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Computer Expert: They Don't Want to Win Elections - They Want to Steal Them

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Sounds like a bunch of bitter liberals who cannot FATHOM that they lost in 2004!

Find a cliff please.

Or 2004? Using the same machines I'm sure.

Where was Mikulski and other democrats before hey purchased these corrupted voting machines,, when they were constantly informed about there corruption of swithing and deleting votes.
They took millions of our tax dollars to buy the d... machines even after they knew they were corrupted "" because they said they needed to secure our voting rights , yet when they find they have deleted & switched votes they claim they do not have the funds to insure our votes and an honest election.

If you do not know by now that the only way to take control of our government and country ,,is to standup and do it, then you are wasting your time by trying to get your representitives to do anything.

They have constantly shown that they vote for the policies that benefit corporation and the elite , while throwing the American citizen a bone of two , while cutting their social programs behind closed doors.

It is no longer Pelosi , Schumer , Reid , Feinstein , Hoyer , Blue Dog (repblicans) , Lieberman it is the majority of democrats which either have no backbone , do not know what is the real results come from the policies they are voting on , or they are in the pockets of corporations.

Mikulsi arrogantly voted for the electronic voting machines knowing d... well they were corrupted.

Mikulski when Clinton was in office voted for NAFTA. I informed her it would take jobs from this country and she arrogantly said "NO" that it would increase the Number. of jobs while given Americans higher wages... ***This would be a joke if it was not serious.***

( The rise in the U.S. trade deficit with Canada and Mexico through 2004 has caused the displacement of production that supported
1,015,291 U.S. jobs since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1993 )

( The proposed Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) duplicates the most important elements of
NAFTA, and it will only worsen conditions for workers in the United States )

Mikulski Voted for the Iran war & just keep voting to continual funding of the Iraq war .
(Iraq war could cost taxpayers $2.7 trillion In addition to the cost of war, taxpayers pay for rising veteran health care costs,
and returning soldiers faced with foreclosure and unemployment.)
( 4,459 death U.S. soldiers ,,, over 40,000 wounded soldiers ,,, figures go from 50,000 to over 100,000 mentally brain damaged
( over 1,200,000 Iraqis' killed and no one knows just how many million of displaced Iraqi citizens there are)

Mikulski arrogantly voted to give immunity for corporation and U.S. illegally spying on Americans.
( Maybe one of the main reasons she voted for this was becasue Israel owns telecom companies in 50 states and Washington DC.
Which were and are involved in illegal spying on American citizens)
While Mikulski voted to let this corporate government to illegally spy on Americans , she voted to censor for free speech)

Every email I receive back from Mikulski is arrogantly defending her votes which have destroy our constitution , democracy , economy and jobs of our citizens.

Your preachin to the chior if your replying to me. If your not replying to me than preach on my freind......

It is astounding that we are not back to paper ballots at this point and an open and accountable paper trail system! With no paper trail, our elections are completely "fixable". This gentleman's disgust and strength of conviction is minor compared to what the public should be saying on this topic. I continue to hang my flag upside down, as America is truly a country in dire distress!

and at half mast.... that way people will ask why.

I have not seen anyone hack a Lottery machine yet. Why cant we use that technology. We would have a paper ticket to back up our vote with. We would also have near instant results. Just a thought....

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