You are herecontent / Kurtz Gets Paid By CNN & Washington "We Broke a Story in the 1970s" Post to Critique the Media, and We're not Supposed to Laugh?

Kurtz Gets Paid By CNN & Washington "We Broke a Story in the 1970s" Post to Critique the Media, and We're not Supposed to Laugh?


Just ahead, your viewer e-mail about the Bush administration and the press on that controversial Downing Street Memo.

KURTZ: Lots of heated viewer e-mail from our discussion last week about whether the media had gone soft on the Bush administration. And about a subject that six weeks later is finally getting some traction in the press this week -- the limited coverage of a British memo of a meeting involving Prime Minister Tony Blair back in the summer of 2002, which said the U.S. had "fixed" the intelligence on Iraq to justify going to war.

Nancy in Hudson, New Hampshire writes: "Please, please, please, the media need to start playing hardball with this administration. The Downing Street memo needs to be revisited and explained for us. The media are our only hope in exposing the way this administration and Congress are corrupting the Constitution." [One of how many letters like it???]

But Jim in Fayetteville, Georgia says: "These so-called journalists who want to create a story out of the Downing Street memo are the reason we Americans don't trust the media anymore. There is nothing in that memo, and we are tired of being conned by the media so they can further their liberal agendas." [One of how many letters like it???]

Well, that's it for this edition of "RELIABLE SOURCES." I'm Howard Kurtz. Join us again next Sunday morning, 11:30 Eastern, for another critical look at the media. "LATE EDITION" with Wolf Blitzer begins right now.

[I can't wait!]



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