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My Latest Email To Fox News

Well, I am a Cambodia era veteran from a 67 yr military family and a man of color; Cherokee, Black, Seminole and Irish. I love America more than my life.

Obama resembles me somewhat except that I have more hair. I do not speak "Ebonics", I do not wear "crack pants" and I do not like "rap music". My late wife was German.

Ever since the 1980s, racism in the US became so pervasive that privacy was crucial for us.

It has become unbelievable how racists are intimidated or jealous of something so trivial as my physical appearance. At the age of 52, I am still hassled by people who underestimate my age or try to make their hormone problems into my problem. I have noticed that the people who fear and hate my skin color are the same people who spend lots of money on tanning booths, hair perms, weight loss gimmicks and risk skin cancer from UV rays trying to look like me.

Regardless of this, if I could go back to be re-born as anyone whom I chose to be, I would still want to be the same guy that I am. It's not that I'm conceited or anything like that. I am thankful for the way the Almighty Spirit made me because people reveal the true content of their character (or lack there of) a lot faster than they would if I were white. Therefore, I waste less of my time with people of poor character while they rapidly age.

That being said, it is not humanly possible for me to care less about the color of a presidential candidate's skin or who wears a "flag pin". It is inappropriate for such trivial issues to be given any air time in the 21st century and it is an insult to our intelligence.

Any candidate who cannot place his or her allegiance to the interests of America before the agenda of any foreign government is not fit to occupy any type of public office whatsoever, and that includes Obama.

And I think you know which foreign government I am referring to.

The 21st century presidential campaign is a international joke. "Fox News" is a international joke.

"Fox" has become synonymous with rumors, obfuscations, subterfuge, radical right wing propaganda, censorship, sensationalism, noise, adolescent tabloid trash, gossip, fear, allegiance to corrupted "men" before allegiance to America, and even bald faced lies.

That is why I refer to it as the "Fox Fear Nutwork".

Since "Fox News" does not employ legitimate journalism, intelligent Americans will never have anything to do with it. It's ratings will continue to fall, we will continue to blog and we will boycott even more of it's sponsors until we rid ourselves of it.

Look at what has happened. If "Fox" had honestly reported on what the Bush administration has been doing instead of trying to sell window dressing for it and galvanizing public opinion with fear and nonsense, "Fox" would not be a international joke.

I expect the knee jerk reaction to emails like this is to scream, "LIBERAL LOON!" or "CONSPIRACY THEORIST!"

How pathetic.

The insufferably biased "Fox" has been a public mental health hazard for the most credulous but even they are now realizing that "Fox" is a joke.

The "Fox Fear Nutwork" is indirectly responsible for the attempted destruction of our Republic. I give it the Darwin Award.

So, count me out of the "Fox Fear" insanity.

C'est'la vie!

Staff Sgt. Steven Smith
(Ret) USAF/ ANG 126 Camron


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