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Incredible Documentary Footage of Mass Arrest in St. Paul

By Laura Flanders, Firedoglake

Newly released footage, which was buried to avoid confiscation, shows riot cops arresting and abusing a giant group of people for nothing.

Now that we've had a few weeks to settle, a look back at Labor Day in the Twin Cities. Labor Day was of course also Day One of the Republican National Convention. Video was released today of an apparent mass arrest of utterly peaceful concert goers at the SEIU Labor Day concert.

My personal favorite moment in the tape is an off-camera exchange. Police in riot gear have surrounded loungers in a waterfront park. They announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen, You're Under Arrest" and you hear one young woman say incredulously "Are you serious?"

Yep, I'm afraid they are.

Here's the press release that came with the video, from the Glass Bead Collective:


ST. PAUL, Minnesota (September 18, 2008) Video released today shows the indiscriminate arrest of a crowd of two hundred at the waterfront across from a concert on Harriet Island Regional Park during this month's Republican National Convention in St. Paul. The video includes multiple angles of the event as well as an interview with the cameraman who buried his footage and was one of almost two hundred people arrested for rioting without probable cause.

More than eight hundred people were arrested in St. Paul during the Republican National Convention. This video shows that at least twenty percent of the eight hundred plus arrested were seized without due cause.


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I had a soldier tell me that he was in Iraq to enable me to be able to protest him being in Iraq (for my freedom to do so). Someone needs to find that fellow and tell him what happened here. Someone needs to tell all the soldiers that the freedom they are supposedly maintaining for us is disappearing.

I have been looking for a demonstration, protest, riot -- whatever -- all day. Where is everyone?!

And they hardly try to hide it anymore. Remember that every programmed puppet underneath that frighteningly black gear is a human being with free choice; the problem is--they don't know it. "Well, um, Duh, it's just my jawb".

You want to change the country? Start confronting these rotting minds behind the masks instead of expecting e-mails, letters, and phone calls to the government to unwind the destructive path to TOTAL Fascism. Educate children early on the ways of peace and human one-ness.

I would be willing to bet all of my paychecks to come until I'm a dead guy that a MINIMUM of 75% of these "BULLIES" call themselves "christian". Any takers? Apparently Jesus ain't getting the job done (Too busy winning football games for the home team) so we have to do it.

I wonder what the "Bullies in Black" would feel if shown pictures of their violent CRIMES against humanity when they are in the nursing home? I don't understand why these COWARDS aren't being put in desert khakis and sent to bully those with IED's and weapons instead of grandmothers with signs!?!?!

Looks like many cases of malicious assaults and violent crimes being committed against this first amendment event. Very unconstitutional very treasonous very criminal. What law enforcement agency was that? what an embarresment to the twin cities and denver as well for all cities response to our most basic freedom. These police and the current political structure are enemies of the constitution of the united states. Long live the constitution...POWER TO WE THE PEOPLE

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