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By Cindy Sheehan

Going to the movies was something Casey and I enjoyed doing together. Casey was a Theater Arts major in college and he went with a critical eye. Since I love sharing my children's passions with them, Casey and I would go to the movie theater often.

We saw two movies the last time he was home at Christmas, 2003 before he was deployed to Iraq . We saw the last movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the live action movie Peter Pan. I still have the ticket stub for that movie in my wallet. We got to the theater a little late, so we had to sit up front with the moms and dads and their small children. I commented to Casey that it looked like we were the only "grown ups" interested in the movie. The small children were cute to watch as they enjoyed the movie and Casey and I got quite a few chuckles from them also.

On Ash Wednesday of 2004, a few days before Casey left for Iraq, his dad and I went to see The Passion of the Christ. That was our Ash Wednesday penance that year. Casey's dad fell asleep during the scourging scene while I sat in my seat and quietly sobbed. I was especially touched by the character that played Jesus' mom who followed her son along while he was being violently tortured and killed by devious men with an evil agenda. Of course, since I became a mom over 26 years ago, I have identified with Mary as she sobbed at the foot of her sons cross and cradled his lifeless body in her arms.

I am recounting all of this, because since Casey was killed in Iraq by devious men with evil agendas, I find it extremely difficult to go to the movies. Yesterday, I went to the same movie theater in Vacaville, Ca. that Casey and I loved to attend. My sister and I saw the movie Serenity. It was a good science fiction flick which was entertaining and had many parallels with what is going on in our world today. But that is not what affected me about yesterday's movie going experience.

First of all, it breaks my heart to be in the theater that Casey and I saw so many films together. While we were waiting for the movie to start the interminable previews started. About the 4 th one in, a preview for the movie Jarheads came on. My sister quickly said; "Close your eyes." Well, I already had them closed, but what I heard was tough enough. I heard a flight attendant tell a plane load of Marines "Good luck, now" as they got off of the plane, I am assuming in Kuwait. I wondered if a smiling flight attendant said the same thing to Casey has he deplaned in Kuwait. I will never know. I can't ask him and he didn't tell me in the one phone call I received from him before he was killed 5 days after he arrived in Baghdad.

Well, that did it for me. I couldn't stop sobbing for 20 minutes after that preview. I tried to do it quietly as to not disturb the other movie goers. I wonder how many other theater patrons have been so affected by the preview for Jarheads?

God forbid anyone get too disturbed over the devastation and needless death and suffering in Iraq. God forbid that the media tell us that 32 of our young people have been slaughtered in Iraq so far in October. God forbid that we have to think about the hundreds of faceless and nameless Iraqis who have been needlessly killed, too, just performing day to day tasks.

God forbid that anyone be held accountable for the mayhem in the Mideast! God forbid that a broken hearted and honest mother speak from her heart to the lies and betrayals of George and gang that makes some war supporters uncomfortable.

The War Department lists 1963 confirmed dead and 2 pending confirmation for a total of 1965. Thirty-five more of our children to go before the grisly number of 2000 is reached. 2000 will be the wake up call for some Americans…but whatever number Casey was, was a wake up call for me: A violent and tragic wake up call. Casey was not a number and the 2000 th will not be a number to his or her family. Casey was a wonderful young man who loved to go to the movies with his mom. What will number 2000 be like? What will be his/her passion that will be snuffed out with the heartbeat? Which mom in America will be the unfortunate one to fall on the floor screaming for her baby next for nothing?

No, most Americans probably did not sob when they saw the previews for Jarhead and most Americans probably didn't go straight to their son's premature grave to place fresh flowers after their movie outing.

I did. God forbid that I am angry and God forbid that I want someone to be held accountable for George's war of choice that has robbed so much almost 2000 families.

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I grew up in the airline industry in the 60's and 70's . It's quite a coincidence that the scene that affected Cindy is the same scene that made me so sad. The free airline passes I got in my youth took me all around the world, and stewardesses always smiled and greeted me. I never imagined that flight attendants would be the last American civilian that many soldiers might see, smiling and wishing luck .
I now wonder if that is how it was in the Vietnam War too?
Jarhead is one movie I will not pay to see.

George Clooney is producing a film that I will see, "Good Night and Good Luck" about Edward R Murrow vs Sen. Joe McCarthy. Clooney is telling a story during its own period, but he hopes the audience will draw parallels to Joe McCarthy and the attitudes that are going on today.

Dear Cindy,
I can only imagine your pain..I have had so may joys you will never know. I raised my four children to adulthood. I went to four weddings....I have 7 1/2 granchildren who I have been able to cuddle and watch grow up..My eldest will graduate from college in May. I lost friends in Viet Nam..the sons of friends are in or have been in Iraq and if something isn't done, they will probably go again.

I say to you..don't give up...don't let the war mongers hurt you as they try to stop your words of truth....That's what this government can't handle...the truth and the fact the Leader is an alcoholic idiot
unable to see what's right there in front of him. He and all his cronies claim to be Christians, but they must have a different God than the one I know.
Be strong and stay centered and know that thousands, hundreds of thousands listen to your words and wish you well and hope you never give up telling the truth.....


THEY WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever these Zionists are they care nothing for human life or american life........It is devastating to learn about those killed for complete lies and distortions, in order to suck all the oil out of the ground and takeover the new land.....

They must pay, and they will....When it all comes down THEY will be the ones on their knees, and the PNAC will fall, for its satanic greed and destructive hate.....

You've done more good than you possibly know, along with all the rest of the standing up and saying "NOT......ONE.......MORE" you've all woken the masses up to permanently bring this grindery smashing to a halt!!!!!!!

Your sacrafice will be remembered like everyone else's when we throw these monsters down for their deception and it has just begun....I encourage everyone to go to the New York event where that freak Dr. Schmitt will be this week...
Give him hell and sponsor the citizen arrest...Help them take down this real terrorist and protest him out of the whole parking lot. The executive director of PNAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug E.

I must have been missing something....and I've been keeping up with events for years and years... Could you explain what the Zionists have do with Bush and his thugs and hypocritical Christian right church"s who absolutely hate the Jews???? The Zionists didn't lie about Iraq...They haven't raped this country of billions of dollars so there is no money for our own people in need....
could you explain??


Here is what the Zionists do and what this has to do with all of it:

Zionists "The Thirteenth Tribe" (not of the original 12 tribes of Israel)

It should be clear by now that none of the Khazar Jews - whether they be full-blooded Ashkenazim, or the 'Sephardhim' who are in fact descended from the Khazars who once inhabited Spain or any other country in Europe or the world - can possibly claim that their 'roots' and origins are in the Holy Land and from the Tribe of Israel, simply because they are in Russia and from the turkic tribe of the Khazars. They are turkic, not semitic. It is the Arabs and the real Sephardhim who are semitic,.and the way that they have been treated in the Holy Land by the Khazar Jews indicates that if anyone is to be labelled as being anti-semitic, then it is the Ashkenazim.

The Ashkenazim, broadly speaking, are those Jews who from the eighth century [A.D.] onwards have lived principally in Europe and, more recently, in America. It is known for certain and without any shadow of a doubt that the Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the original Tribe of Israel. Arthur Koestler wrote a book about them called, appropriately 'The Thirteenth Tribe'.

Courtesy: Excerpted from The Next World Order by Ahmad Thomson, Copyright � 1994, All Rights Reserved.

The Zionists do NOT believe in one state for Israel whatsoever, they believe in the colonization of an entire nation on behalf of Israel. That includes other countries...

The real foundation of Zionism is not Jewish at all it is Khazar, the core beliefs about Zionism is the complete settlement of an entire nation for one race. Even if it means the entire middle-east and this is coming from true scholars and leaders, NOT from right-wingers like the bogus anti-defamation league likes to go around and claim.

Doug E.

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