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A New Low For Operation Photo-Op

A New Low For Operation Photo-Op
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UPDATE: The money quote from Bush via Atrios:

I wish I could be there to see you face to face and thank you personally. Probably a little early for me to go to Tikrit. Perhaps one of these days the situation will be such that I’ll be able to get back to Iraq.


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I'll lay odds that all the GI's in the picture are hand picked just like all his photo-ops. The People of America are starting to get wise to the LIES of this corrupt President and the sooner congress changes, we will then be able to impeach him.

How much longer will it take for all Americans to see Bush for the phony, no clue, that he really is? Fortunately, for the American public, ABC news on October 13th, taped the priming of the hand picked soldiers with the questions that Bush would ask and the answers they were to give. Furthermore, should Bush inadvertantly depart from the script, one particular officer was to answer that unplanned question.

Even staged, Bush sounded like a complete idiot...He practiced that crap? What an insult to the soldiers he questioned. They were sitting ducks, and I feared that a mortar might strike. Bushie is not brave enough to go to Tikrit, why, he cannot even face a normal audience of real Americans, rather than his hand-picked audiences...Never gets questioned, never has any answers, usually looks blank, like he does not have a CLUE why he is here or what he is doing...So sad...

Here are just a few of the result of your "vital to peace" mission:

Did you know that half of all Iraqi households still don't have access to clean water?

Did you know that only 8% of Iraqi households outside Baghdad are connected to sewage networks?

Did you know that out of 81 water and sewage treatment projects planned as part of the reconstruction effort, 68 have been abandoned?

Did you know that the power in Baghdad is out for 14 hours a day?

Did you know that 330 reconstruction contractors, mostly Iraqis, have been killed?

Did you know that a quarter out of every dollar allocated for reconstruction is being spent on security instead?

Did you know that Iraq's oil production is lower than before the 2003 war, and 46% lower than before the 1991 Gulf War?

Did you know that nearly $100 million in US taxpayer-funded reconstruction money for Iraq is unaccounted for? [This figure is far too low. Other estimates of missing funds range from $1 billion to $8.8 billion .]

Did you know that the unemployment / underemployment rate in Iraq stands at 50% ?

Did you know that all 11 multinational firms working through the Iraqi Project and Contracting Office have "cost-plus" contracts, which guarantee that they will be paid all of their costs, no matter how high they go, plus a profit?

Did you know that expenses for construction of one water treatment plant under a "cost plus" contract have grown from $80 million to $200 million, with taxpayers, not the contractor, making up the difference?

At this rate, by the time your mission in Iraq is completed, you'll be visiting a "situation" where the lucky ones are those whom your "vital peace mission" slaughtered in its early stages.

SOURCE: Counterpunch

Here's the video of the whole thing (Real Player). It's a joke -- every one of the soldiers sound SO much more coherent than our fearless leader. But then, so does 4 year old grandchild!

"LIES"And yes corrupt President.Can't wait for that fucker to be impeach and all his lying man.,Those GI"S looking so clean it put Mr clean to shame.Come on people we are AMERICA so let stand for what we truely is a gift from god to share with the whole world.To get to know one other and live and let live,money can't buy us love.Some where it was song in a song from the BEATLES long time ago.So let get them fucker out like "NOW""Why wait till the end.

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