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Congress Out 1st Oct. Until Elections? Financial Corruption Panel

I read where Congress, as currently planned, will be out from the first of October Until the November Elections, and, possibly, they may convene a financial corruption-including global corruption panel to investigate and discuss what to do over the current economic distress.

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate Continues to Loot the U.S. Treasury'
This alleged crime spree may be what the special panels are preparing to deal with. "A minority of Justice Department officials, still loyal to former Assistant U.S. Attorney General James Comey, have instituted criminal referrals against the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Paulson and current Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Christopher Cox."

Has anyone heard anything like this? This falls in line with those dire pronouncements of a coming financial emergency declaration, followed by a martial law declaration as a result of the financial state of emergency.

I wouldn't be surprised if the elections are moved forward a bit, but to have any effect would probably have to have the actual inaugurals moved up, too.
thanks, joe martin

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Morning Edition, September 17, 2008 · FBI Director Robert Mueller defended his agency during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Before the hearing began, lawmakers had said they intended to get to the bottom of a number of issues facing the agency. They wanted to grill the director about new investigative powers he was seeking for the FBI, and they wanted details on the investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks.

Mueller seemed to parry each one of their thrusts.

An edgy exchange between committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) and the director set the tone:

"How come we can't get some straight answers on the questions that I write you, that I ask you, that I give you in person?" Conyers asked Mueller after the director read his prepared statement.

Mueller, for his part, said he was trying to be responsive. He said he thought he had a good relationship with the committee. Conyers didn't back down. "Director Mueller, we have a very good relationship," he said. "We just don't get anything. You don't give us anything."

Conyers had a point. Although Mueller spent several hours before the committee, he didn't provide much in the way of revelations. In fact, he provided only the barest of details in response to their questions. Take the issue of the new attorney general's investigative guidelines. Lawmakers wanted assurances that the new powers wouldn't be abused. Mueller focused on why they were needed.

"The bureau needs to be more proactive. We have to prevent a Sept. 11," he said. "And we have to build up our intelligence and in doing so, we need the tools that we have on the criminal side, on the national security side."

He said he thought the bar should be relatively low in terms of initiating an assessment of whether something or someone is a threat. Mueller said the current rules hobble the bureau's ability to do that. Under the current rules, if the bureau received word that drug trafficking was going on in a bar, for example, it could send an agent for pretext interviews and start surveillance.

But, he said, if the allegation were the recruiting of suicide bombers, the FBI "would be precluded by the National Security Guidelines from conducting surveillance, recruiting and tasking sources or doing a pretext interview," he said.

"We would be limited to going in there and saying, 'OK, I am the FBI and is there any illegal activity happening here?' And that is the contradiction between the two sets of guidelines."

Civil liberties groups, for their part, are concerned that new powers, expected to go into effect Oct. 1, would give the FBI too much latitude. They worry the powers could lead to racial profiling or allow the FBI to begin an investigation based on a hypothetical threat. The American Civil Liberties Union says the new guidelines fly in the face of the Fourth Amendment.

Anthrax Case

Lawmakers also quizzed Mueller about the FBI's anthrax case. Specifically, they asked about the strength of the government's evidence against Army researcher Bruce Ivins. Ivins killed himself before the FBI could formally indict him for sending letters filled with anthrax through the mail.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) asked Mueller about some of the holes in the case. He focused on the fact that scientists have long claimed that some of the anthrax sent in those 2001 letters had been coated with silica — something Ivins didn't know how to do. The FBI has said that the silica on the anthrax wasn't put there by whoever sent it but, rather, was something the anthrax had naturally absorbed from the air.

Nadler asked if Mueller knew the level of concentration of the silica found in the anthrax. If it were higher than one-half of 1 percent, he said, scientists told him it couldn't have come from natural absorption. Mueller said he didn't know; he'd get back to Nadler.
CREDIT: NPR Morning Edition
I do have a few new PDF's from the FBI, and GONZO. Same docs different daze, dazed and confused and redacted and STUPID people work for this government WHY BOTHER to break the law? They ALWAYS get caught we just do shit about it!

1st is from Ashcroft, Effective 10/31/2003, Declassify on 10/31/2028, total redactions.
That is the redacted first release.

GONZOs pretty "Classification Modified by : Alberto R. Gonzales, AG
August 2, 2007"
Hmmmm, wonder why that PDD re rewritten CAT3 from 20 July 2007 had a bit to do with this, nahhh. hahahahaha

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of Totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy.
Mohandas Gandhi

I'll try to examine those pdf's as time permits, but I would find it hard to distinguish between truth and spin from FBI sources. The whistleblowers within the Bureau who were forthcoming and vocal have been ousted-fired, just like Sibel Edmonds. What does that leave?

What I'm wondering here is: with all the down time non-attendance much of the year, will most of the members of Congress simply take another holiday during this currently planned off period from Oct. 1, until the elections?
Thanks for your post. I left up the article link on Israeli Navy firing on the unarmed vessels & peacekeepers at my front page.
But please see my link 'Admin Crime Spree Continues in Pakistan' at:
and if you lose that node you can get it from top of my home page,
There has been a FBI-CIA network presence in Pakistan long before the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and her country's treasury lost billions in a shady deal with Rupert Murdoch where a phony communications system was/is to be installed in Pakistan, and the money is in the coffers of a New York Bank.

later, joe

There are links available that refute the idea that Dr. Ivins committed suicide. HE WAS REPORTEDLY AN F.B.I. INFORMANT.
I wrote it up here and at my site.
Convenient that as this Anthrax-Gate was even threatening to get Mukasey indicted, Ivins came up suddenly dead, even though he and his lawyer had struck up a deal for a plea bargain BEFORE he died. It may be that such a plea bargain would have involved testimony in court which was damaging to the regime, Mukasey, and all the criminals in D.C..
They fear exposure.
So Ivins conveniently came up dead. The real killer is shown at the link:
or if you lose it go to my home page at and scroll down to Anthrax-Gate:,US_citizen_anthrax.html

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