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Dear Dana

Dear Dana:

I have watched with stunned horror as you have spiraled into an
appalling attack on anyone and everyone "liberal" even though you, until
now, have seemed to be fair in your writing and television appearances.
I cannot find any rational reason for your disparaging comments ranging
from the level of a 5 year old name calling, example "wing nut" to some
Novak type slash and burn hysteria using terms like "anti-Semite".

Let me say that having both spoken with the actual reporter in Britain
who broke the DSM stories and having gotten a second source of
confirmation, it seems to me that anyone with even a slight interest in
truth would want to have honest discourse about these memos, minutes,
etc. Be that as it may, your statements regarding the hearings were
disparaging to the mothers of fallen soldiers who were forced into a
basement, because the Republican leadership did not allow an honest
dialogue to be had in a "tax funded" room visible by the light of day.

A few mothers and father alike stood in a tiny room, while the rest
waited outside or were forced out of the area altogether. Do you find that
amusing? Are you saying that the grieving parents forced to sit at DNC
headquarters because the GOP leadership wanted to hide them away - the
way they hid the coffins of their children - are "crazy" and "leftist"?
That is one hell of a claim.

Michael Isikoff also confirmed the credibility of these documents, as
did your own paper, as did Andrea Mitchell of NBC, MSNBC, as well as a
plethora of sources, papers, etc. Clearly there is reason here to have
hearings, unless you think executive power run amok is appropriate. Do
you think that because you and yours see this as "old news" that we, the
American public, should have somehow telepathically picked up such
information? Do you think the mantra from you and yours that "we knew
this" somehow excuses you? I find your behavior and cavalier attitude
toward this much death and destruction beyond offensive. I find it it
astonishingly inhuman and as a journalist, I find your attitude
incredibly inappropriate.

Why would the leading Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee be
another target of your smear attack? What has this man done other than
want to hold open hearings about very serious and disturbing issues?
What about the tactics of the GOP in holding 11 consecutive floor votes
at that precise time forcing the panel of Democrats to have to come and
go from basement to House floor to basement again?

Dana, do you know how many people signed the letter demanding questions
and how many members of Congress did so as well? Do you know? These
facts are blatantly "adjusted" in your piece(s). You seem to have no
idea why the meeting was in the basement, who was present and for what
reason, or what the actual discussion was about. What on earth could
have prompted this type of inaccurate reporting?

Yet instead of taking responsibility for your serious lack of ethics,
you begin a smear hunt.

Using terms "anti-Semitism" to describe Jews has got to be the
most journalistically profane thing I have ever seen. I am a Jew. I
signed that letter. I reported on those documents and I am a supporter
of Are you telling me I am anti-Semitic? I am sure my
experience as a Jew behind the iron curtain is of little value to you,
but let me assure you of something, the majority of anti-Semitism I see
is coming from the capital, where a handful of corrupt individuals have
made religion a game to be had, a sport even.

By the way, the other member group of the "Semite" team is being
tortured in camps all over the world. In case you might have missed this
fact, Muslims are also Semites. is made up of several
hundred thousand members, a great many of whom are Jews and Muslims.
Your remarks are outrageous. Your reporting is false and negligent and
you seem to have a very fixed agenda. Perhaps having served with Jeff
Gannon for two years in the White House press jaugernaut, your ability
to be an ethical and honest reporter has vanished and all that is left
are some marching orders and the ability to blindly follow them.

Dana, you owe everyone involved an apology: to the parents of the
soldiers lost; to the members of Congress forced into a basement; to the
541,000 citizens of this country who signed a letter demanding
answers; and to the several hundred thousand members of who have become your latest targets.

What Mr. McGovern said was taken out of context, misunderstood, but
mostly twisted to serve a less than ethical agenda. Is this the new
policy for the Washington Post? Attack Newsweek for correct reporting
and responsible corrections, then play the religion card when your own
reporting is so false? You owe an apology to everyone involved and the
Washington Post owes everyone an apology for its own negligence in
"assuming we all knew" about the DSM, lack of WMD, and the rape of
children at Abu. We might know now, but that has more to do with the
alternative press than it does with the corporate press.

Very sad to see such a distinguished paper become such a typical talking


Larisa Alexandrovna
Deputy Managing Editor - News
Raw Story - Raw Story Media


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Larisa A is right on the money. Dana really bit more than she could chew, now I hear all this gagging...smear your face in your own puke Dana !!

Until recently, I had always wondered if the Press and media here in the US were reporting unbiased towards any one party, and the other day my thoughts were confirmed. While watching the D.S.M. hearing in that ridicalously little closet sized room, I occasionally flipped back and forth from cspan and cnn and absolutely nothing was said on cnn not even the scrolling news at bottom!!! This whole things just reaks of big time cover up!!! I know in my heart that Bush lied to Congress, the World, and us. Once his little "game" is found out ( and he will be found out sooner or later) He owes the world over, an apology in addition to the other consequences that he may have coming to him. Let the TRUTH be made known whatever it takes or however long it takes...

APIAN to Washington Post -- DANA MILBANK MUST GO !

JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED -- Downing Street Minutes Hearing -- Dana Milbank Should Be Fired

Bush's Missing WMD 'Joke': Is the Media Still Laughing?; Greg Mitchell
Editor & Publisher - Jun 18, 2005

Reclaiming Our Democracy, Our Country & Our Soul; Anthony Wade, OpEd News

I am calling the Washington Post to:

1. Print a retraction.

2. Print an apology to Congressman Conyers and the members of Congress who attended the hearing (under the most strained circumstances the Republicans could devise), the four witnesses at the hearing, and all those attending, including the Bereaved Families of those killed in action in the war in Iraq.

3. I am calling for the Washington Post to fire Dana Milbank.

I could not be more adamant in my support for Larisa's letter above, and poor Michael Getler will receive volumes from me this week. He has conscience, he has respect, he knows what good journalism is about, as far as I'm concerned he runs the paper and the others, including Abramowitz, are asleep at the wheel.

Larisa, as Sheila Jackson-Lee apologized to Cindy Sheehan on behalf of the Senate, the House, and the executive for the wrongful death of her son Casey, let me, on behalf of the Washington Post, apologize to you, and to all the Jewish people, Muslim people, Democrats, members of Congress, American citizens, and the bereaved who were so insulted by Dana Milbank's column.

I apologize on behalf of the Washington Post because they have lost their conscience, their ethics and their editorial minds.

Grace Reid
Whose grandfather escaped Hitler


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