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Impeachable Gv Spying: NSA Controls Microsoft, H.Packard, Norton, McAfee, Vista.

Reports are now available stating that Microsoft, (especially Windows Vista) Hewlett Packard, Norton, McAfee, and others are at least under some form of control of the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, Maryland.

Probably, this means the back doors in the hardware and software mentioned in the report may also be available to the Department of Homeland Security, and maybe FBI, CIA, and other agencies who have repeatedly violated the trust and the rights of U.S. Citizens.

If you wondered where your personal information went when you suffered an unexpected case of I.D. theft or banking theft, or credit card theft-fraud, you may be in for a shock when the final informational bombshell erupts over this crap.

A judge has recently, once again, declared BUTTHOLE BUSH'S SPY PROGRAM TO BE ILLEGAL! That won't stop the filthy W.House bums from continuing to unleash their thievery and murder upon the American Public and the world.
also a comment:,_H.Packard,_Vista_With_NSA.html
joe martin,

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starting with divesting my home computers of the Microscum Virus (O/S) and all of the rest of the NSA cohorts in crime, it means I have about one machine left to 'de-scum' and then my home computers are free of these spying son's of bitch's, once and for goddamned all.

and yes, the NSA has back door's built into every anti virus program out there, as well as other shit that allegedly 'protects us' from virii in the computer world.

what's worse?? Governmental illegal and illegitimate spying, or the threat of some virus infection on your computer??

not a whole lot of shit written to penetrate REDHAT / LINUX platforms, and there is a lot of open source stuff out there that takes the place of Microscum's bullshit and does a much better job of everything.


Yeah, they call it something like 'Home Premium' or such when they advertise Windows VISTA WHICH STANDS FOR: Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application! A 'Home Premium' Edition pile of S--T!
Have heard good stuff about Linux and Unix systems, etc., Ubuntu, and they can hardly be spied on, at least not by amateurs.
We are plagued in America by these perks and bells and whistles which simply promise to do what the original operating system should be doing already.
Linux, Ubuntu programs and their counterparts have 15,000 available FREE APPLICATIONS at last looksee, and probably more by now, which means if you learn this system you can do just about anything and maybe more than Microscum's stuff.
Gee, I wonder if the horrendous glut of upcoming 4th Amendment lawsuits which will flood the government is the reason Bill Gates has made a sudden departure from Microsoft and decided to retire abruptly!
In fact I wonder if the LATE Airman Sabrina Autrey was using nightmare VISTA and stumbled upon some sensitive information concerning maybe the dead Generals which were reported murdered. She was staff sergeant about to be deployed to Iraq, was attached to the Pentagon and 'Funeral Support' among other things. Came up dead in home like other airmen personnel.

joe martin

I noticed a long time ago that I never have any problems with my computer(slowing waaayyy down ect...)until some sort of mcafee or other "protection software" is installed. I've actually tried it. Six months with no protection of any kind..... no problems at all. A few days with it(problems up the ass and my computer is in constant need of "scans" and "updates") try it yourself sometime.
I noticed a similar phenomenon. While using Norton 2003 awhile back and doing constant updates, I criticized it in a blog for being so slow. I got back a reprimand from someone online and began receiving huge trojan attacks and virus attacks from Hong Kong, Los Angeles area, and all over the place which set off the Norton alarm stuff, and when I got a better apartment and moved, they must have found my puter online and finally burned it completely up with this stuff and California power outages.

You can't be too lazy about power back up equipment, though, and should have a good 'electricity cleaner' battery back up system which allows you to shut down the system and not suffer the low voltage low-surge.
As soon as I posted this article and one at my site, I received two major trojan attacks into programs on my puter that I thought were useful and harmless. Also my proxy went down, and the other proxy went down for an hour or so and it finally came back up, but the other one was off for 2 days, at about the time I was posting this and sensitive stuff.
As soon as I switched browsers other day until I could update my main browser, the Neighborhood Watch must have lost contact with my computer, because a kid immediately came by and threw a rock and hit my house! They don't like it when you shield your stuff from them and will let you know it!
Who needs this crap. No wonder Jesse Ventura lives in Mexico.

It looks as simple as this: if the hackers who must work for some consortium of hacker-spyware find your system and know where you are, they will run tests to see what you are running for anti-spyware, what os you're running, etc., and simply attempt to beat you up and bully you into buying 'their brand of protection' so they are an extension of a protection racket, and probably all licensed by the Uncle Sugar Government. Good Luck, joe martin

I removed Windows Genuine Advantage from my PC and I immediately got a notification via automatic updates that WGA was available for downloading. To prove that this is spyware, it did not give the usual check box to not be notified again. WGA IS SPYWARE.

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