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McPain/Ailing In 2008!

John McPain & Sarah Ailing In '08!


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Will the American people really vote for four more years of hardship?

Will they really choose to subject themselves to more misery?

Have they learned anything from past eight years???

I hope we don't wake up the day after the election to another headline: How Can ____ Million People Be So Dumb?

well if the voting machines arnt fixed i geuss the next president will be who they choose now wont he? why dont congress go after treason? that seems to me the best choice for them isnt that what election fraud is?

Congress may have failed to impeach Bush, but President Obama won't let him off the hook so easy.

abut holding BushCo responsible. Man, are you Obamaites in for a big big surprise.

It's the GOP who had better get a grip.

November there are going to be a lot of Republicans experiencing a new kind of shock and awe!

have you seen the push to get Obama votes in Ohio, cheating how low

Market crashing, recession, and McCain said today he can fix it.

He also has a secret plan to get Osama but he won't reveal it unless he's elected. (Keith reported on this.)


Palin + McCain Equals More Bush

Friday, September 19, 2008

by Helen Thomas

The new Republican ticket seems like the current White House tenant. Neither McCain nor Palin appear to have any significant doubts about President Bush's disastrous policies. Palin's gubernatorial tenure in Alaska is personified by massive firings when she took office. She does not tolerate dissent and shuns the media.

It seems clear to me that we would have another imperial presidency if McCain and Palin win the hearts and minds of the American people in the November balloting. Bob Woodward of The Washington Post has been privy to the workings of the Bush White House and has written four books to prove it. In his latest Book, "The War Within," Woodward depicts Bush as a "man of few doubts" who is "still following his gut, convinced that the path he has chosen is right."

Bush, who has switched from using the word "win" in speaking of Iraq to "succeed," has the gung ho McCain-Palin team behind him. The question is, why? Woodward also wrote that Bush was intolerant of confrontations and in-depth debate. He said Bush maintained an "odd detachment" in the management of the war in Iraq "and too often failed to lead."

Bush has never explained why he invaded Iraq -- a country that had no doomsday weapons and did us no harm. It's doubtful that McCain or Palin could explain Bush's mindless mission in the Middle East if they gained the White House.

Market plunges 777 points!

Elect McCain and give us more of the same!!!

Convict Bush, McCain and the GOP for the Economy

By Marie Cocco
September 30, 2008

WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama, accused so often of taking too lawyerly an approach to the rough-and-tumble of presidential politics, delivered a brilliant summation at the very outset of his first debate with John McCain.

The question was about the gargantuan bailout being forced upon taxpayers as a way of rescuing the economy from the clutches of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The answer was crisp and complete.

"This is a final verdict on eight years of failed economic policies promoted by George Bush, supported by Senator McCain, a theory that basically says that we can shred regulations and consumer protections and give more and more to (those who have) the most and somehow prosperity will trickle down," the Democratic presidential candidate said.

Were George W. Bush himself in the defendant's chair, this would be one of those cases in which the jury would be sent to the deliberation room and the judge would have to quickly return from his chambers to hear the verdict. Does anyone doubt that Bush would be found guilty as charged?

With this latest, grotesque mismanagement of a financial disintegration that showed its first signs years ago, Bush has done for the global economy what he did for New Orleans. He has allowed it -- allowed all of us -- to drown in a failure that is catastrophic, and he has done so through his usual combination of ineptitude and ideologically inspired indifference to the consequences of refusing to take early action.

Obama is fundamentally right. We have on Nov. 4 an opportunity to deliver the final verdict on a crowd that has been negligent in too many ways to count. McCain wasn't the ringleader, but he has been complicit.

Bush and the Republicans are guilty as charged. They deserve to be put away.

McCain’s Social Security Privatization: Bad Idea When Bush Proposed It, Bad Idea Now

Oct 1, 2008

The events of the last two weeks have illustrated the volatility of America’s financial markets. Today, the Dow closed below where it was on George W. Bush’s first day in office.

And yet, John McCain still supports a Bush-style Social Security privatization plan that would encourage Americans to risk their retirement benefits on the stock market.

Social Security provides the majority of income for most seniors and is a vital insurance system for disabled workers and dependent spouses. Income provided by Social Security keeps 13 million seniors from living in poverty.

McCain’s proposal, which would allow workers to divert their social security payments into private accounts, is risky, expensive, a financial boon to Wall Street, and would undermine, not shore up, the long-term solvency of Social Security.

This is a debate that’s been had before. When Bush proposed a similar plan in 2005, analysts were able to assess its impact and debunk its myths. Here’s what they concluded:

Private accounts are risky: BUSH AND MCCAIN tout the potential for higher returns as a reason to shift Social Security payments into the stock market. But an analysis by Robert Shiller of Yale University of a standard “lifetime” personal account, as envisioned by Bush and McCain, show they actually lose money one-third of the time. Furthermore, projections of rosy growth used to justify personal accounts stand in stark contrast to the projections of slower growth that indicate there may be an eventual shortfall in Social Security.

What McCain won’t tell you: The cost of closing the long-term shortfall in Social Security is less than the cost of extending Bush’s tax breaks for the richest 1% of Americans, as John McCain has proposed.

But McCain seems less interested in saving Social Security than gambling it away.

Barack Obama: "Are you better off than you were four years ago? At the pace things are going right now you’re going to have ask whether you’re better off than you were four weeks ago."

Obama should add: And (if McSame is elected) how much worse off will you be four years from now!!!

How bad things are:

Dow Chart from MSNBC

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