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Bush-Clinton Syndicate Blocks Banking Solution.Bush Arrest

If ever there was a reason to impeach a sitting president, it would be the continued Bush-Cheney/Clinton Syndicate's attempt to obfuscate, block, and reportedly steal the Global Settlement Fund Repatriation which would solve or help solve the current US banking crisis.
please scroll down to Urgent and Breaking Update. 24th Sept.,2008

As I said before, this syndicate fully intends to keep enough mega-funds aside in order to bankrupt the entire nation, drive citizens from our homes, and eventually incarcerate and (Final Solution) exterminate the knowledgeable, moral, and capable, and leave the feeble minded, brainwashed intact.

As McCain has left for D.C. in favor of suspending the presidential campaign, you will now recall what I told you about the elections being moved forward, and/or not taking place at all. It was a GOP butthole named Richard Nixon who once posed the question of what would happen if there was no election, meaning a declared dictatorship would exist instead of an undeclared one.

The GOP leaders cannot take constructive criticism, cannot stand any competition, and have engaged in some of the most ruthless, murderous, brutal tactics and criminal actions of any party. Now we see a GOP presidential candidate in favor of suspending the campaign. ??!! What the hell is that?

Will the 'Candidates For The Con' go ahead with the lawsuit they filed against Obama, decide that it must be continued in court, and thereby tie up the elections clear into 2009 to leave Bushfraud and gunslinger Cheney in office clear into next year?????? That would give them time to stupidly and wantonly attack, probably not only Pakistan lately, but lots of other trophy nations, such as Iran. What a filthy mess.!

At least one site is reporting that US Military is considering Bush's arrest right now, but Bush has MI-6 and Israeli Mossad Agents supposedly protecting him from would be arresting officers.
Please also see: Bush Arrest Vs. PROMIS Software here:

UPDATE: The House voted no on the proposed current bailout deal today, Sept. 29, 2008.
Bush was reportedly under house arrest as of Saturday the 27th.


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