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A Note to Randi Rhodes

Dear Randi Rhodes,

You were talking today about our poll on impeachment, so Bob Fertik called in to speak with you. But you spent the whole conversation attacking the idea of impeachment, claiming that it couldn't succeed and would therefore make any Democrats who tried it look stupid.

Randi, Randi. Such fatalism! From YOU! Such misguided "pragmatism" and "strategic thinking." Don't you realize that people won't vote the Dems a majority BEFORE the Dems stand for something?

This whole chorus of "We'll try it once we have the majority," is self-contradictory. You can't GET the majority that way.

It's also inconsistent, because Dems are introducing and fighting for some bills, just not others. Have any of the bills and resolutions demanding investigations of the war lies or the Plame outing been more likely to pass than impeachment? Do you think Conyers and Lee and Holt and company all look stupid now?

And this way of thinking is also at odds with the record. When you elect Democrats with this line of thinking, you get the sort of Democrats who still don't do anything. You see things from New York, Randi. I see them from D.C., where people HAVE NO REPRESENTATION IN CONGRESS. And for how many years did a Democratic majority fail to do anything about that?

To be fair, Randi, you did offer another strategy: "praying to god" that the Dems win some elections. But do you think that'll actually work?

Have you looked at the example of how the Republicans moved into the majority? Was it through self-censorship and fear or through aggressive futile attacks and getting a message to THEIR base, not OURS?

(If you answered "It was through stealing elections" that only shows that you're on our side and we need you, Randi.)

You're a wonderful voice, Randi, a hero and an example. Please don't buy into the defeatism of the corrupted thinking we're all fighting against. Please don't tell the Democrats they have to compromise in order to win. We have the network news and the New York Times to do that already.

In Solidarity,

David Swanson


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You are too gracious and kind to Randi.
Yes, I listen daily. Again, I'm furious with her!
Of course she has it totally bassackwards.
But, it's because she's shilling for the out-of-power-party: Principles be damned.
Sure, the GOP is in big trouble, but what do the demos offer?
--nuthin for me.

"Solidarity" is not what comes to mind when I hear Randi speak any longer. She's lost me.
The Demos lost me long ago.

Why apathetic? Randi crushed me with her Liberal lapdog patter. No progressive she.

It's about time Democrats stand up for the right reason. Impeachment of then President Clinton was very low on the part of those who did it but impeaching George Bush would not be. He has lied to the nation and committed horific crimes of mass murder on our name.

So what do we do? Just watch and let him carry on his crimes against the Humanity?

Randi was 100% right, and these comments above prove it.

First things first. Thank you and WELL DONE on getting Pew to do the poll. That was a good move.

The poll results are a good sign and *can* be VERY effective on their own as a tool towards the end results we all desire: the imeachment AND successful conviction of this whole criminal administration-
You guys can very easily, through your own actions and "good intentions" turn this poll into a weapon which will blow up in your own faces if you try to use it before you understand it's strategic and tactical power.

The danger cannot be overstated here. You can absolutely waste this poll and even turn it into a weapon which will be used against yourselves. If you run with this now, the way you seem to be inclined, you run the risk of turning back the many voters who are finally waking up and seeing Bush for what he is.

This is simple psychology- the kind of stuff this administration has used so successfuly to it's own advantage and to our dismay.

In other words, just putting the poll results out there will serve to persuade those "followers" who voted for Bush because "everybody" in their circles supported Bush. These poll results say that "everybody else" in their circles are changing their minds.

This is what polls are used for by these guys: pursuasion. You should let this poll do just that, and let it work by itself- without any added comment, editorializing or strutting- especially the kind of "in your face", almost gleefull and *definitely* naive enthusiasm I heard coming from Bob Fertik, because that will only backfire- I promise you.

Surely someone here has heard of "SUN TZU ON THE ART OF WAR ".

Study the master before you march off to battle half-cocked.
PLEASE. It's all here:

This *is* war. And Randi was giving you some wisdom. The guy who called her a "lapdog" for chrissake! You know so much?- go get elected to office and change the world if you're so sure of yourself. It should be really easy for you.

Impeachment simply cannot happen before the Dems have the votes in Congress. If you don't know that, you aren't qualified as anything other than cannon-fodder.
Please THINK before you blow this for all of us.

Thank you for doing the poll and for choosing PEW. That was smart. Now stop and study the terrain and your enemy's defenses- and take the time to learn a little history, too.
It took Clinton's enemies almost 20 years before they were ready to shoot their wad at him, and THAT"S when the imeachment happened- AND, they had TO WIN enough seats in congress first.

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