You are herecontent / 'Un-American' Bailout, Paulson Should Have Quit, Gingrich Says

'Un-American' Bailout, Paulson Should Have Quit, Gingrich Says

'Un-American' Bailout, Paulson Should Have Quit, Gingrich Says

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., on Sunday described Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's request for billions of dollars to buy debt from struggling Wall Street financial firms as "un-American" and said the secretary should have stepped down.

Gingrich even expressed concern with Paulson's connections to Wall Street. The treasury secretary served as the chairman of a major global investment banking and securities firm before joining the Bush administration.

"You have the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs asking for 700 billion dollars, and in his initial request, asking for it in such an un-American way that I think he should have resigned," said Gingrich. "I think Paulson has terminally misunderstood the nature of the American system. Not just no review, no judicial review, no congressional accountability. Give me 700 billion dollars, 700 BILLION dollars! 'I'll be glad to spend it for you.' That's a centralization of power that is totally un-American."

Watch here.

Watch "This Week's Sunday Sound" webcast here.

Early Sunday, congressional leaders and the Bush administration reached a tentative agreement on the $700 billion Wall Street bailout proposal. The bill is expected to come up for a vote in the House on Monday.

Gingrich, who made his remarks on the "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" roundtable, conceded that he would probably vote for the plan if he were still in U.S. House because Congress was left with little choice.

Last week, Gingrich described the bailout plan as a "dead loser on Election Day" and urged Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain of Arizona to speak out against the plan. McCain, who appeared as the headliner on "This Week", signaled he's likely to vote for the bill in its present form.

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This looming finacial crisis has been planned for by everyone in DC and wall street the idea that Paulson and congress are reacting to these bank failures, and that the bail out was not in the cards all along is as far fetched as thinking the patriot act was put together after the events of sept 11. Our government is stealing from hard working americans to give the ruling class even more consilidated wealth and power. It is time for a revolt and we need to hold people to account. The current congress,executive,and jucial branches of our ggovernment are enemies of th people. LONG LIVE THE CONSTITUTION POWER TO THE PEOPLE chris dorsey

Maybe WE THE PEOPLE should take our money out of the bank,,

They might hear us then!

On Friday the Rassmussen poll had 72% saying NO BAIL OUT...

Monday it should be 82% plus saying NO BAIL OUT....

These crooks planned this many weeks ago and didn't want the people to have time to think about it,,,,
They set this up to elimate WE THE PEOPLE!

reynaldo i trevino WE THE PEOPLE should go to washington DC and take over and kill anyone who get in our way.Take back what is our.President Bush need to know that we are not taking it anymore.So i say To anyone of WE the people that i'm ready to die for my "WE THE PEOPLE"of tomorrow.There is no one in washington..,,,~~~dose give a fuck about "WE".We need all of us to make it happen so let get going to washington "NOW".////And kick ass.Ten=0000000.00 of us .stop the work we are doing now and head to washington.

You are not going to take on the powers of state with violence. Those guys have all kinds of weapons of all kinds of destruction. David has the right idea. Educate the teachable ones and help the ones who know. Those neither know nor can be taught will have to learn the hard way that these people are up to no good. Pelosi included.

...except to more power."

Truth is, this is the gambit they have forced on us. An overthrow of our Constitutional Republic, right before our eyes, for the sole purpose of grabbing excessive amounts of wealth, and the power to make sure it lasts.

Soon enough, the question will not be whether we have to mount another revolution to take back what our founding fathers gave us, but why did we wait so long.

No people, Bolivia, Chile, Afghanistan, Cuba...ect. ect. ever "outgunned" their oppressors. This is the nature of oppressive regimes; they arm themselves to the teeth before anyone catches on just how oppressive and determined they are.

The odds are never in the peoples favor, except for one statistic; numbers. That's why the oppressive regime arms themselves.

It's not ridiulous. 4peace, you have mentioned before what you think of 9/11.

Let me ask you this; would you hesitate for a moment if it was made Clear the Canada had pulled this off and was mounting an armed coup in the US?

Of course not, you are very patriotic.

Lives have been lost, treasure has been stolen, and troops are being stationed on our soil.

But right now, there isn't the ground swell of indignation and urgency that we need.

Let's see what happens when McCain gets the election stolen for him in Nov. Let's see if the average American buys the BS the MSM tries to feed them about how that miricle happens.

I will promise you this; there will be allot more people questioning that miricle than questioned the Building 7 NIST miricle collapse, or the Dr. Ivins miricle handwriting... that I promise.

Let's see if people will start to feel like this country and our way of life is really worth defending at that point, shall we?

A former head of one of the four former largest investment banks in the world lives in a parallel world to you and I. Therefore the last man who should be asked to come up with a solution. The $700 billion is just a drop in the ocean for what debt there is out there. I'm afraid all that this will do is to let wall street bankers off the hook. Get ready for a full blown depression as it now seems the logical outcome, looking at what is on the big picture table. With impending food, energy and water scarcity knocking on the door together with world population increasing at 75 million a year, things are going to be bad, very bad indeed. Therefore all we are doing is putting off the inevitable and adding to the peoples' debt. The bankers must be laughing all the way home. Over the next three years I see a total collapse of the system and growing international conflict as the forces of capitalism fold. Overall I blame government and their advisers for where we are today, for they should have intervened a decade ago in a financial system that was corrupt and that only looked after the few. What we have to do now is to forge a new world order based upon sustainability and need, not sheer greed. For we live now in a time when we shall see our children suffer immeasurably at the hands of the few who took so much. Remember that and where future generations will struggle hard to survive with ever limiting resources and the diminishing abilities to combat life-threatening man-made disasters. The system has gone on for too long where the very few prosper and 99% of the world pick up the crumbs from the rich man's table. Time to change completely I would say !
Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation Charity
Bern, Switzerland

Trying to branch out into Stand-Up, their as piss poor as rushy, and there's already too many real good Stand-Ups out there, not to mention they certainly wouldn't get time on the tube, even in a reality show!

My America Doesn't Torture!

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