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Dennis Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 (Youtube Video)

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I will write Dennis in come November. I encourage EVERYONE who believed in this man from the very beginning to also write him in. I don't give a rat's ass if he is a Democrat and I wouldn't care if he was a Repugnican, this is the best leader we have and I must follow my conscience and vote for him.

I'm not sure if my state allows write-ins and, if they don't, well, I'll stay home that day. Thanks to the media, a sleeping electorate, and even many progressives, he was knocked out early with plans and ideas we all say we want. For me, to vote a Nader or McKinney just because the "main two" of The Corporate Party aren't worthy is hypocrisy pure and simple. I hope that all Kucinich people will remember why they followed him from the beginning and will ACT in November and make a personal statement no matter the odds.

Congressman Kucinich is clearly the only true American worthy of consideration. I would also promote Congressman Wexler as his running mate in November.

It may prove quite interesting on Election Day this November when we who plan to cast a write-in vote show up and completely baffle the poll workers seeking to correctly folloow the procedure to write-in our selection(s) on these highly "accurate" electronic voting machines.

My Pennsylvania county is Northampton and I plan to contact the voter registrar's office sometime in late September or early October in order to seek clarification about the proper manner to cast a write-in vote.

I suggest those of the rest of us who feel the same may want to do similar pre-election research.

As far as your characterization of the "two corporate candidates", I finally came to the realization that the corporate D is not worthy of my vote when it was revealed he had an economic advisor from right out of the Chicago School which Naomi Klein so clearly exposed in her recent book THE SHOCK DOCTRINE. Followers of Milton Friedman are just what Americans DO NOT NEED at this stage of America's descent. Obama's reliance upon such "advisors" is all I really needed to conclude he would be just more of the same old, same old.

I have tried on this site, many others, locally, and in op-eds to get a grassroots write-in campaign for Kucinich but have had very little success. I guess I just don't understand. It seems to me that all the D.K. followers--some, like me, called FANATICS--would never stoop to trickling down to a choice they don't believe in just to "beat the other guy"!

Dennis, because of his impeachment articles--even WITHOUT decent media coverage of one on the most major political events in decades!--has actually gotten some attention. Had we started a TRUE grassroots movement saying "screw the media and the primary verdict" and stood and stayed behind this marginalized and disrespected man as a group unwilling to give up, who can say where his "off the radar" numbers might be now?

Voting is supposed to be about personal conscience and supporting the right person to best serve American's needs as a whole, not a 1-2% segment at the economical top. Anyway, as I said above, I will check with the registrar's office also and see whether I will be allowed to cast my vote as I see fit or will stay at home. I have had it with the system and the ignorance of the leash-led population that have destroyed this country and its integrity.

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