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This is a CALL to ALL who are Truly Serious about IMPEACHING!
-->IMPEACH as a present tense, mass-active, declarative VERB!!

When the, "Is It Worse Than Watergate?...." piece was posted 'up top' yesterday (8/18), I was so eager to read and discover what/if --of significantly actionable hard evidence it might reveal, that I didn't notice it was dated 8/14 and would soon disappear from view. There were comments dealing with "What Can We DO!?" and once again, without noticing the date, I jumped in to offer a ROBUST, effectively empowering, and IMMEDIATE action that WeThePeople COULD actually take to enforce accomplishment of the Congressional DUTY to IMPEACH the current administration. WeThePeople need to do this, MUST do this, so I decided to bring this comment back out into "topical view" and hope you will enliven it, copy/paste it, send it around in a rush of mass mailings then start the Journey of WeThePeople Empowered, WeThePeople BEING THE ONES We've been waiting for! We can set the record straight with a record breaking MASS HUG-IN to squeeze the Impeachment now long overdue!

The article of inspiration:

--John Conyers Calling the Committee Back from Summer Recess to Investigate Suskind Allegations---
This is one thing we can do right NOW!!! Get behind this and PUSH!!! It will coalesce with the Ron Suskind book revelations, the recent election fraud revelations, etc., RIGHT NOW THROUGH JOHN CONYERS!!! He is READY to DO this, and it WILL be brought about through this "juncture" especially if WeThePeople get up and get behind this NOW!!! Conyers needs to be barraged with a big SHOUT immediately!!! Please also, if you haven't already seen it, read the OpEdNews article which I have since reposted with a listing of pertinent video links at:

(Take link at top right of the page: The Time Has Come)

Also, there are doings described here:

Readjustments in Pipelineistan

And further linked to that here:

Russia takes control of Turkmen (world?) gas -By M K Bhadrakumar | Jul 30, 2008

Which translates when summed as those 2 added together:
(^+ v) = USnwo self mooted, now becomes obsolete

There has been a sudden SHIFT in the rest of the world, triggered into flipping on over by the heinous acts provoked in Georgia by the bushco and AIPACzio-cons, and which resulted in the attack upon S.Ossetia----

From Stupid to Moronic to Evil
by Paul Craig Roberts

This will ALSO add to, and aid the weight of, additional things now pushing upon Rep. John Conyers to now TAKE ACTION! A massing of WeThePeople upon DC in support of convening a full attendance of the Judiciary Committee and IMMEDIATE SPECIAL SESSION for DUAL IMPEACHMENT would be extra powerful right now for actually attaining this goal! --Though surely I am not wording that correctly, still the meaning is clear.

Aug. 14, Rep. John Conyers replied on Air America, "Well, that’s what we’re investigating now." then, "...But, dear friends, I’m in the third day of an—I’m not considering an investigation. I’m investigating."

While simultaneously and SUDDENLY, to the rest of the world, the US(nwo) IS a moot point, IS OBSOLETE!!!! It will no longer be holding other countries in thrall!!! The "coalition of the elitists" is coming apart at the seams!

At the OHBOY page, just take a good look at the videos listed below the article if you need any more help in recognizing that THE TIME IS NOW!!!! IT MUST BE NOW!!!! ~or, we are flushed right down WITH those turds!!!! The economy isn't ABOUT to suffer a complete collapse, it ALREADY HAS!!! They have been JUST BARELY holding a thin covering up over it to keep it from view, but the latest world turns are already tugging and will VERY SHORTLY be yanking that thin cover right out of their hands!!! THEN ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!!!! They have already robotisized a large portion of US military and local law enforcements personnel, we must get the impeachment hearings HAPPENING before they get those black armoured mindless jackboots happening upon us!! The millions of coffins and thousands of shackle-trains and more have been being moved into convenient placements just lately--- It has more likely come to THE, "Now Or Never" point than not folks, just drop everything else and get behind Conyers and PUSH--- He needs a good grassroots PUSH START to get his motor running!!!

Bugliosi and Suskind have provided the avenue that empowers legislators now to feel safe to go ahead, they have opened up a legally supportable "freedom from complicity" so that they
***can go ahead and charge bushco& without placing themselves into legal culpability!!!***


PLEASE read the article "THE TIME HAS COME", so that (if you haven't heard of these things already...) you WILL KNOW just what we are really up against here and now, and how dire and immanent it IS!!! Forget about worry over missing work or anything else, just start heading for DC now, all who have ANY way to be capable of doing so!!!! Our very lives depend on it!!! What good does "not missing work" this week do for you if you are on the run and looking for a good cave next week???? That's where we are headed right now if we don't stop them in their tracks immediately, and the only hope short of things I won't mention nor advocate, is to get behind Conyers and SHOVE, and KEEP SHOVING!!! WETHEPEOPLE CAN DO THIS!!!! JUST GET UP AND GO!!!!

ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOSES OF H5N1 "vaccine" have been manufactured (in China) and delivered into nwo hands in Pennsylvania. Your immune systems have been greatly weakened by the constant assault from the nano-barrium particles, pathogens, Ethylene Dibromide, heavy metals, aluminum etc., that now fill our lower atmosphere; having turned it into an electro magnetically conductive plasma.

Vaccines and other injectibles plus over the counter nasal sprays & etc. have been loaded with "H5N1 DNA precursors" that will insure anyone who has them will be highly succeptible to the terribly virulent mutated form of H5N1 they have manufactured and set into a crystallized form ready for "dissident dusting". It is "aerosolized" and will be sprayed like any other chemtrail------

For all of you who, like me, are stuck with being too totally physically disabled to be ABLE to get UP and GO, get out all over the net then and take this message "VIRAL"!!! Plaster it EVERYWHERE!!!! THIS IS THE MOMENT!!! Think of it like creating a big MASS HUG around "The House" in DC, with Conyers and The Committee held within it!!!! They can be so "HUGGED" and held there until they do their duty and produce the Committee's Finding For Impeachment that will bring it to floor debate and a vote in the House!!!!--- So go prepared with plenty of munchies and liquid for a long marathon STAND!!! THEY are few, WE are MANY!!!!! They are, themselves personally, without weapons or 'goons', actually quite weak, whereas Standing Up with NO weapons, WeThePeople Standing UP TOGETHER are STRONG!!! A PEACEFULLY STANDING IRRESISTIBLE FORCE!!!! Like I said in the article, 1 million people is only 0.003% or 1/3000 of us, 5 million would still only be 0.005% or 5/3000 of us.......... Surely we can at least do and Be THAT MUCH!!! ~~ And ESPECIALLY when you consider the horrible alternatives!!! THey are too likely and soon now apt to be quickly moving to consolidate what they think they have left by moving against us with any number of the false flags waiting in their closets, to shut the world out and shut us in while rounding us "dissidents" up for the gas chambers they do have ready and waiting for us. The coffins will store our bodies, 3 and 4 per, while waiting to be shoved into the crematory furnaces also now ready and waiting.........
I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO BE ON MY WAY TO DC RIGHT NOW!!! I can't be, but there's a huge mass of you who can, if you just get your priorities straight--- so go read the THE TIME IS NOW article if you don't know enough already to get you going--- check out the videos (and 2 text reports) too, if that's what it takes to convince you that everything I have said here is all too real, and that's what it'll take for you to realize that there is nothing more important for anyone physically capable right now but to GO STAND TOGETHER IN DC!!!!!
May Love's Infinite Blessings ABOUND!!!!
May the Will of All Good Bring ALL GOOD Through YOU!!!!
Now---GO FOR IT!!!!

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We better wake up and do something soon. The gas chambers and
ovens are here and waiting for us.

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