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George Tenet And White House Admit Iraq Intelligence Chief Told Them Iraq Had No WMD


Ron Suskind was on NPR this morning to discuss his new book The Way of the World, which alleges Iraq's intelligence chief Tahir Jalil Habbush told the US before the war that Iraq had no WMD.

NPR asked George Tenet and the White House for comment, and, remarkably enough, they both essentially admitted this was true.

SUSKIND: What we now know from this investigation is that a secret mission was conducted in which a British manager, intelligence agent, met with the head of Iraqi intelligence in a secret location in Amman, Jordan. And what the Iraqi intelligence chief told the British—and essentially the Americans, because we're all in this together—is that there were no WMD in Iraq. And what that meant is that we knew everything that became so obvious by the summer after the invasion. And the president made a decision essentially to ignore that intelligence...

NPR: We have called key players in Ron Suskind's account...George Tenet says the Iraqi failed to persuade, and a White House spokesman adds that any information the Iraqi may have provided was, quote, "immaterial."

Further corroboration appears in a November, 2003 New York Times story by James Risen. Risen's article is about last-minute attempts by Iraq to avert war, using a Lebanese-American intermediary named Imad Hage who knew Richard Perle:

A week [after February, 2003 meetings in Beirut with the Iraqi Intelligence Service's chief of foreign operations], Mr. Hage said, he agreed to hold further meetings in Baghdad. When he arrived, he was driven to a large, well-guarded compound, where he was met by a gray-haired man in a military uniform. It was Tahir Jalil Habbush, the director of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, who is No. 16 on the United States list of most wanted Iraqi leaders. Mr. Hage said Mr. Habbush asked him if it was true that he knew Mr. Perle. "Have you met him?"

Mr. Hage said Mr. Habbush began to vent his frustration over what the Americans really wanted. He said that to demonstrate the Iraqis' willingness to help fight terrorism, Mr. Habbush offered to hand over Abdul Rahman Yasin, who has been indicted in United States in connection with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Mr. Yasin fled to Iraq after the bombing, and the United States put up a $25 million reward for his capture.

Mr. Hage said Mr. Habbush offered to turn him over to Mr. Hage, but Mr. Hage said he would pass on the message that Mr. Yasin was available.

Mr. Hage said Mr. Habbush also insisted that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and added, "Let your friends send in people and we will open everything to them."

Mr. Hage said he asked Mr. Habbush, "Why don't you tell this to the Bush administration?" He said Mr. Habbush replied cryptically, "We have talks with people."

Mr. Hage said he later learned that one contact was in Rome between the C.I.A. and representatives of the Iraqi intelligence service. American officials confirm that the meeting took place, but say that the Iraqi representative was not a current intelligence official and that the meeting was not productive.

In addition, there was an attempt to set up a meeting in Morocco between Mr. Habbush and United States officials, but it never took place, according to American officials.

This can be added onto the pile:

• The CIA sent thirty relatives of Iraqi scientists to Iraq to ask them what WMD Iraq had, and they uniformly reported it had nothing.
• Iraq's foreign minister Nouri Sabri secretly told the US in 2002 that Iraq had no active WMD programs.
• Alan Foley, the head of the CIA's Weapons Intelligence Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Center, told an acquaintance just before the war that he expected we would find "Not much, if anything."


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I don't know about you folks, but I am sick and tired of these reporters and "officials" who knew this type of information yet instead of going public with it at the time, kept it to themselves in favor of writing a book and using the incriminating information about wrongdoing as a "bombshell" to sell their book on TV, Radio, and other appearances while on their respective "book tours". How many innocents have been killed and additional lives have been destroyed in the meantime ? How many of our civil liberties have been removed in the meantime ? How many billions of our taxpayer dollars have been looted and put into the pockets of the war profiteers in the likes of Cheney and friends in the meantime ? How much deeper this country has gone into fascism under our more and more powerful "Unitary Executive" in the meantime ? How much more has the American Economy and U.S. Dollar been deliberately destroyed by the globalists working towards a North American Union in the meantime ? How much more say in our "representative government" have the American People lost in the meantime ? And how much more desensitized to it all have the American People become in the meantime ?

Phil Restino
Central Florida Veterans For Peace

You are correct many have suffered but if we don't stop this FASCIST NEOCON MAFIA REGIME NOW, you can bet that MANY more people will suffer in the future, including US.

If you can make one of these books, I will buy it gladly.

This is his NBC Interview VIDEO:

piss off George Bush? Or, save the world from fascists? Get to the mall now before it disappears altogether and buy a book for "democracy"... Hey,it's the American way!

of the President looking mockingly under the table for those pesky WMD's.

Hey X,

Don't get me going on that one, man. That Correspondents' Dinner on March 24, 2004 was obscene beyond words. For all those "reporters", politicians (including the so-called "opposition party" pols), and other "dignatories" (now there's a hypocrisy if ever there was one) to so easily and outwardly laugh with Bush while showing his slideshow of him looking throughout his Oval Office and saying things to the effect of "Nope, no Weapons of Mass Destruction there" ... "Hmmm, none over here either" was one of the most outrageous and disgusting displays of complicity and condonation of Bush's atrocities of the last 8 horrifying years of the Bush-Cheney-PNAC-Neocon regime.

There is video of a split-screen from that Correspondents' Diner showing Nancy Pelosi laughing quite heartedly at Bush's WMD "funnies". Here is a 1:40 min clip of it on YouTube: Come to think of it, that clip might be helpful to Cindy Sheehan in further distinguishing who betwenn she and Pelosi cares about the welfare of our troops more. Wasn't Cindy Sheehan's son Casey killed in Iraq looking for Bush's WMD's about a week or two after that Correspondents' Dinner in 2004 ?

Where is the outrage of the American People ? This country is so F'd ! I've never been more ashamed of being an American. Like so many of you, I'm working my ass off to try to bring America back to a country not so much to be proud of ... that's going to take a very long time ... but first to being a country to no longer be ashamed of.

Thanks again, X, for reminding me of the obscenity of the March 24, 2004 Washington Correspondents' Dinner. Now I am even more pissed off to do even more to bring truth and justice to this 8-year horror that's been going on in our name.

Phil Restino
Central Florida Veterans For Peace
VFP Chapter 136

I watched the clip,
Not only there they laughing about WMD'S,,they were laughing about WAR.

Who does this?

I saw Ms.Pelosi laughing about war,,how funny it was.
Now we know why she's continuing to fund this war,,,
It's a fun war,,a funny war,,a joke...

I feel so sorry for there victims,,Our soldiers,there families and innocent Iraq's..

I think we need to take down the children that think war is funny,,a video game!

Two weeks after that disgusting display of treason on April 10 2004 my son called me from Baghdad to tell me that his best friend Spc Adolpho Carballo ( a wonderful young father who never met his daughter ) had been killed, Robert sat holding Carballo while he died, less than a month later , April 5 2004, he called to tell me another fine young American Spc. Marshall was dead , killed looking for those funny WMD, I can't help crying every time I think of this. How can anyone laugh at this ? I know both parties ( Rep. & Dem.) will not end this war but I can't stop trying , I have ten pictures on my wall of soldiers I know who have been killed by our politicians and it reminds me daily we can't stop. See you at the VFP convention , Mike Perkins MFSO-MN

way beyond any sense of human decency.

Remember this: Taken from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet Website:

Drudge Report | February 9 2005

Last Friday when promoting social security reform with ‘regular’ citizens in Omaha, Nebraska, President Bush walked into an awkward unscripted moment in which he stated that carrying three jobs at a time is ‘uniquely American.’

While talking with audience participants, the president met Mary Mornin, a woman in her late fifties who told the president she was a divorced mother of three, including a ‘mentally challenged’ son.

The President comforted Mornin on the security of social security stating that ‘the promises made will be kept by the government.’

But without prompting Mornin began to elaborate on her life circumstances.

Begin transcript:

MS. MORNIN: That’s good, because I work three jobs and I feel like I contribute.

THE PRESIDENT: You work three jobs?

MS. MORNIN: Three jobs, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Uniquely American, isn’t it? I mean, that is fantastic that you’re doing that. (Applause.) Get any sleep? (Laughter.)

Comments: not only is Mr. President out of touch with working people, he does not seem to care that this woman (and many others in similar situations) may be suffering in her present circumstances. Nor does he offer her any comfort. His attitude represents the mean-ness that is spreading among those in the upper classes, those that receive the tax cuts. I know this is not well-written (it’s early) but I had to get it out there.

Is this his true attitude toward ‘regular’ citizens? How many voted for him? How do they feel about him now?

What will it take before these callous and criminal killers, thugs, etc. are driven out?

I. like you, have been rapidly growing angrier and angrier with Bush & Co. "Unitary Executive", "Signing Statements", etc. have me extremely disgusted.

I have heard and read about a great deal of supposed justifications for Bush administration behavior from the likes of Cheney, John Yoo, David Addington and Alberto "Fredo" Gonzanlez. The last three also being, as myself, attorneys.

I therefore decided to consult some rather authoritative reading material about our Constitution, the basis of our government. I thought I would consult a fairly reliable source. So I am in the midst of reading THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.

This series of 85 articles were written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. I recommend this historic literature to everyone's attention.

I just completed over my lunch hour the final article penned by James Madison, one in the mid 60's I think. Jay is the author of the next and the remainder to 85 were written by Hamilton. Who wrote what is really immaterial. It is the passion and the zeal for representative government which jumps off the pages of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS which is striking to me.

I think these three patriots, Hamilton, Jay and Madison would have taken Bush and his cronies out to the woodshed with tar and feathers at the ready as soon as they confirmed his reported reference to the Constitution as "just a God-damned piece of paper".

While we are not certain Bush ever uttered this phrase, his conduct certainly exhibits such disdain for the principles of our Constitution. The Article which delineates the Impeachment process was clearly included in our governmental foundation to purge the facilities of tyranny and injustice. Claims of partisanship have no basis in the Constitution. Political parties serve no legitimate purpose in the promotion of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for the general population.

Good government is good government. We should all know it when we see it. The bad is even more glaring as it looks bad, feels bad and, worst of all, smells bad. Can you catch a whiff of that stench emanating from the Potomac River basin?

The comment to which you referred above about the woman holding 3 jobs reminds me of what his Mother, Babs, said in Houston after the evacuees from New Orleans arrived at the AstroDome. The conceit and human disregard run very deep within the Bush family. Of that nothing could be more obvious.

thousands of times here at ADS for the past three years. We have invented a new level of venting. Words get us nowhere, unless being ignored and scorned is our goal.

My To-Do list now has "buy a gun" and take lessons on using it. The NRA may in the long run be correct. The old paradigm is failing us, my friends. Any suggestions?

If you haven't seen the following yet, I believe the last sentence or two out of this lady's mouth about sums it up:

I can relate with your position. Ranting, raving, and venting isn't ever going to change anything. And, no, short of an armed takeover (doomed to failure) we are on the slippery slope to Fascism. Positive thinking, letter writing, faxes and phone calls to extract change from the Ruling Class ain't gonna happen. When has it ever happened in history? --"0"
PEACEFUL COUP is an oxymoron.

whatever the motivation or whomever paid for suskind's book it does not look good for the white house

another confirmed violation/crime

i would suggest the white house ought to plea bargain right about now

because one thing is for sure: pressure will be on to prevent any pardons to be issued by anyone

also the congress and the senate better have a plan to deal with yet another admission of guilt in public

shall i make this plain: the rest of the country are not living in the D.C. bubble and hence and whence another admission of confirmed guilt is put forth into the public domain: actions shall and will result.

i am going to ask the white house politely, stop defending the criminal in chief. you are wasting everybody's valuable time and effort

Impeachment is not only the correct course of action, you could try to help out you know

we are expecting many strange occurences during the olympics, the olympics as being cover

my first guess is that horrible HR1955, and HR1959 and other similar legislation shall try to sneak in, and there's talk of internet type modified Patriot Act legislation ready to make an appearance - the "i-patriot act". (the internet get's the gulag treatment)

I will ask everyone in government nicely and with lots of lovin' - join in and help out, you don't have to be obvious but making the process amenable to correction is the right thing to do - or do you feel everything is hunky dory with the constitution under water in a bucket of blood and water and a few servicemen body parts and lots of dead iraqies?

I talked to a serviceman returned home from Iraq. He said Iraq better, but shook his head about Afghanistan and it appears to be in some sort of chaos. He has to return in a month for his last tour of duty then retirement. pray for him please. he's from cape cod.

Impeachment only: ONLY

big ONLY

becomes the right action every single day with these crypto nazi's in the white house

the days of wine and roses and oliver north/rush limbaugh/o'reilly smuggness is over and now everyone is in denial mode as to how many servicemen are completely either dead, missing, or missing limbs - it's gotta be like 60,000 or higher - very bad and statistics look like they've been clobbered by lying two faced roger clemens types so they're probably worse than that - hey why don't you beef heads go into the locker and shoot up some more steroids it'll make the trail of dead... dissappear - U R HOPELESS!!!

either join in or be counted as traitors, and that is treason with a capital punishment T

as for you too close to the vest types near all the executive action - either ask for federal protection for what you know or you are just playing for time until your name comes up for consideration for elimination of evidence in the hands of support staff and a contracted hit team - GOT IT BUBBA

in other words - oh yeah they are that desperate to get rid of evidence

our country suffers such pains it is in our bones each and every day, and the graves keep mounting.

the ground should give some under this much weight

and oh yeah... did i mention that the article above mentions yet another confrimed crime


and one more thing: the anthrax investigation just got bigger - you think its over?? Ha, Ha, Ha

love american style - go get'm

Purchasing a firearm implies you wanting to fight an armed battle. I respect that considerably but let me warn you, going head to head may be a tactical mistake. There are other tactics you can consider as an alternitive to straight up violence.

How,,, about, stoping intrastate as well as interstate movement of commerence. The truckers are ready to go along with that now.

That leaves one other major ground transportation method and can you guess what that is?

Like the "Defense" Department, right? My comment should not be "conscrewed" as wanting to assault any person or entity. My, no! That is against all kinds of laws, don't you know? International laws too, I bet.

If I wanted to assault someone or thing or place, I'd have to make up a real whopper, or maybe have to convince some really stupid (politically fucked up government types) people of the purity of my motive for the assault, don't you know.

No,no, a gun is for defense, my friends. I'm sure of that.

PS: If any politically fucked up government types are reading this, it's I-R-O-N-Y. Look it up!

Well, I misunderstood. Ill go crawl back into my shadow. Sorry

But you know, don't you know, you did ask for suggestions. Heres one. consider the
HK-91. Best defense your money can buy, donchaknoe..............

Never been a consumer of weaponry, so my interest is piqued.

Just wondering, while we wait for something on the impeachment front to warm up....

Its recoil action, not gas operated, and it is superior fire power in the face of those punk 9MM. cal 308 thats why

But if you have never, ever picked any type up, ever, don't even get any cause with it you got to have a certain state of mind.


You mean to tell me that the White House called information from the head of Iraqi Intelligence agency immaterial? The White House were also told by the CIA, British Intelligence, German Intelligence, the Italians and French intelligence that "Curve Ball" was a drunken fraud way before the war began but they took his word and used it to a great extent to justify the war. They didn't consider his information "immaterial"? This regime has pulled the most costly hoax on the American people. Its a goddamn shame. They need prosecuted after leaving office. To heck with impeachment. Put the jerks in jail.

The government is only comprised of our "representatives" And every single one of them has taken money--lots of it--from rich and powerful special interests. The have compromised their credibility as representatives of the people, and have legalized their ability to compromise it.

Revolution is throwing out the exploitative, cumbersome aristocracy whose stranglehold on government prevents progress on behalf of the people. That is such a burden to the American people, and reverting to a human rights based popular democracy is how we re-empower ourselves.

Let's let the majority rule--not the self-appointed aristocracy.

The so-called, "War on Terror" IS Terrorism!

well said

I too am sick of the Bush Administration's contempt for our Constitution and the laws of our land!

With the exception of Kucinich and a very few others are there no patriots left in our government?

I remember the press coverage of almost all the members of the House of Representatives running (yes, actually running!) out to the lawn of the Capitol Building to show their contempt for the Ninth Circuit of the Federal Court of Appeals to recite the POA with the offending words included directly after the court ruled that the insertion of the words "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 was a violation of the first Amendment's mandate for separation of church and state.
Where are these phony patriots now? Why is it that they have allowed our Constitution to be shredded by the Bush Administration in plain sight? Why is it that it seems no amount of testimony given by myriads of patriotic government officials attesting to the illegalities perpetrated by the Bush Administration is enough nor it seems, is any amount of hard evidence sufficient to cause our Representatives in the House to perform their sworn duty to act to save our nation?
What has to happen before it is enough?

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