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Let This Leak Go

Let This Leak Go

By Richard Cohen

Thursday, October 13, 2005; Page A23
(Editor's note: All the President's men trying to pull this President out of his corrupt, treasonous hole. Check out the spin...)

The best thing Patrick Fitzgerald could do for his country is get out of Washington, return to Chicago and prosecute some real criminals. As it is, all he has done so far is send Judith Miller of the New York Times to jail and repeatedly haul this or that administration high official before a grand jury, investigating a crime that probably wasn't one in the first place but that now, as is often the case, might have metastasized into some sort of coverup -- but, again, of nothing much. Go home, Pat.

The alleged crime involves the outing of Valerie Plame, a CIA operative whose husband, Joseph Wilson IV, had gone to Africa at the behest of the agency and therefore said he knew that the Bush administration -- no, actually, the president himself -- had later misstated (in the State of the Union address, yet) the case that Iraq had sought uranium in Niger.

Wilson made his case in a New York Times op-ed piece. This rocked the administration, which was already fighting to retain its credibility in the face of mounting and irrefutable evidence that the case it had made for war in Iraq -- weapons of mass destruction, above all -- was a fiction. So it set out to impeach Wilson's credibility, purportedly answering the important question of who had sent him to Africa in the first place: his wife. This was a clear case of nepotism, the leakers just as clearly implied.

Not nice, but it was what Washington does day in and day out. (For some historical perspective see George Clooney's "Good Night, and Good Luck'' about Edward R. Murrow and that most odious of leakers-cum-character assassins, Joseph McCarthy.) This is rarely considered a crime. In the Plame case, it might technically be one, but it was not the intent of anyone to out a CIA agent and have her assassinated (which happened once) but to assassinate the character of her husband. This is an entirely different thing. She got hit by a ricochet.

Now we are told by various journalistic sources that Fitzgerald might not indict anyone for the illegal act he was authorized to investigate, but some other one -- maybe one concerning the disclosure of secret material. Here again, though, this is a daily occurrence in Washington, where most secrets have the shelf life of sashimi. Then, too, other journalists say that Fitzgerald might bring conspiracy charges, an attempt (or so it seems) to bring charges of some sort. This is what special prosecutors do and why they should always be avoided. (The one impaneled in 1995 to investigate then-HUD Secretary Henry G. Cisneros for lying about how much he was paying his mistress is still in operation, although the mistress most certainly is not.)

I have no idea what Fitzgerald will do. My own diligent efforts to find out anything have come to naught. Fitzgerald's non-speaking spokesman would not even tell me if his boss is authorized to issue a report, as several members of Congress are now demanding -- although Joseph E. diGenova, a former U.S. attorney in Washington, tells me that only a possibly unprecedented court order would permit it. Whatever the case, I pray Fitzgerald is not going to reach for an indictment or, after so much tumult, merely fold his tent, not telling us, among other things, whether Miller is the martyr to a free press that I and others believe she is or whether, as some lefty critics hiss, she's a double-dealing grandstander, in the manner of some of her accusers.

More is at stake here than bringing down Karl Rove or some other White House apparatchik, or even settling some score with Miller, who is sometimes accused of taking this nation to war in Iraq all by herself. The greater issue is control of information. If anything good comes out of the Iraq war, it has to be a realization that bad things can happen to good people when the administration -- any administration -- is in sole control of knowledge and those who know the truth are afraid to speak up. This -- this creepy silence -- will be the consequence of dusting off rarely used statutes to still the tongues of leakers and intimidate the press in its pursuit of truth, fame and choice restaurant tables. Apres Miller comes moi .

This is why I want Fitzgerald to leave now. Do not bring trivial charges -- nothing about conspiracies, please -- and nothing about official secrets, most of which are known to hairdressers, mistresses and dog walkers all over town. Please, Mr. Fitzgerald, there's so much crime in Washington already. Don't commit another.



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Looks like Cohen is trying his hand at comedy and um...failing miserably.

If you want to REALLY laugh, check out G.O.P.S....,fiore,68690,9.html

Maybe I don't get what this person means by this drivel, but I think they are on crack.

Yes, I know Mr. Cohen and Clinton got a blow job and you were probably all over the matter clamoring for his impeachment, weren't you?

Your spin cycle has malfucntioned. Go back to the wash cycle and use a copious amount of Clorox while you're at it! Maybe then you'll be able to "come clean"!

please! it's not like he CHEATED ON HIS WIFE or anything! Treason, after all, is "an every day occurrance in washington!" ( perhaps he's referring to post-2000 washington?)

Fitzgerald does whatever he pleases, no-one tells him or any of his people what they can or can't do.

The prosecution has as much authority, if not more authority than all the prESStitutes in Washington COMBINED.........

And has put Osama Bin Laden himself, on trial when Bin-Laden fleed the country.
Here's my advice Cohen: Take you and your neo-con hacks and make a run for it, this wall's coming tumbling down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug E.

Mr Cohen:

Does the truth matter to you?

Like the truth that the revelation of a covert CIA officer's identity is a crime with very serious national security implications?

Or the truth that Ms. Plame's covert identity had her fronting a fake business that was tracking terrorists by offering to sell them weapons, that she had many contacts through this covert identity and that many people around the world may well be dead now as a result of her identity being revealed?

Or the truth that Ms. Plame merely introduced her husband to her superiors and left the meeting, leaving them to decide whether Mr. Wilson would be sent to Niger?

Or the truth that the CIA told the Bush administration that the uranium claim could not be substantiated, that it was actually removed from a late 2002 speech, then attributed to the Brits and included in the 2003 State of the Union speech anyway?

Or the truth that the documents purporting to show a uranium deal between Iraq and Niger are proven forgeries?

Or the truth that Mr. Wilson's public critcism of Bush came only after his report showing that there was no uranium deal was ignored and indeed contradicted by Bush's "16 words" in the 2003 State of the Union speech?

Or the truth that the Bush administration has made no effort to prove Jospeh Wilson's report wrong, but only sought to show nepotism on the part of his wife, in a blatantly political public attack on Wilson's credibility?

It is all the disgusting political HACKtivists like you, Mr. Cohen, that need to go home, along with all money-mad, drunk-with-power, self-serving career politicians masquerading as public servants, so the people that actually care about legitimate government can set about the massive task of cleaning up the mess you people have made of Washington.

John Perry

If a sitting President (or standing one, in Clinon's case) getting a blow job from an intern is worthy of a federal criminal investigation, I would think the outing, by high-ranking administration officials no less, of a CIA operative who works on weapons of mass destruction is too.

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