On September 21, Republican National Committee spokesmen Blair Latoff denounced my intentions to bring murder charges against George W. Bush if I am elected Vermont¹s Attorney General. Latoff claimed that such ³ incendiary suggestions² would only ³score points among the most fringe elements of
American society.²

In fact, a New York Times/CBS poll taken as early as January 2005 showed that the majority of Americans believed that George Bush had ³intentionally misled² this nation into war. In Latoff¹s mind, is the majority of the American public a ³fringe element²? Or is it the prosecution of Bush for his
monumental crime that Latoff feels would only appeal to the ³fringe element?² If so, is it Latoff¹s position that George Bush is above the law?

It is my sense that the RNC and the President are the fringe elements, far removed from reality and disconnected from the horrors of this cataclysmic war. They don¹t have to fear that a loved one¹s shattered body will return to this country in an aluminum box, following 4,000 other brave young soldiers into a cold grave.

Will I, as Attorney General, uphold the rule of law in Vermont? My intention to appoint Vincent Bugliosi as my Special Prosecutor speaks for itself. As famed attorney Alan Dershowitz says about Bugliosi, ³If you created a Hall
of Fame for Prosecutors, Vince would be in the entranceway. There is no prosecutor I would fear more if I were guilty. He will get at the truth.²

Bugliosi is a man with immense credibility in the legal profession and an extraordinary grasp of criminal law. I have every confidence that Mr. Bugliosi will faithfully and expertly carry out the prosecution of George W. Bush under the laws of the state of Vermont.

Blair Latoff has obviously not read Mr. Bugliosi¹s powerful and meticulously
researched book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Laurence
Velvel, Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law, commented recently:
³Vincent Bugliosi¹s book is a very serious work by a very serious authorŠIt
is rare [to find]Ša book by an author who has such a thorough grasp of
relevant facts as BugliosiŠFor the first time, the need to use state murder
statutes to punish presidential murder has now arisen, lest Mr. Bush get
away with serious crimes. Vermont clearly has jurisdiction. Bugliosi
understands this.²

Since the best interests of this country are at stake, even the Republican
National Committee should not attempt to shield Mr. Bush from the halls of
justice, nor underestimate the deep sentiments of mainstream America about
President Bush¹s sending 150,000 American soldiers off to war under false
pretenses. Mr. Bush¹s culpability and his arrogant attempts to stand above
the law must ‹ and will ‹ be addressed in Vermont should I become Attorney

As the election draws near, the RNC and the Bush Administration will
undoubtedly step up their attacks on Mr. Bugliosi and me. But if they do so,
they risk further alienating the very people they seek to win over ­ the
majority of Americans.

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Just wondering if there are any polls to indicate Mz. Dennett's chances? Given Vermont's reputation, I would say she has a real shot.

Finally an American has stood up to defend what is right and what is constitutional. It is easier to go along to get along than to stand up and say no to corruption and criminality where ever it may leed. I commend Mz. Dennet and I support her cause because it affects us all as a nation.

Ummm, I don't think you whacko Liberals have even READ the Constitution, and you certainly have no understanding of it or what it means to be American. You asses are a joke, as is this lady, who desperately needs to get a life.

Interesting comment. You want Ms. Dennett to get a life, but callously ignore the number of lives that have been lost due to the illegal invasion of Iraq. Question: does being an American mean we have the right to invade a sovereign country and destroy hundreds of thousands of lives - men, women, children, and babies? I don't think so.

You and your type are so quick to say that you love our country-well prove it: YOU READ THE CONSTITUTION! Then, if you have even a tiny bit of courage, join us in defending our Constitution and our nation against those who are trying to destroy it-against those who quite literally have been destroying it!

Hey you whack job! While Bush belongs in the green room, you belong in a padded room - you flippen right wing freak!

as if anything you republican filth ever did for the nation had anything to do with preservation of a document you all despise, called the U.S. Constitution. Your kind have all but destroyed it, asshole!


READ the BOOK!!!
This is not some fly by the seat of your pants idiot like Bush!
Bugloisi is a highly respected, proven lawyer.
This stricks terror in Bush, Cheney and all the rest of their flunkies. They know they could be prosecuted on first degree murder charges and go to jail for the rest of their lives, if not the death penality.

I sure hope Vermont will come through for us. Ms. Nancy has yet to hear of the crimes of Bush Crime family. We love you Cindy!

I think that as the republican filth know that they will lose their asses in this next election, they're doing everything possible to 'cancel' that, and it'll be likely that Martial Law will be declared before November 4th.

we're on the precipice of FULL BLOWN DICTATORSHIP.

I hope we can make a difference before it's all in lockdown, and we're being mowed down in the streets at the behest of the illegitimate dictator bastard and his puppet master, Cheney.

BRAVO, Charlotte Dennett! Mr. Bugliosi's book, THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER, is an empowering read even for the most die-hard impeachment fans. If one state's attorney like Dennett (hope she wins!) hires Bugliosi who successfully prosecutes Bush for murder, other states would follow. I think we could all keep pretty busy shuffling Bush and his cronies between impeachment hearings in D.C., murder trials in the States, and war crimes trials at the Hague. Bush and his black shirts have enough crimes to tie up the courts for a long time. ...

yet an unexplainable one, that this ONE woman is the ONLY (possible) Attorney General with the BALLS to follow the prosecution path! Where the hell are all the alleged upholders of the American Justice System (Oxymoron?) at this VERY crucial stage in an insane page of American history? (Can you hear the crickets chirping and the pin dropping?)

Please pass it on and donate if you can!

Let's help Vermont make history.

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"Latoff claimed that such ³ incendiary suggestions² would only ³score points among the most fringe elements of
American society."

I hope that Latoff realizes that the GOP has been appealing to the likes of Michael Reagan, Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and many other crackpotters on radio, who actually call for the killing of people like Michael Moore.

Bush -- as rightly suggested -- is the fringe. Prosecution is very middle of the road! It will get nowhere, but since Pelosi caved in on the impeachment thing, it may be the best way to highlight for the American people and to the world that there is a sense of responsibility being fostdered somewhere.

The past eight years have shown that anyone who dares speak against anything Bush and Cheney did or wants to do, will be smeared, outed, targeted etc.
At least this is the first person that has publicly stated she is willing to do what is necessary. Once they leave office in January, there may be others who will speak out and persue this with her, if she is not elected,
perhaps others will persue it on their own. (any state attorney general or any district attorney in any county of a state)

Let's hope so.

I hate to rain on the parade, but Obama is planning on an illegal bombing of Pakistan and expanding the war in Afghanistan where war crimes have been, and will be committed by forces under his command.

If Bush, or for that matter any member of his administration are prosecuted for murder than you can be sure that Obama, will, as he should be if he bombs Pakistan, charged with war crimes and or homicide under domestic legislation just as Bush should be. Fairs fair, and the law is the law.

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