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Nist rewrites the laws of physics!!! ........ I'll be taking some of your questions now ........... cut the mic damn it!!!!

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has finaly just realeased their WTC 7 report.
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Even if you are a minority of one ...... chip ...... the truth is still the truth!! I thought ADS stood for the truth.....

JD, If I may, please.

I don't think it is any longer a question as to what the reality is reguarding WTC-1, WTC-2 and
WTC-7. ESPECIALLY, WTC-7! JD, I don't think anyone in here beleives otherwise.

What im really thinking about, taking into account what we know is the truth, what do we do about it? Try to incite people to take an action, collectevily, that is more assertive than mere peacefull pursuit of a resolution?

Look JD, ADS.ORG has been in existence now for what, 5 years? And they have but one goal. IMPEACHMENT. And look at how much worse the BUSH ADMINISTRATION has gotten since the 04 reelection. All documentible offenses added to the original documented offenses that began the quest. Yet, ask yourself this, how likely is it that the goal of inpeachment will be realized? You damm well know what the answer is. I know you do. And here is the constitutional reality of it. WE ARE BEING DENIED OUR 14TH AMENDMENT DUE PROCESS RIGHTS TO HAVE GREIVANCES ADDRESSED. And these are serious greivences. Sufficient enough, in my oppinion, to engadge in civil war over. Do you disagree with that? DO YOU? I want to know JD.

Now, here in the Central time zone, we have the opportunity to watch the network(s) nightly newsduring the evening meal time, but unfortunatly, a large percentage elect instead, to watch the Simpsons while they stuff pizza down their sewers. Those who elect to have the evening news intertain them during the evening meal, get to see and hear that the surge is working, IRAN is going to attack us with nuclear weapons, they get their daily dose of the activities against the poor ISRAELI'S by the evil PALISTIANS, and that PROF IVANS was a mad scientist. In the end,COLLECTIVELY, they all sing the same lyrics from the movie JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR "WE HAVE NO KING BUT CESAR".

JD, your pushing really hard. What would you like to see as a result? Congress order the national guard to go arrest CESAR? HA!
Or is it you want to incite a substantial number of Americans to pick up a weapon and assemble? Good luck on that, and you know why? DEBT! Are you aware of how much personel debtthe under thirty group is burdened by?
Last week i was in a neiborhood where the average home value was $200.00, I observed one in particular, they both phromptly arrived home before five pm, (not medical professionals)each driving a two ton SUV, there was a PT boat in the drive, and a corvette in the garage along with a motorcycle and a three thousand dollar hydrostatic lawn riding mower. They havent lived long enough to accumilate sufficient $$$ to live that lavish lifestyle. So it has to be DEBT.

NOW JD,,,do you really think people like this are going to be willing to sacrifice all that, to set it all asside, and go kick GEORGE BUSHES ASS? Hell it was GEORGE BUSHES BANKING BUDDIES that gave out all this extravicant line of credit in the first place to subvert these people. To pacify them.

No body in this country cares what IS GOING ON. WHAT YOU AND I CAN SEE JD. You wanna go fight the good fight JD? Ill go with you! I swear I will. But it will be a futile gesture I assure you. And the Nightly news will report it this way "TODAY, IN ______ TWO DISGRUNTLED MALE SUBJECTS WERE SHOT DEAD BY POLICETACTICAL UNITS FOR ATTEMPTING TO REASSERT THEIR 14TH AMENDENT RIGHTS THEY CLAIMED HAD BEEN DENIED N ETC"

I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY JD shutting up now...

Whether we do or don't have a civil war on our hands doesn't change the facts ...... Those Buildings were demolished...... period!!! I have not obligated myself to single handedly save the world here. This is scientifically provable fact I'm pushing here. The key my educated opinion solving the impeachment crisis that I see being overlooked here. What's to be done about it by the rest of the world is not up to me. But just try proving me wrong... that's all I'm saying.

Only a neocon spin DR would even dare try to come in and attempt to prove you wrong. If all your object is to challange someone to try to despell your stand, we know that would be a futile gesture.

But the bottom line is, no one in authority is receptive to the facts. Try pushing your facts on ANY member of congress. Then add a demand for genuine accountibillity. you'll be completely disregarded and that sir constitutes MY theory that yours, mine, all of our 14th Amendent right to due process and equal protection under the constitution is being denied.

But if all your seeking is recignition to your greivances, you have mine. But ,what is THAT worth to you, or anybody, actually?


Oh, ok then we'll put your name on the rolls of those who make a lot of noise, but who are not willing to risk anything. JD, your in a far larger club than you'll ever know.

JD, maybe this is why your theories are being ignored. this is from a site called 'WHAT REALLY HAPPENED"

What follows is the original article I wrote when the news story first broke regarding the existence of a system to tap into any phone in America built into the surveillance system used by law enforcement authorities. Several cases were cited where investigations ranging from drug running and money laundering to the events of 9/11 had been compromised by leaks from the company that operated the phone taps as well as phone data from an associated company that handles billing services for almost every phone in America.
The focus of the article was a single question. Could Israel be blackmailing the entire US Government and media.

The answer is now obvious. Fox News, the so-called "We report, you decide" all news network, has removed the four part story from their website. No explanation is given except for the single Orwellian sentence at the end of one of the links, "This story no longer exists".

Israel, purportedly our friend, has been spying on us all. And we're not talking about individual spooks like Jonathan Pollard, or small-time networks such as the 140 Israelis arrested by the FBI prior to 9/11, or the 60 arrested since (including 5 arrested who were cheering and celebrating as the World Trade Towers collapsed).

It turns out that Israel has had a potential wiretap on every phone in America for years, along with the ability to monitor and record who any person is calling, anywhere in America; information of great value even if one does not listen to the calls themselves. Amdocs, Inc. the company which sub contracts billing and directory services for phone companies around the world, including 90 percent of American phone companies, is owned by Israeli interests. Yet another company, Comverse Infosys, is suspected of having built a "back door" into the equipment permanently installed into the phone system that allows instant eavesdropping by law enforcement agencies on any phone in America. This includes yours.

Concerns about allowing an Israeli company such intimate access to the infrastructure go back many years. As reported by Fox News, the Israeli company Amdocs was implicated in the leaking of police phone data that resulted in the collapse of on investigation into a massive drug and credit card fraud operation with Israeli connections.

In a telling repeat of the Los Angeles drug case, investigators looking into the attacks on the World Trade Towers are again reporting that confidential telephone information is again being leaked in a manner that is interfering with the investigations. Again, Amdocs was implicated.

Not content with the phones of ordinary citizens in the United States, evidence has surfaced that Israel compromised the telephone systems at the highest levels of the US Government.

Now, I want you all to stop and think for a minute of the full ramifications of this. Israeli interests have the ability to listen in on ANY phone in America connected to any of the systems used by Amdocs or Comverse Infosys. They have had this ability for several years. They can listen in and track the phone calls made by anyone's phone, whether police officer, elected official, media talking head, editor, policy setter, news mogul, even the President of the United States. The Ken Starr report on Whitewater describes how Bill Clinton warned Monica Lewinsky that a foreign government was tapping their phone calls.

Few indeed are the people in America who do not have something to hide. That insider trade, the brief but torrid affair, the stolen votes, the deliberate smear, the role one played in an assassination, the acceptance of money from drug runners to look the other way. Be honest. Is there a skeleton in your closet you hope will stay there? Something nobody knows about? Well, if that skeleton involved a phone call, someone may know about it. Amdocs and Comverse Infosys. And their Israeli owners.

Just think about it for a moment. Everyone's private phone traffic, right up to the President, potentially visible to Israeli interests. And you cannot find the phone taps or bugs because they are built right into the phone system!

Suddenly, a lot of events which have puzzled observers start to make sense.

Like the way the US vetoed the UN resolution calling for peace in Palestine, despite being the only 1 out of 15 voting nations to have voted against the measure. The USA gained nothing by this veto. But Israel did.

Over the last few weeks, the people of the United States have seen a great deal of evidence pointing the finger of blame for 9/11 at Osama bin Laden and Arabs in general, evidence which is circumstantial, often self-contradictory, and in some cases faked. Yet as was reported in the news, evidence also exists linking many of the arrested Israeli spies (some of whom worked for the Israeli telecom companies above) with the events of 9/11. Yet this evidence is NOT being broadcast endlessly on the news. In fact, this evidence is CLASSIFIED. Someone has "persuaded" the US Government and the media that the American people are ONLY supposed to see the evidence that points a certain direction, and must never see any evidence that points someplace else. Likewise, the media has been "persuaded" not to report evidence that Israel knew of the 9/11 attacks ahead of time. The foreign press has outright accused the Mossad of taking part in the 9/11 attacks but the American media have been "persuaded" not to cover these accusations.

It was well known that there was an Israeli spy inside the Clinton White House. But Clinton ordered the FBI to cease searching for the mole, code-named "Mega". It is now known that "Mega" was not just Mossad spy but top Mossad agent in America. The cancellation of the hunt for "Mega" occurred at the same time Clinton warned Monica Lewinsky that their phone conversations were being recorded. This strongly suggests that Clinton was "persuaded" to call off the FBI's hunt for "Mega" with the threat of a recorded phone sex session being made public.

Because of the purported links between Muslims and the attacks on the World Trade Towers, the US Government has been shutting down all Muslin linked charities in the USA. But the Chairman of the Jewish Defense League, a group with a violent history, was arrested recently in a plot to bomb a US congressman. But the US Government has been "persuaded" not to take actions against Jewish charities, while the media has been "persuaded" to allow the story of hard evidence of JDL terrorism to fade away as quickly as possible.

Two Mossad agents were arrested with dynamite inside the Mexican Congress.

Mexican newspaper front page with story of the arrested Mossad agents.

The Mexican government was persuaded to release the two men without trial. Meanwhile, the American media has been "persuaded" not to report on the Mexican arrests.

Israel receives a hugely disproportionate share of foreign aid from the United States, about $5 billion a year. A large segment of the US population questions the sending so much money to such a small population while so many people remain homeless on our own streets. But somehow, Congress is "persuaded" to keep sending more cash each and every year.

Sharon faces war crimes trial.
The American media is "persuaded" not to make a big deal of the story.
Israel is in violation of the Geneva Accords.
The American media is "persuaded" not to make a big deal of this story.

The United Nations accuses Israel of using torture on children.
The American media is "persuaded" not to make a big deal of this story, either.

How is such persuasion possible?

The revelation of an Israeli-linked system for monitoring and potentially listening in to the phone calls of every single person in the nation at will opens up the possibility that a massive blackmail operation, unprecedented in scale, is the real force shaping media bias and United States policy.

The reality is that this nation's politicians and media leaders all have secrets to hide. Mistresses, drug habits, links to that airfield in Mena, Arkansas, BCCI cash sitting in that bank in Barbados, loot from ADFA in the Cayman's; in a corrupted society only the corrupt can reach the heights of power, and they all have secrets to hide. They are all vulnerable to blackmail. And being the kind of people who were willing to, and usually did, anything to get power, they are also the people willing to do anything to keep it. Look the other way when the drugs come in, spike an embarrassing news story or plant a fake one that embarrasses your enemy, alter the books, destroy a report, falsify data, destroy evidence, maybe even allow the military might of the United States and the blood of her children to be tricked into fighting someone else's war.

History has shown that if a crime is possible, it is also inevitable. The cold hard reality is that Amdocs and Comverse Infosys are the most powerful tools a blackmailer could ever hope for, opening up the private lives of everyone in the nation, including the secrets of targets able to control the media and US policy.

Dare we ignore this potential threat?

Or will the media be "persuaded" that all this fuss about Israeli-owned companies with wires into the phone system is just a lot of nonsense?

There is one more aspect to this issue that needs to be looked at. If indeed Israel is blackmailing our officials and media icons, it is because those who are being blackmailed ARE blackmailable. If we elect a government of criminals, we elect a government subject to blackmail. Finally, given the fact that blackmail may be assumed to be as widespread as the collection system itself is, those who persist in trying to defend Israel may no longer be assumed to be operating from the purest of motives. After all, who will defend a blackmailer more staunchly than those who are the blackmailer's victims?

see also:

The Head of AIPAC Boasted About Control of Politicians
US Vetoes of UN Peace Resolutions
Israel and 9/11 - Index of What Really Happened


What Really Happened

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When I say WTC 7 was destroyed by controlled demolition and NIST just openly lied about it .........with a real Whopper if I do say so myself ..... Then what should that tell everyone? It tells me that WTC collapse deserves a spot on the top of the list of bush crimes .... right now ... on a site dedicated to the crimes of the Bush Administration.

As far as you telling me I need to be down at the local courthouse shooting things up and you'll be right there backing me up... later... this is not the web page for that discussion.

Now ..... On a hypothetical web page somewhere where it's legal to say such things.....If the fate of my children's life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness forced me into a war against my brother I would hypothetically be a general to be recon ed with.... but the fact is it's just not! It IS still legal to look up the facts for yourself and that's all I'm ever going to endorse here on ADS out of respect for David.

And hypothetically a guy like me could have agreed with that statement you made regarding ...Article #14 .....since 2000 when plain sight .....the election was illegally handed to the wrong person by five justices of the supreme court..... Now.... After noticing that blatant theft of everything he had been taught up until that point ......This hypothetical guy would have to have been wise to all of what you said there way before 9/11 ..... hypothetically

I don;t know where you live, but im sure there are no persons in your local courthouse that can be connected to WTC-7.

I think the article above, relitive to the BLACKMAIL allegation, may well explain why none of our elected officials can be counted on to do the right thing. With all the documented evidence, all the common sense, and scientific fact that both you and i are aware of relitive to all the Bush Administration impropreity, don't you ever wonder why they ignore all this?
there has to be a reason they never respond, and i don't beleive it is as simple as they have a difference of oppinion, especially related to WTC-7.

Am I to understand you correctly sir that you don't beleive your children's right to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuance of happiness is not in danger? Is that what you implied above? has been a daily stop of mine for about six years now...We could agree with each other over there all day if you want to..... I have the feeling it's been slow and he'd probably like the action...... I totally get what your trying to say I really do. However this spot is reserved by me for the science of the WTC collapse.... anything you want to add about that??

"As far as shooting up the nearest courthouse" that's in response to me not knowing excactly what your trying to insight me into doing there..... What action are you trying to suggest me into "leading" you into?...... What action am I supposed to be doing right now today besides educating people about "How simple it is to prove those buildings were demolished ...... period."

Of all our congress. But if your not interrested in reading it, then that is your choice.

What brought me into this conversation was your appearrent excitement as to the facts related to WTC-7. Your claim it is a new major contention for impeachment, I agree. But it is fact that no one is listening in DC. None of the documented facts related to impeachment are being excepted, and addressed. It's like we are not even out here saying all this to them. And i just note, that, well, i wonder, and have for a long time, why nothing positive appears on the horizon, relitive to impeachment. I wonder how they, why they, ignore all this. The article i offered you may in fact be an answer.
But i can't make you read it, no more than i can "peacefully" make congress engadge in impeachment.

I now take my leave of you sir, and i truly wish you well.

I have already read it before as well as many other versions of it. I've tried to tell you that I agree with you. And on another page I would also have scores of articals to reply with. But I'm keeping this perticular page focused on one specific topic for people unlike you and I who need a baby step to prepare themselves to even get to your artical. Is that fair enouph because I gotta tell you Scott... So far I'm not feeling any love from my right or left flank.


And ill be totally up front with you. Im scared as hell for the future. Im not even sure any of us will be around here this time next year.

Some of us have known about it for quite some time.

Sharing knowledge from the efforts of critical research is greatly appreciated by men like us.

I know what it's like to be taken for granted.

Are on this page here giving me some back up on this Fact that everyone has known all along, a fact that scientifically proves our case for impeachment.... I'll feel a little better.

And If a Shawn Hannity/Bill O reilly type comes on here and tries to debate me on this Fact and gets verbally monkey stomped by nothing but those simple facts ..... I'll feel even better.

Have you ever listened to Hannity's afternoon radio program? Most callers start out with "THANK YOU SHAWN,,,YOU A GREAT AMERIKAN"!! "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! YOUR A GREAT AMERIKAN!" Is his reply
Makes me sick...

I'm right here.... easy to find(easier to find if chip were on board) .....and on the record...... Fox News and their merry band of boners can debate me RIGHT HERE and help Davids ratings ..... or they can conceed my point and get off the @#&^&*% "debunking 911 truth" stage and quit acting like they have a pair!!

Quite frankly I'm not talking to them anymore I'm talking to you, and him, and her.. the common person.. who ever they might be...... the people who are going to go home to argue with there stubborn brainwashed families after reading this page on solid ground with no other distractions in their minds to trip on....

"That building was demolished(add name here).... period!! Now let's figure out why this was hidden from us???".... make them prove you wrong and in the proccess they just might end up proving you right.

I'm really not trying to run you off ..... by all means stay and participate..... but focus like a laser beam here we don't have to have all the pieces of the puzzle in a row with an obvious conclusion at the end. That's the individual citizen's job ..... who ever they are ..... to put the rest of the puzzle together. I just have the biggest piece here and NO ONE can prove me wrong.

Someone tell Bill OReilly I dare him to leave some kind of a comment on this subject....HERE.. that I can't get through with the kind of information I know about WTC collapse. I dare him to prove me wrong!!

I'm just one guy from the middle of nowhere...... If I can beat OReilly on a dare like that ......then what should that tell us??

As a matter of fact I'll even settle for a fan of thiers..... for now......(since we all know Bill O. And shawn hannity are a couple of pussies.....)

Grow a brain


I'm real glad to hear you remind everyone of the constantly spied on phone system. You are absolutely correct and not enough people stop what they're doing to raise hell about it. If they can't go to the congressman or senator in their area they should go to the phone companies in groups.
You may notice how in large cities they don't accept phone applications in person. You have to go to a phone or set it up from another phone someplace and there are guards and motion light sensor beams at the front offices and foyers to protect the employees. Wonder why. People are on to their crap is why.
I wondered for years why they do the spying. Even had my road dug up and the bugs planted in one state when in rural area, and when I shut off the phone after frustrated attempts to get them to turn off the bug they came out and dug up the side of the road again. Removed the bug. A few months after a long vacation I came back and turned it on again hoping it would stay secure line, but no, they came out and dug up the side of the road again and I could hear the distinct extra clicks of the recorder on the phone line and the tap-tester equipment showed it was bugged again. Don't sell dope, don't sell or buy kid-porn or rob banks, just prepare and publish articles on the net, etc., critical for many years of the JFK Assassination, etc., and they never let me forget they are there.
I had said at this site they do this as part of the unified SDI, (Star Wars) Strategic Defense Initiative, and it goes hand in hand with the phone system, computer use, etc., and probably the PROMIS aka, Prosecutor's Management Information Software, or whatever it's called.
The government under Clinton stole this from Bill and Nancy Hamilton's Inslaw outfit which was another scandal back then. The guy who helped them pirate it was later jailed on a phony drug charge.
This Nazi, never ceasing spy crap is reason alone to impeach Bush-Cheney who thumb their noses at subpoenas and the rule of law. Later, kids, j martin

....all voted Yea for FISA with retroactive immunity, except Dennis, Barbara Lee, Conyers and others.
It's legal. It's H.R.6304, if I remember back to the I HATE THEM! Oh and by the way 'Sec 101. Illegal Search and Seizure, not illegal now. The Stassi can kick in the door of your home, family sleeping away, KABOOM! UP UP UPNOWNOWNOW
Telling you they want you they have already done got ya'. Now they can drag your tush and kids to Black sites for 3 years. Thanks Murderer, I have a screenshot of an AT&T employees, they actually LAUGHED AT US, US for trying to stop this! It shows a women in a sweater, eyes askew with implied guilt but only suspicion, "Ms. SUSPICIOUS doesn't have anything to worry about....Does she...? on and on
I don't know, it's highly improbable but I'll email it to him oh, David, I mean. Or anyone can view it, if the system is up asses, another new site for grassroots advocacy seeking all viable evidence of Bugliosi's idea "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder".
This is an undone one, I've not even come close to working the dirt loose so please forgive me. My other is my most important re;Impeachment.

Bad link: This is an undone one? 404

How can I show it to you, great screen shot too.

It's hard to answer how to do, without knowing what it is...

....need you to see what AT&T did to us all I can do is email it to you not your site, okay? Or email me let me know how to get you my email.

JD, You know I feel this administration has gotten away with immoral, criminal, and unspeakable acts against citizens of the US as well as citizens of the world. I only hope I live long enough to see their karma catch up with them.....all of them.

Maybe you should intelligently appeal to HER senses and see if SHE could talk me into leaving you and David alone ... since you can't seem do it yourselves. She is the best when it comes to talking me into things I really don't want to do ... like going to the hospital .....

That said ... thank you Mimi for your show of support!! It really means allot.

My son what are you doing telling the truth. This government will kill any truth you tell. Please in the name of god stop telling the truth. I don't want you to get hurt. So lay down and take it like a dog. At least you will live as all do. As your great and wonderfull president G.W. Bush has said "Sometimes Money Over Rides Peace." Not in my world. I say " Peace Over Rides Money Any Time Any Where" Your Loving Father Lonny L. Cochrun

Maybe you can see where my sarcasm comes from now. :) He's the greatest I don't care what anyone says .....

Happy belated Birthday Dad.


I actually don't share his last name .... oddly enough I don't share my mothers last name either.

I'm a rarity for sure ... and in more ways than one.



David's ... cool I don't care what anyone says!!!

These guys are crazy anyways pay them no mind

one of those idiots that thinks that 'thermate' is a normal building construction compound, and that steel melts at 800 degrees fahrenheit.

and that B-757's fit into 16 foot diameter holes, and leave less than a ton of 80 tons of airplane, as 'debris' when they hit buildings.

yeah, COINTELPRO STOOGE, we smell you very strongly here, and this site is totally co-opted and fully infiltrated by COINTELPRO STOOGES now, who have to defend David for his ignorance and his A.I.P.A.C. and Israeli allegiances.

Apparently it does when it comes to the most obvious and easily proven smoking gun of them all.

Do the NIST story chip....... I notice you have plenty of time and resources to devote to chasing polosi around.... If you can't see that her book tour is just a way to keep you guys running around in circles ..... ppppffff ..... AND you have to buy a book to see her LOL...... THE DNC what a joke!!!..... on you guys(potentially.... I haven't seen coverage here yet and it's the only smart thing I've seen you do these past few days chip)..... The DNC SHOULD have been a deserted ghost town that's the only thing politicians understand..... And this Israel-mossad- new world order debate you guys've been having here ...... these past few days especially...... talk about a rabbit hole you don't have the resources to go down Chip. Let a professional like WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM take care of that debate and get back to impeachment. A debate WTC 7 should be front and center for!! And yet there isn't even a tab for it in your key documents list. Your a fool..... David Swansen for not mentioning this anywhere at ADS!! Having WTC Demolition added to the list of crimes here gives it a legitimacy that it will get no where else and you know it. WTC 7 Collapse BELONGS on the list of "proof" you have accumulated....... right on page one somewhere!! Not buried deep down in a stack of comments on page whatever. Just cause you personally don't "feel like going there".

And PS..... I don't need to take part in any more polls to tell ME these @#%*&% are unpopular..... I know that... you know that..... the American people know it!! That could have been the perfect slot for a story like the New NIST report and how it was bought and paid for by the Bush administration. And with the slightest amount of they just accidently proved the case for 9/11 truth for you by letting us and the world know just excactly how stoopid they think us Americans are . I KNOW that they are wrong. But I guess It's just me that thinks that way.

Instead of just admitting the simple proven scientifically factual truth about the WTC 7 collapse the National Institute of Standards and Technology recommended changing all US State and local building codes to account for miracles!!!! People aren't doing it now but do you realize what they are saying here??? Are you going to wait until some big Haliburton building materials conglomerate appears and lobbies congress using the NIST WTC 7 report as their basis for jacking up every ones orders by 100,000% using the shield of 9/11 before you realize what NIST is saying here???

It's really too bad this subject of WTC demolition isn't covered more thoroughly here on ADS ... instead of simply being referred to as "9/11 stuff" by David Swanson:

And brushed aside as though he would the festering butt nugget of another upon his window frame ... ummmm kind of (just)like the way Pelosi did when asked about impeachment ... Do you remember David the way She laughed it off in all your faces "Well if I see any crimes" .... "Ha Ha Ha"(ahhhh the memories) .... That's what you do David Swanson when faced with SCIENCE and REASON .... Your no better than Pelosi my friend!!

I would just like to say that I respect you and I respect what you've DONE...... And I sincerely respect what your going to do in the future .....and I wish you all the luck and good will in the world..... Thank you!!!

That said ....I completely respect and appreciate your opinion on this matter:

"New Phenomenons" is the defense now???

My question is this....... Can I be proven wrong by Bill O'reilly or any other version of him.... right here on ADS in front of everyone..... when I say that The NIST report is WRONG and WTC 7 WAS DEMOLISHED.... and that if I can NOT be proven wrong that the implications of such a thing would be pertinent to the discussion here at ADS about impeachment?? Right at the top with the other crimes

In your oppinion....... was the WTC demolished on purpose as I contened here.... Or did a miracle knock three Steel framed fireproofed builings down in a row... pulling bush's ass out of the impeachment hearing he was bound to have back in 2002???

Years ago I worked as a carpenter and received a degree in Construction technology. I also studied structural engineering for a semester which was mostly focused on structural timber framing.

But the concepts are all the same no matter which material you are dealing with (except with respect to fire). But the fact is, a building will never collapse symetrically without taking out the key supports all at the same time. It just aint gonna happen.

NIST is a fraud and the report is a cover up. There is no doubt in my mind.

Thermal expansion is nothing new, but building collapses due to fire are. 2+2 <> 5.
Those buildings went down due to controlled demolition.



"but building collapses due to fire" was meant to read
"but STEEL building collapses due to fire"

I'm know you all realize what I meant though...


On one of my first steel working projects I was tack welding or putting a few bee bee sized "beads" of molten steel in place to temporarily hold two several hundred pound sheets of steel together at an angle for final measurement before completely welding the two together.... basically making them one piece of steel from that point on. I was off by a sixteenth if an inch or so. My uncle(My boss at that time) noticed that instead of putting a couple of tiny beads in place I had made a few passes amounting to a little less than a quarter inch in a few spots. It was a heavy piece of steel I didn't want it to fall on me!! "Never ever do that again!!" he began to yell. "Why not??" I asked him .....trying to stand up for myself. In that moment he kicked out the nearest support block and jumped up onto the piece I had tacked in place.... Of which I was under mind you..... And with all his weight he landed with a thud right above my head.... WHAM!! When I opened my eyes it had not budged one hair.... "That's why!!" As he walked away he stammered "Your getting it off there!!" He tossed me a heavy hammer and a grinder then left like he had enough time for a long break.

I'll tell you what ..... after having to remove those FEW welds I sure learned my lesson.

The point of my story is that once two pieces of steel are welded together... they, for all intents and purposes, ARE ONE PIECE OF STEEL FROM THAT POINT ON...... Bolt's are generally only used to hold two heavy steel components in precise position until they can be properly welded at a later time. Once they are welded... bolts are left in as a backup precaution only... To say that ANY collapse was initiated due to the failure of the bolts is laughable!!... Nor do Solid steel frames "Immaculately Collapse" from their own weight ...... let alone in free fall speed .... and in nice little sections.... just because a few of those sections were at a quarter of their melting point...... It's patently ridiculous and I knew it the first time a saw those towers fall.

I was looking at photos of the scenes at battleship row after the attack on dec 7,1941
these photos can be accesed on line.

look at the tripod masts how they warped a little, look at the steel superstructures after what was extremely and prolonged hot fires. no colapse. some warpage, yes, but no colapse. And, isn't it true, that the steel used on these vessles, would not necessairly compare to the improved steel used in the construction of the WTC?

Does this work into your favor? Ill return tonite for the answer.

A little about steel frames.....

A little about WTC 7 steel ....

IT WAS A BUNKER!!..... "Ready for almost anything"!!

JD, I've had to think about this a time before getting into it.

I have this photo, showing the USS ARIZONA and it must be sometime after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Every thing around her has been cleaned up. It's sitting as intacted as it would have been on DEC 8TH,41.

The photographers position was off the forward port beam.(if you were standing on the bridge of the vessel, the photographer would be at your 11:00 oclock position)

It was the forward magizine that blew. Latter photos show the plume of smoke blowing toward astern so I think it is safe to assume the intense heat, from this inferno, was hotter thst any fire within the WTC 1, 2, AND 7. The forward tripod mast has sagged forward from the heat but remains pretty much intact. There can be no argument as to the intensity of the magizines explosive force adjacent this mast yet, it remained within its structural integrity. This had to be a much hotter fire and it is clear the the three legs of the mast were softend and the weight above csaused the structure to sag to an approximate 40 degrees.

I think there is some relivancy here to our discussion, but my knowledge of steel and fire is limited and I think I have stated to my limits what i can.

I would add that I would think the quality and strength of the steel used at the WTC was a much higher quality than the steel used on the USS ARIZONA. Wasent it actually iron ?

I submit this evidence to stimulate your thinking to the the extent of whatever relivancy there may be in introducing the USS ARIZONA as an example of a steel structure exposed to explosion and fire.

In conclusion, I submit that through examination of photos taken the instant the explosion occured, aboard the USS ARIZONA, as well as photos taken moments afterward, clearly shows fire much more intense and much hotter, and for an extended period, than any that occured at the WTC.

After college, I went into construction, and worked hands on for over 15 years. I hung steel on the NB Handy Building in Lynchburg Va. I attended Mountain Productions Rigging School, I was Head Rigger for Showman Fabricators in New York City and installed the new (at that time) MSNBC Studios. I also weld a little (MIG only). Since then, I have exclusively worked in architectural design, Computer aided drafting (CAD). (JPEGS of my work available upon request) i do engineering specifications for commercial and residential new construction (I am not an engineer). A recent project put me in Atlanta (last month) for the installation of a project I designed the technical specifications for - commercial project involving massive steel structures, design weight bearing loads, and even THERMAL EXPANSION RATIOS.

That is my background.

Now, I will tell you this; those buildings, all of them, were brought down by Controlled Demolition. There is NO question.

I have seen buildings collapse. I have seen them collaspe in front of me. The NB Handy project in Lynchburg fell over as we were working on hanging steel on the second to the last bay in the building. it was just a steel skeleton at the time, but poorly placed anchor bolts in the concrete peers that supported it caused the building to start leaning as we were setting cross beams in an exterior bay section. The entire thing leaned and then collapse, in a slow, progressive, manner - through the path of least resistance. It fell over. All still held together by the connections (1 1/4" rated bolts).

in short, it didn't just "fall apart" into so many different pieces due to gravity.

No steel beams shot 300 yards across the street.

buildings just don't behave that way. They are not designed to. Period.

Now, you add that to all the f-ed up stories that NIST, FEMA, The 9/11 Commission Report, FBI, Popular Mechanics, the History Channel... has told us. You factor in the great work from people like Ryan, Jones, Griffin, and the 400+ Architects and Engineers, the 500+ Pilots, and the 300+ ex-Federal agents...

... you put all that together, and you get one huge stinking pile of s___ that they call "the official story".

Now, I didn't know the day it happened as some here claim they did. More power to them I suppose. I had to come to this understanding very reluctantly; kicking and clawing every inch of the way.

This isn't something you WANT to know about the country you have loved your entire life. But know this; as I have learned through painstaking research and many years, this is NOT MY COUNTRY that did this, nor even MY GOVERNMENT.

This is a small group of fanatics (terrorists) who have proven time and time again that they just dont care about the people they serve; they actually have a distain for the American People as well as our way of life. They DO hate us for our freedom. And that is quite obvious in how they have attacked the Constitution since Day 1 (even before 9/11).

So, that is my background, that is my evidence, and that is my conclusion. I thank you for asking, Jonathan.

It must have sucked ass!! Having that fall right before it was done like that!! I bet they had an investigation of some sort and someone had to sign off on it. Somebody probably got "removed".

Man ....I feel your pain Willy!!

I just want to all of you to know I appreciate your responses here and I just want to say....... NO!! ...... Thank you :)

And I would also like to agree with you on one point in particular Willy because it's an especially good one..... This is not our government ......and it hasn't been for a long time!!

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