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Andrea Mitchell IDs Colin Powell's role in Plamegate

Posted by Lucille
Added to homepage Tue Oct 11th 2005, 08:47 PM ET

Plame obsessives will remember a Washington Post article in which a "Senior administration source" is quoted as having seen several administration officials, including Ari Fleischer, peruse a classified memo that identified Valerie Plame. This occurred on July 7, aboard AF1, as Bush and his entourage were en route to Africa. The memo was prepared for Colin Powell, who was aboard the flight. Many have assumed that it was Powell himself who not only observed these administration officials read the memo, but also saw them call reporters while still on board. Many have guessed that Powell testified to this before Fitzgerald and also leaked this information to the WP. According to the WP, the "senior official" said of the leak: "Clearly, it was meant purely and simply for revenge."

Tonight on Hardball, Mrs. Greenspan was discussing the possibility of indictments that went beyond the usual suspects, Libby and Rove. Mitchell said (I'm paraphrasing), yes, there definitely could be other indictments--Colin Powell said he saw Ari Fleischer read the memo identifying Valerie Plame aboard AF1.

So, Mrs. G. blew the WP's confidentiality. She didn't speculate Powell was the source, she simply stated it as fact. If you have a chance to see the rebroadcast watch for the reaction shots. Tweety and Isikoff and the ChiTrib reporter look frozen, and then their eyes water. Mrs. G might have realized what she said, but, after so much plastic surgery it's hard to tell if she had a reaction to her little slip.



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