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Marines with steel boxes at Pakistan Marriott Explosion

Concerning impeachment: there is no limit to what an impeachable dictator president might do, especially to sell a phony anti-terrorism program to other countries.

It has been reported that there were U.S. Marines unloading steel boxes into the Islamabad, Pakistan Marriott which exploded later, and these boxes did not go through the customary screening facility before entering the building. These boxes were taken to the fourth and fifth floors of the Marriott where the fires later broke out after the explosion. These fires were blamed on gas lines rupturing, yet as one reporter pointed out, there were gas lines running all through the building which did not also blow up in flames.

This information is hitting several sites now and threads are available on it:
is one post, and there are others.

Please see former posts on U.S. Interference in Pakistan:

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you might've seen the video that shows that the truck bomb wasn't the main source of the explosion at all.

but, tis the season to be VERY AFRAID, and SHIVER UNDER YOUR BED, for those extremists are out to get ya!!!

smells like another AL-CIA-DA op to me, replete with blame laying on the boogeyman again, as usual, before an election.

to Pakistan: We're sorry, we truly are, that our government here is so out of fucking control that they have to 'murder' people in your country to remain in control of about 20 or so percent of the 'brain dead' in this country who believe their faerie tales of terrorists around every corner....
Yes, if there was another main explosion other than the truck bomb it resembles the 'pineapple' type bomb in the Oklahoma Murrah Building Bombing, where the demolition occurred from within by means of the planted charges which repairmen with blueprints and perhaps some type of jumpsuits were installing days just before that blast. I believe in that case they had tubes with them, and my guess is maybe some of the tubes contained C4 Plastique explosive charges instead of more blueprints.
That particular explosion was to destroy the documents on the Global Settlements Orders issued by World Court on the distribution of the Leo Wanta, Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol Money. Also their were reportedly lots of Top Secret Documents on Nazis and their activity within U.S..
These two reasons above are being stated publicly now, and it is not just secret knowledge, so the crims are going to have to kill a lot of us to keep that information and the other 911 Attacks information hushed up. I don't think they will do that just now. It would be better for every American Citizen to STAND UP right now and oppose this criminal regime which seeks to destroy our land.
Right now, instead of putting the money back into our Treasury so the banks won't bust, Bushfraud and criminal Paulson (or criminal actor posing as Paulson) and Bernanke are demanding that the taxpayer bend over for another financial rape, and cough up the necessary money to keep the economy afloat when it is they who have reportedly caused the whole problem, partially by stealing the above monies. If they haven't returned it yet WITH DUE INTEREST it is STOLEN MONEY!
Paulson was busy long ago taking money from Fannie and Freddie and reportedly placing it into Lehman Bros. jacking up their own stuff and allowed Lehman Bros to go under to make certain the cleanup job was done to hide the CONS' phony money laundering and phony corps.
You can be certain the American People have had a f--king gut ful of their crap. They are traitors and should be strung up like the worst of cattle thieves or horse thieves.
Lesseee now! Bush is a wild west gunslinger, so what do the western folks do to cattle thieves and the worst of horse thieves??!!!!!!!!! joe martin

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