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McCain campaign manager: "This election is not about issues."

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis:

"This election is not about issues. This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."

I guess that's what you say when you're so inconsistent that nobody can tell for sure where you stand on anything (other than being an unapologetic warmonger, of course).

That's right folks, it's not about issues! It's a simple personality contest, just like your local junior high student council election!

Somebody needs to tell Mr. Magoo that he's no better on the personality front than he is on the issues.


And just in case that's not enough evidence of McLame's increasingly desperate lust for the Oval Office, check this out:

McCain Hires Man Who Sunk his 2000 Campaign

The man's name is Tucker Eskew. He's responsible for spreading the 2000 Bush campaign lie (via push-polling in South Carolina) that McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child. Pretty much put the McCain campaign out of business. Now he's working for McCain, helping to prepare vp candidate Palin.

Well, at least they're honest about their complete lack of concern for the real concerns of the American people.

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When you get right down to the matter at hand, this current Presidential election cycle isn't about the serious issues -- such as dealing with the biggest economic/financial collapse to occur in modern history. Instead, this Presidential election cycle is all about personality, celebrity and the cult of popularity which has permeated the American psyche for far too long.

When it comes to the current worldwide economic/financial collapse, what are Americans doing about it? Are they demanding that their electied officials look for real solutions to this crisis? No, they aren't. Instead, they're acting like scared, panicky mice who are terrified of "losing" their money, while failing to realize that the nation, their own families and their lives are far, far more precious and valuable than a few pieces of paper, and that all of these could be wiped out in one fell swoop is the economic/financial collapse results in a new Dark Age which will severely slash the world's population by two-thirds?

And how do you keep people from getting so panicky that they'll do something "foolish", like rejecting both of the "established" Presidential candidates and seek out and give their support (and their votes) to those third-party Presidential candidates who genuinely have their best interests at heart and who are actually speaking out concerning the issues; namely, Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader?

Simple ... you get them focused on those elements of a Presidential campaign which are designed to evoke "gut reactions" within the citizenry, which will lead them to make their decisions within a highly volatile and notoriously unstable emotional context. In other words, focus the population's attention on things which will cause them to "think" with their emotions, rather than encouraging them to their powers of cognition and reason to choose which person will be the best person to become President.
Stephie 1776, the truth is probably that the so-called candidates are too busy counting all their 1241 offshore corporations and money and trying too hard to manipulate the election rather than offer concrete platforms and propositions to the American People.

They've lost touch with the people and are depending on sheer GRANDSTANDING in order to provide an illusion of an election process. All the drama and hype reminds one of an overly melodramatic courtroom defense attorney who has been paid well by a rich, guilty client to get him/her off the charges.

There were a lot of JFK's politics I would not have liked had I been old enough to vote back in the 60's, but at least he had the honesty, intelligence, and understanding of our system to "cut the rates" of the income tax, especially on the poor to lower and middle income folks and families.
That is the least all of these nitwits should have promised to do immediately upon taking office. Have they? No, not exactly.
They're still grandstanding over the lipstick we discussed, and riding on sensationalism while the resident White House Thug and his cronies attacked Pakistan, having already gotten billions out of their treasury through Rupert Murdoch's shady deals on putting in new comm systems.
We can look for the skies of America to light up at any moment. More than one country has it in for us and someone reminded me that Chavez kicked out our ambassador and brought theirs home.
later, joe martin

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