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Police state begins

Because Bush has been allowed to get away with his crimes he now feels it its safe to bring some of the troops home to act as police to put down descent against the government. We all know what that means. If we do not get support from those in position to do something soon we are going to be in a very bad position. Bush is moving to make his play to insure that we the people are forced to accept what ever he wills. It is sad but there can be no doubt but that the armed forces of this country are going to support him. They will not stand with us against Bush. I get the feeling that he is getting ready to declare Marshall law so he can stop the up coming election and he can become dictator of this country. I hope and pray I am wrong, but I find it rather strange that he is choosing now to bring troops home to act as police against us. He is pulling off the greatest coup of all time and we are doing nothing to stop him. Impeachment is no longer an option the only thing we have left is to have him arrested for his crimes, but if it is not done before the troops get back and are deployed then we will be left with no options.
The only option I see left to us is a massive march of no less than 1 million people on Washington DC demanding his arrest, but sadly I do not see us doing that. We are all talk and no action and Bush knows it. So we need someone to sound Taps for America a once great nation.


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