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McCain Goes Negative, Now More Than Ever We Need Bill Clinton

McCain has gone negative. He's gone over to the dark side, using the very fear-and-smear playbook that was used against him in 2000 by Karl Rove.

The GOP has used this playbook to defeat Governor Dukakis, Vice President Gore, Senator Kerry, and now they're targeting Senator Obama.

The ONLY Democrat to withstand the GOP slime juggernaut -- to come out on top, victorious -- was Bill Clinton. He is the only Democrat to successfully run that gauntlet, and his wisdom is needed now more than ever.

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Yeah, man!!!!! Why, Ole Joe Stalin was nothing compared to 'Bloody Bill' as the Brits call him here.

Where's the beef ? ;-D

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


So, the only person who can supposedly get us out of the economic and political mess we're in is is Bill Clinton?

I beg to differ because of two issues which were summarily overlooked or ignored during Lady Shrillary's Presidential candidacy ...

First, Bill Clinton LIED to us in 1993 when he spoke in glowing terms about how NAFTA would make workers richer, goods cheaper and that everyone, from Toronto to Cancun, would be happier because of all of the wonderful things NAFTA would do for us, including halt "illegal" Mexican immigration. It's been fourteen years since NAFTA went into effect, and the only ones who are happier and richer are the corporations who've benefited handsomely from NAFTA, while jobs vanish and people have been plunged into economic, social and spiritual despair, and illegal border crossings are becoming commonplace.

Then, there's the Clinton-approved-and-signed "Welfare Reform Act", the most sweeping piece of destructive social-welfare legislation ever signed. After the "Welfare Reform Act" went into effect, in less than three years, six million people -- many of them single mothers with young children -- were tossed off the welfare rolls and into the streets with no health care, no housing and no child care. Those who found work were lucky, but they're working three jobs or more just to make ends meet, and those who were unable to find any work either wound up becoming part of the organized crime-run "underground economy", or they were sent to our booming, overcrowded prisons (many of them for non-violent drug offenses), or they simply "disappeared"; out of sight and out of mind.

It's been twelve years since "Welfare Reform" was implemented with the full blessing of Bill Clinton, and who knows how many people have died unnecessarily because of a "welfare reform" policy which essentially destroyed the nation's social safety net, including the brutal slashing of Medicare and Medicaid funds that he presided over during his time in office. The nickname of "Bloody Bill" is more than accurate, because we'll never know how many people died when he ruthlessly destroyed the nation's social safety net in order to satisfy his corporate masters, and now ... someone wants to relive the bad old days of the Clinton Era by resurrecting his Presidential aspirations through the possibility of Lady Shrillary being set up to compete against Obama during the Democratic National Convention by making her a "draft" candidate?

Oh ... I hope they're kidding, because Bill Clinton did more to ruin the nation economically than any sitting President, and a Hillary Clinton "Presidency" will be a "Hillary AND Bill Clinton co-dependent co-Presidency" which will mean more of the same crap we had the first time around times two.

"You could argue that no one's ever ready to be president."

-- Bill Clinton, in an interview with ABC News, when asked if Sen. Barack Obama has the necessary experience to be president.

This is not what I had in mind when I said we need Bill Clinton.

I understand President Clinton is still upset about Sen. Clinton not getting the nomination. But does he fail to see the bigger picture, what's on the line in this election?

Showing such ambivalence is detrimental to our efforts.

President Clinton, there is too much at stake for you to sit this election out. Worse, damning the nominee with faint praise.

Someone needs to broker a peace between President Clinton and Obama. And then President Clinton needs to get on board.

The fierce urgency of now demands it.

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