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America's Depression: Tent Cities & Bank Rescue-Bailouts

from by joe martin
Sept. 19, 2008

America's Depression: Tent Cities & Bank Rescue-Bailouts

I'm not in denial at all about the fact America has entered another Depression. Some say they aren't sure if we're really in a recession, but the recession we are actually in has turned into another depression as in The Great Depression of 1929.

Anytime there are tent cities springing up so fast they cannot be kept track of, and others are lining up by the hundreds or thousands for some free medical or dental care, and banks and financial institutions are failing and having to be rescued by government in order to stop an economic domino effect, it is surely a real depression.

The fact that the worst of times has not hit every single American yet does not mean we Americans are not in a depression. Every time an American loses his or her job, mortgage, or bank account, or family, or other major holdings, it is another failure of America, for the individuals make up the collective which is our grand nation, The United States.

For quite some time there have been citizens who have not been able to get a decent job, nor a job at all, and as more join the unemployment roles, which recently increased by about 10,000, the darker picture becomes more evident, that our country has been on the skids for some time. Many have been brainwashed into not "talking negative" as the salesmen preach, but failure to look at the facts and discuss them has dragged the U.S. into worse than just a gloomy outlook.

What caused the big companies and banks to now suffer the same fate that individual Americans and American families have already been suffering? How could so many financial institutions have gotten into trouble or failed in such a short period of time? Does it not seem to be impossible? How could that have happened in The United States of America?

The short answer is: we the people were unable to cause government and media to tell the complete truth to every single citizen on how our U.S. Dollar was devalued almost in half in about 1985, as a result of the B.C.C.I. banking scandal, and the Savings and Loan Disaster where the tab to the taxpayer was already a half a trillion dollars, approximately. We probably are still paying for that taxpayer rape at this time, there wasn't enough "HAY MADE" about it.

Now, as a result of unenforced Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and other unenforced regulations, other similar financial catastrophes are about to happen, like the bailouts of Bear Stearns, and the other companies which will get a taxpayer handout. The problem is, as one economist put it, we will never be able to pay off the debt, as it increases with interest, from even some of these bailouts in our lifetimes and perhaps neither in the next generation, for as you add principal sums of bailouts you must add the 'vig', or interest which must be paid to the Federal Reserve Corporation. That particular economist suggested that Bernanke abolish the Federal Reserve, rather than attempt the impossible.

As I had stated in a previous article, the Gold-Petroleum Dollar could have been created to save our failing U.S. Dollar, but that was not done. Isn't there something NOT PRO-ACTIVE about our current Bush-Cheney Administration??!! Why has something like the Gold-Petroleum Dollar not been attempted, at least as a supplement, to boost up the currency ratings of the United States? Is it still too late to implement this? Possibly, it is too late. Bush-Cheney did not act on it or anything similar. They were too busy creating wars and creating reasons to perpetuate those wars forever. Bush is seen today on CNN saying "We Must Act Now". Now???!!! What the hell was he doing while all these now homeless Americans were losing their jobs, homes, cars, their butts? What the hell was he doing as these financial institutions were being plundered by the dual-Israeli American citizens whom he did not require to register as a Foreign Lobby? "PAULSON CAUGHT 'IN FLAGRANTE' CONSPIRING TO HOLD ON TO THE $4.5 TRILLION", How long will America continue to take this crap and allow knowledgeable citizens that can prevent this to be destroyed? Why haven't US Citizens been protected from these lecherous, thieving murderers?

Why Has Israel Been Allowed to Steal U.S. Money Reserves Which Kept U.S. Banks Afloat?!
Why are U.S. Military and U.S. Law Enforcement Not Stopping This Israeli Theft?!

Bush's Former Under Secretary of Defense Steals 2.3 Trillion $U.S.
The biggest outrage is President Bush's appointee to a commission: former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense Dov Zakheim, the man principally responsible for the fraud, waste, and abuse committed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the criminal neocons who surrounded him.



Tuesday 6 November 2007 04:28"

If some alternative news source is telling you something you may find hard to believe, maybe you should stop and listen to them instead of joining the status quo that seeks to destroy them. Why has your news media been so silent over all the fraud and theft by dual Israeli-American citizens up to now which caused this economic disaster?

McCain has now stated in his campaign ads that a 911 investigation should take place as well as investigations of fraud, etc., so, given he is a high Republican, one must wonder if he will do more than Gerald Ford did for the Warren Commission. Ford sat on the Warren Commission as a 'toady', suppressing, failing to bring out the truth, as any 'good old boy high Repub' would do, so would McCain do any different? How could we know whether to believe him or not? Hard to say.

If fact it's hard to say what can happen to such a confused nation as The United States has become. Any divided nation with so many displaced and homeless, broken, citizens is ripe for conquering, especially since world opinion of The U.S. has been driven to an all time low by The Bush Crime Syndicate, Israel, George H. W. Bush and his Pan-German black ops financial outfit, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst. For them the war (WWII) never ended.
Why Haven't U.S. News Media Stations Broadcasted Urgent Demands From U.S. Leaders To Israel To "RETURN OUR U.S. TREASURY MONEY AT ONCE"???!!

Why has your U.S. Government allowed Israel, a foreign nation, to steal the money required to keep your own bank account secure? Why is your current government allowing Israel to cause you to go broke???!!!!
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