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McCain's Misogyny & Fear Keep Palin On Tight Leash!

by Linda Milazzo

During Sarah Palin's acceptance speech when nominated by John McCain for Vice President, McCain wouldn't leave Palin alone on stage. Rather than give her the momentary limelight, McCain peered over her shoulder and read her speech alongside her. He was visibly nervous and has remained so ever since. Other than Wednesday at the RNC when Palin finally appeared solo, the image of McCain hovering authoritatively over her is the constant at every appearance. McCain's public subjugation of Palin, and her public acceptance of it, set male-female advancement back decades. Were Palin truly a trusted and powerful woman she'd request and be granted autonomy on stage, and reject McCain's Taliban-like presence. All that's missing is her burka. Honestly, what strong woman tolerates a man hovering over her in the presence of thousands? If she's really VP worthy, McCain should leave her alone.

Here are 3 short videos evidencing McCain's "tight-leash" on Palin. The first is Palin's acceptance of the nomination for VP:

The next clip is from Friday, September 5th in Cedarburg, Wisconsin - the day after McCain's RNC acceptance address. Witness McCain's stern father stance. In contrast, Joe Biden was immediately able to go out on his own.

And then there was this Saturday, September 6th appearance in Colorado Springs, CO. McCain fidgets and reads nervously over Palin's shoulder. He would let her lead the country but he's afraid to let her read. Is this emblematic of his misogyny, his lack of faith in her - or both?

I'm usually a temperate writer. I'm opinionated - but factual. I don't like to rant. When angry, I moderate my message in service to the truth. That's as it should be. BUT NOW I'M ANGRY! I'm angry that John Sidney McCain claims he puts COUNTRY FIRST - but in the ruse that is Sarah Palin, he puts his country LAST. His goal is to win at all costs. McCain chose HATE TALK over STRAIGHT TALK and a band of Bushes to promote his cause.

John Sidney McCain, who claims love of nation beyond ALL ELSE, has chosen a running mate he won't let out of his sight - let alone address the press. There is NO 60 day learning curve for President, Mr. McCain!

Watch as CNN's Mary Snow explains to colleague Fredericka Whitfield that the McCain campaign decided NOT to send Palin on the campaign trail alone:

I've watched the Bush/McCain clan destroy this country - MY country - under the guise of protecting it. I've seen rampant militarism bankrupt every sector of this nation - from its tangible infrastructure to its intangible soul. "ENOUGH!!"

On August 28th I sat in Invesco Stadium in Denver. I listened to Barack Obama's acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Eight and a half minutes into the speech, Barack Obama hit a tone that Democrats have been afraid of. Obama raised his voice with volume and conviction and shouted "ENOUGH!!" Witness for yourselves:

The stadium went wild! That power - that conviction - is long overdo. ENOUGH must be our clarion call.

I can't say whether Barack Obama will recover from his current centrism to become The People's leader if elected! Regardless, those who love this nation long ago adopted the internal and external mantra of "ENOUGH!!" They've shouted it since 2000 and the stealing of the election. They've shouted it since 2003 and the invasion of Iraq. They shouted it through the streets of Denver, the streets of Minneapolis-St. Paul and into the Republican Convention. Witness CODEPINK's Jodie Evans opposing Palin at the RNC. No misogynist or false leader could keep Evans on a leash:
Jodie Evans at RNC

ENOUGH recklessness! ENOUGH war! ENOUGH raping this nation's resources! ENOUGH of the divide between rich and poor! ENOUGH corporatism, militarism and greed! ENOUGH shredding the Constitution! ENOUGH Palin and McCain!!!!


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In the contest between the criminals (Obama and Biden) and the criminally insane (McCain and Palin) Our concern is not with the diversion that the ruleing class is throwing us. We are concerned with candidates threatning Pakistan then having U.S. and Nato forces killing Pakistani's. WE are not concerned about which insane ciminal is standing over another crazy criminals shoulder. We are concerned that Dick Cheney along with United States Warships are heading to give so called aid to a country that attacked Russian citizens in South ossetia. We are far less concerned with baby dadies named Levi and far more concerned when the president of France states that an attack on Iran will be hard to prevent. We can not participate in the side show. POWER TO THE PEOPLE


Thank you!!

Linda Milazzo

You are missing the key point here. Basically, the American people are, well, STUPID! And how do you change that to make all the crazies go away? McCain leads in the Gallups today 48% to 45%. There is your American intelligence at work. Obama, in my opinion, is not much better BUT....

Linda, if you can figure out how to wake up the masses from their programming, t.v., sports, beer, and "American Idol", THEN there may be a chance to save the country. Good luck.

Ignorant or stupid. Chicken or egg....are they the one and the same? I am ashamed of America when the rest of the world has to watch that lying smirking SOB who thinks he is "President" and his evil henchman who is the one who got him there......they bombed the World Trade Center...they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people, American, Iraqi, Afghani, Mexican, Central & South American, South Ossetian... What the American people cheer for, and what they think is 'bad' tears me up to see. They are so ignorant of the facts, of real life, it isn't even funny. They are willing to ignore the facts, and to cheer the evils that only bring poverty and death. I can't stand to watch. While I agree that Obama & Biden are not ideal, and Biden stating that he is a Zionist....a Zionist is a two ways about it.
Palin is so unfit to be VP and possibly P...omg....I seriously think I would have to leave this country, if I still could.

America has always had Fascist they are in your face about it....cheering about it's the best thing ever. What kind of koolaid are these people drinking? I can't even begin to fathom their ignorance. Their intolerance. Their lack of ability to think. To do the simple math of putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 4. So yes,....Good luck. Why is the world so bent on selfdestruction and why aren't we stopping it?? Please read Ray McGovern's posting here....I really don't know the man...but that is a must read....and a must do!!

I wasn't sure what I was feeling...disgust because he acted like he couldn't stand to share the spotlight with her, disgust because he acted so thrilled to have a pretty cheerleader singing his praises, or disgust because it made me feel very uncomfortable when he seemed to be glancing at her backside while playing with his wedding ring. Creepy, no matter how you look at it I guess.

McCain was checking out her tush, evidently a shortage at his house(s). Check the roving eyeballs.
He took the vetting of religionists Dobson and Perkins as Gospel that she was the One. He literally sold his wretched soul for this, not even getting a shortstop and draft pick in exchange. You can bet there'll be a player to be named later if she gets some hardball questions, something their managers are trying avidly to avoid.

I disagree as to motive of McCain's inserting himself into the picture. He needs to be photographed with her. He needs to show them as a team. I don't remember Obama introducing Biden and then strolling off the stage.

Palin's a sumptuous target without anybody going overboard. Everybody calm down!

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