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Bush, The 'Slacker', Runs U.S. Military

Bush, The 'Slacker', Runs U.S. Military
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The Black House occupunk George W. Bush, son of alleged Nazi, George Scherff (George H.W. Bush) has been written up many times for being a former drug user who was AWOL while in the service. In fact, the former CBS Anchorman, Dan Rather, may have lost his job over this issue. The truth may be that Bushfraud's military records may be doctored, or false.

Isn't it a paradox and putrid irony that such a military 'slacker' (that's what they used to call those who wouldn't serve in the military) is looting the American Treasury, partly by sending U.S. Troops into the Mid-East to guard Halliburton oil wells and other oil interests belonging, not only to Bush, but to VP Dick Cheney?

These tyrants could care less if you lose your homes due to poor economy and job loss as long as the federal tax dollar is siphoned off to support their personal interests. How many more real U.S. Soldiers must lose their lives for this madness and injustice.

Right now we have received information from U.S. persons that various inquiries and information indicates the U.S. Military is stalking U.S. Citizens and possibly attempting to enhance or create dossiers on us, and maybe more. Now, looking back over the 'body count' list of not just the current regime, but the Clinton years as well, takes us back to looking at the phony Reagan Shooting and the body count list of killed or suicided victims over the years after the JFK Assassination, and considering that the Senate Assassinations Committee of 1970-early 70's casually omitted mention of the staggering number of U.S. Citizen-victims killed AFTER 1967, it makes Congress look even more glib, or even complicit.

There is a price now for speaking out against the bums who are giving us the official level 'bums rush'. Perhaps the giant 'CLEAN UP' job of disappearing the JFK Assassination witnesses never ended, but became something else. More and more it resembles a pattern of an enlarged program of anti-hippie Facism by proxy which has evolved into what we have now.

And to complete the mass denial along with the media we have fart-headed vicious, callous bastards like Senator Phil Gramm who tell us, while we lose our jobs, homes, families, loved ones in war, and face bank failures, that we are "a bunch of whiners". This is the perfect example of what Ayn Rand ( 'Atlas Shrugged', 'The Fountainhead', others) called the 'argument of the consensus', and the 'argument from intimidation'. The 'argument of the consensus' may be a complete lie or illusion intended to delude others, in fact, and can be just a statement from a lard-ass like Gramm.

Regardless what you did or did not do 20 or 30 or more years ago, if you are involved in exposing these criminal Black House bums, I believe they intend to criminalize those of us who are speaking out against all this phony war injustice, and they are still using the military to track us, just as they did in Nixon's day. This probably applies even if we are disabled, and over the hill, so to speak. The criminal bums and their hierarchy are very afraid and exposed right now, and I believe emergency conditions prevail. There is so much "weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth", already, the 'leadership' cannot suppress anywhere near all of it, not even with 'Operation Mockingbird', the device from early 50's to suppress and control the media.

When you get a strange call from a phone number you don't recognize, take the time to note the number and do a free "reverse lookup" at Google Search and see who and where the call came from and how many addresses under that caller's name exists in how many states. When you see a number of the same name existing in areas where there are U.S. Army bases and installations, or U.Nations installations here in the U.S., you may be on to a government stalker.

Considering the number of, especially military female victims, perhaps investigations are pending on whether military personnel are involved in any phony life insurance scams whereby the victim is killed and the money raked off.

The more they stalk us the more we must inform the public on this stuff. Thanks,
more later, good luck Americans, joe martin


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