps, and son's failing bank which son left which was/is in difficulty.

Fannie Mae’s Daniel Mudd and Freddie Mac’s Richard Syron received huge severance packages after leaving just before criminal investigations were launched. (Mudd earned $11.6 million last year, and Syron made $18.3 million).

The link on the above is here:,0,4063126.story

Who are these elitists beneficiaries, through this illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional Bankster Bailout, who will receive your hard earned taxpayer dollars, for it is only through the bailouts that this kind of fraud and waste is enabled.

"Entire U.S. Federal and State pension funds to be used as collateral to bailout the now bankrupt [privately owned] Federal Reserve and its Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate stooge corporations." Now reported that they will use the retirement funds and 401 K's of U.S. Citizens, and said the money is being transferred tonight out of those accounts and sent to Deutsch Bank tonight, Sunday, Sept. 28, 08.

"As much as $280 TRILLION worth of new UN-secured derivatives and option warrants will be issued with the collateral being the retirement savings of every living American citizen."

UPDATE: House has voted down the current bailout package version, today, Sept. 29, 2008 and the Dow Jones plunged some 777. points.

Ultimately it is on the backs of the dead and wounded war veterans who fight an unnecessary war, and the private civilians who are paying for all of this. At this rate the fraudsters like Bushfraud have stolen the U.S. Treasury and legislated themselves deep into the pocketbooks and bank accounts of every citizen. joe martin



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