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$1,000 to Ask Pelosi a Question: She's Coming to a Town Near You

We'll gladly pay you $1,000 to ask Nancy Pelosi a question.

Pelosi told "The View" today that she'd impeach Bush if anybody knew of a crime he'd committed, just as she told Ed Schultz a year ago. Here's a list of crimes (PDF) drawn up by Conyers 2.5 years ago. And here's a list of crimes (PDF) from Kucinich's articles of impeachment drawn up by Elizabeth de la Vega.

Could a few thousand people fax these to her please?
Fax: 202-225-8259, Phone: 202-225-0100, Email: or

Could someone also deliver them to her at her appearance with Politics and Prose bookstore of Washington, D.C., on Saturday, August 2 at 3 p.m. at Friendship Heights Village Center, 4433 S. Park Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland. (There is no cost for this event. Please sign up in advance by calling the Village Center at 301-656-2797.)

Bush has repeatedly instructed current and former staffers to refuse to comply with subpoenas and contempt citations.

Bush has violated numerous laws and claimed the right to do so in signing statements, as documented by the Government Accountability Office.

To watch a video of Bush admitting to violating FISA (thereby committing numerous felonies) go to the White House website here, and watch the December 19, 2005, press conference. You'll notice that Bush claims he began these crimes after September 11, 2001, which is not true; he began them earlier. You'll notice that Bush claims to have legal justification for violating the law, but those claims have completely collapsed. He also claims the spying is limited in ways that it is not. And when asked why he didn't try to change the law rather than violating it, he said he just doesn't have to because he's the president.

Does Pelosi subscribe to the belief that torture was ever legal?

Here's someone who does not:


From Random House:

7/29/2008 92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10128, 212-415-5654, Noon, For Tix Call 212.415.5500

7/30/2008 Synagogue at 6th and I, 600 I Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20001, 202-364-1919, 7 pm

8/2/2008 Friendship Heights Village Center, 4433 South Park Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 202-364-1919, 3 p.m.

8/4/2008 John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Columbia Point, Columbia Point, Boston, MA 02125, 617-514-1645, 5:30 pm

8/5/2008 Free Library of Philadelphia (Central Library), Montgomery Auditorium 1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215-567-4341, 7 pm

8/6/2008 Temple Judea, 5500 Granada Blvd., Miami, FL 33146, 305-442-4408, 7:30 pm

8/7/2008 Borders Books, 612 East Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104, 734-668-7652, 7 pm

8/11/2008 American Jewish University, Gindi Auditorium 15600 Mulholland Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90077, 310-659-3110, 7 pm

8/12/2008 Dominican University, Angelico Hall 50 Acacia Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901, 415-927-0960, 7 pm

8/13/2008 Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Oracle Corporation 500 Oracle Pkwy., Redwood City, CA 94065, 415-382-6022, 7 pm

8/14/2008 Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, Pier 2, San Francisco, CA 94123, 415-643-3400x11, 7 pm

8/20/2008 Tattered Cover Bookstore, 1628 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202, 303-436-1070, 5:30 pm

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Hahahaha...sigh hahaha

Unless you are a California constituent of Pelosi, you will not be permitted to email Pelosi at those addresses.

There are no such restrictions at

The Daily Show on here.... watch it! The audience gave her huge about a snow job. I've always been a huge fan of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show but give me @#$*&%@# break!! He had the speaker right there in front of him yesterday and not one word ... For two days worth of shows now and not one peep about Impeachment.... like it never existed(he only made one quick refference to Harry Reid sleeping on the job which was quickly skipped over and ignored by polosi)... Polosi and the democrates can kiss my ass with this "oh.... if only the people would do their duty and impeach bush on election day 2008.... THEN`we will SEE about that impeachment thing maybe IF we have a shitload of time leftover.... yay! ... go team" crap!!

I'm more pissed at jon Stewart right now then I am at CNN's "Kabuki theatre" clip. I expect garbage when I see cambell brown. I'm very dissapointed!!!

She's an enabler of Bush's excesses. Which makes her an accessory to the crime... ALL of the senior Democrats who were informed and remained silent and complicent of Bush & company crimes should be impeached just as the actual criminals should be...

All you voters in Nancy Pelosi's district, do the country a favor. Do not reward Nancy's behaviour with re-election. Vote for anybody else on the ticket. Since she refused to show the Bush Cabal that there are consequences to criminal behaviour, then the co-dependent enabler must go instead. Put somebody in office who will honor the oath of office and "honor and defend the Constitution of the United States of America"!


Is she truly that damned stupid??? That comment is a direct quote from the Repugnican playbook! OH...MY...GAWD!!!

Pelosi must stick her fingers in her ears and hum as loud as she can on a regular basis! We have got to support Cincy Sheehan. That idiot has GOT TO GO!

Al K.

We have to push this issue of supporting Cincy Sheehan before the election is over. Most people vote for the person in office unless they are giving

Pelosi has been just a guilty as Bush.

Did anyone catch that dig by Whoopie gave Pelosi. Whoopie told Pelosi she try to call but could not receive an answer.

Pelosi 60 to 90 days into 2007 cut off callers from reaching her.

She was in the other room .......... sleeping off another several thousand dollars worth of our time!

It is time to "Clean House" in Washington and get the representatives in office that will do what the people hired them to do, not what they want to do for themselves and political standing. For the last 50 years I was under the impression that the U.S. Government was there to do what the majority of the people wanted a.k.a Democracy, and also to show the world that the United States of America was a free nation for the people. It seem as though we are showing the world that our leaders are a war mongering hypocritical bunch of money hogs that put the lives and welfare after profit and power. This is not my idea of how a great country should be seen in the eyes of the world.

"Don't Cry Because You Lost Your Freedom, Cry Because You Gave It Away"
st 2/75 Ranger Retired/Disabled

How can you expect this over botoxed B---h to do anything when her and her husband are in bed with the rest of the Bush Crime Family.

She has received so many botox injections the bacteria has not only relaxed her facial muscles it has relaxed all parts of her brain.

She needs to go and fast! Can't we impeach her or do a recall on her position?

You can get rid of Ms. Pelosi if you're a voter in her district in 97 days. Just vote for Cindy Sheehan instead.

In the words of the great patriot Bill-o the Clown... Fuck it, we'll do it live, this fucking sucks!

Send a brief email thanking them at and ask them to air it "one more time" this week.


yeah yeah i know we're trying to be nice to the bane and nemesis of our US Constitution. A signing Statement is a Signing Statement.

On July 26th 2008, Missoula, Montana; At the Hilton Garden Inn, with an audience of 300 Ppl, 12 members of National Impeachment Network, Progressive Democrats of America, Montana Partners for Impeachment handed to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi a 248 page Dossier on the broken laws and abuses of power etc to her Eminence...bound on the Right side so as to never be forgotten. She accepted it and it was duly noted by the press and all.

In the meantime we lobbied the nearest members of the audience and placed Impeachment banners on the Table.

i can, if you wish E you the Dossier if you E me
It's 4 MB but not unwieldy...and a beautiful document to be sure.

Today I feel like the day of Kent State - a day that shook me more than any day in the rice paddies of S.Viet Nam as a Combat Inf Soldier...
The killing of innocent Liberals, Knoxville, TN, should bring us All to the RAGE - to over throw via Impeachment these Monsters and Mon-stress in the Dirty House.

Viet Nam drafted Combat Veteran WIA '68
Co-State Coordinator PDA Montana
Peace and Justice Forums - Billings, MT
MPFI, partner
PDA IOT Fair Trade & Impeachment Teams

I drew radio school at knox, Sep-69. A coisin wrote me from da nam an said if i didn't git out dat MOS, i wus gonna end up with a prick-25 on my back, an he said i would end up in da paddy wit you. OOOO H E L L NO!!! So i flunked out, almost got a ar-15 for malingering(firs time i ever heard dadt word) so, either cooks school or 11 Echo! 11-E-20 won. But in da Nam, i worked as an 11 Delta. To my knowledge, was in only Sqd with M-114 Scout trk. Had me a ride brother! Fuck dem paddies. I got me a M-60 MG that you had to twist the freakin belt to get it to stop firen or it would keep goin till it jammed or burn out the bbl. Only fired it when i was really scared, and totally serious.

hows yourrr feeet???

Cleaning the DEMOCRATIC house is long over do. WE the People have to rebuild this party from the ground up, too many Bush & Rove(TURD BLOSSOM) Democratic people. The CORPORATE CONTROLED MEDIA has to be broken up or this Country will not Survive much longer.

"The View" needs to demonstrate their brains (NOT propaganda ) and put this evidence on their table for all Americans to see... Baba Wawa, GIVE THE PEOPLE AN INTELLIGENT FORUM , INVITE VINCENT BUGLIOSI!!!

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


Who doesn't watch much television, especially girl's TV Shows but I have seen the insufferably ignorant frosted flake, Hasslebeck, make a fool out of herself on numerous occasions.

Why is she still tolerated and why is she still there?

Pelosi is a world class two faced cowardly liar. She has been an accessory to conspiracy, mass murder, torture, illegal spying, obstruction of justice and treason.

The Battie Hattie from Cincinnati is a disgraceful blight to the beauty of women, wretched liar, could not care less about anyone but her own sorry butt and deserves whatever comes to her.

Her husband is "somebody"... next best thing to "Casting Couch" qualification. ;-/

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

WE MUST DEFEAT MCCAIN!!! a Jew! We should get rid of the strong influence of a minority group which represents less than 2% of the American population.
Moreover the support for the rogue state Israel is the guarantee for more US wars to come.

120 billion in aid is given to Israel each year by the US taxpayer!

Also the press is wideley owned by Jewish people - this has to be changed, too.

The Nazi's in Germany were a small group - like the Jews in the US - and the started to terrorize until they gained all the political power.

To Ms Pelosi:

Hey baby,,,,,wussup? You into fit n trim 56 year old male white subjects? Dammmm baby I saw you on the view the other day., I liked what I saw....And I think it's goin to waste. Let me get next to you sweet baby.

Good one Scott!!

This two-faced ditz from San Francisco reminds me of Norma Desmond from movie "Sunset Boulevard" :

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


Next time your on the hill Please Inform Pelosi that's She's The Speaker of the House and the House Leader of the Democrats!!

When you send something to her, using the e-mail above, you get the standard e's reply, automated, that if "Not In Her District Please Use This E-Address", with another e-address listed.

She and the Senate Leader represent The Whole Country, Dem and Repub, more so than the other members of both houses, who by passing the Laws of the land also represent and are paid by the Whole Country!!!!!!!!

Unless of course the Idea of our Representative Democratic Country has Really Completely Changed!!!

James Starowicz
USN '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In-Country '70-'71 COMNAVFORV - CHNAVADVGRP MACV, RVN

Because Nancy is the Speaker of the House and is obstructing justice all of us need to get behind Cindy with our money if with nothing else. Cindy will do us proud when she take the seat now sat in my that worthless piece of ---- Nancy Pelosi.

I sent Nancy a note providing her the list. What can we do to make sure that the votes get counted correctly in San Francisco next November? That is so important.

I read that election fraud just got easier with the new telecom immunity bill.

You can e-mail Pelosi as House Speaker at That way, you don't have the constituent issue.

"We worked in a bipartisan way, and ovation, agenda, we have to create jobs, expand health care, protect the American people, and educate our children. And you can’t do that if you’re trying to impeach the president at the same time, unless you have the goods that this president committed these crimes."

She has "the goods," and she knows it.

"I have total disagreement with the president on the war, the reason why we went in, which was based on a false premise."

Lying to Congress is a felony.

Which also puts Bush on the hook for every death that has occurred as a result of the lies that led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The problem for Nancy, of course, is that "the goods" also implicate her. Not only does she reveal with her own words that the invasion of Iraq (which she could bring to an end by simply refusing to allow any funding bill to come to the floor for a vote) is based entirely on lies, but she was also made fully aware of Bushco's illegal torture program early on and has said nothing. And she has allowed the unquestionably illegal warrantless wiretapping to continue unimpeded.

Nancy Pelosi is willingly aiding and abetting the worst domestic enemies our Constitution has ever seen.

Which makes her one of them.

Unfiltered Video Commentary:
Phone:202-225-5126 Fax:202-225-0072

I'm still working a part-time, minimum wage job,
Still can't afford to get sick,
Still wondering how I'll educate my last daughter, and,
I'm feeling more threatened than ever

And, still,
We have this liar, thief, torturer, and mass-murderer
For a President
That you won't impeach

So, can you
Tell me again,
How it'll get better
If I just vote Democrat?

R Ap

Subject: In Addition to Treason, Here are a Few More Laws...

Dear Ms. Pelosi,

I'm not sure what happened to your perception of things after the elections in 2006. Surely you are mesmerized at present, buying into propaganda from the inner circle of which the President is a part of.
Don't you remember what you said about "showing this President the way"? Don't you remember the trip to Syria? (I thought then that you were bypassing the Washington Club and doing something positive.)
I, amongst so many others, voted in 2006 in an attempt to end the war and return the USA to its founding principals. You were going to be the leader. You were going to make it happen Madam Speaker. I was excited and proud, now I feel only despair.
I urge you to search deep within yourself and determine what happened to your resolve. Why was it so readily abolished? What do you perceive to have happened and is that perception REAL, or just a figment of what the inner circle wants you to believe.
I wonder if as a child you might have read the story "The Emperor Has No Clothes". It exposes the folly of what can happen when a person goes along with what they know to be false in their heart. I wonder if you have succumbed to that sort of pressure.
You have a duty to fulfill Ms. Pelosi. No matter what the cost to you personally, you must stand up and fight. It is not too late. People all make mistakes in judgment. The strong ones can admit they were wrong and rise back up.
I challenge you to view yourself, honestly, from the viewpoint of a history book written decades from now. Do you like what you see?

the EXACT same thing! She was on Ed Schultz show, and I remember struggling to get my fax up and running so I could fax her. Here is the interivew

I think Nancy wants to run for president in 2012 or 2016, so she's holding back. Too bad by then we won't be allowed to have elections any more, the way things are going.

That cockroach , Pelosi, is knowingly engaging in Treason because she has sold out. She is friendly to the Council On Foreign Relations, who intend to destroy the United States as a sovereign nation. In other words, she is an agent of foreign enemies and therefore an enemy of the state. She tricked people into voting for her. Just as Obama is doing now. His wife is on the board of directors of the Chicago branch of the Council On Foreign Relations. when will we ever learn? Never, I suspect.

Pelosi is just as guilty as Bush of crimes against humanity, since every day Bush remains free (never mind, in power) more innocent lives are lost.

That cockroach , Pelosi, is knowingly engaging in Treason because she has sold out. She is friendly to the Council On Foreign Relations, who intend to destroy the United States as a sovereign nation. In other words, she is an agent of foreign enemies and therefore an enemy of the state. She tricked people into voting for her. Just as Obama is doing now. His wife is on the board of directors of the Chicago branch of the Council On Foreign Relations. when will we ever learn? Never, I suspect.

Pelosi is just as guilty as Bush of crimes against humanity, since every day Bush remains free (never mind, in power) more innocent lives are lost.

She should hand the Speaker position over to someone else (Wexler, Kucinich, or Conyers would do), apologize to the American people, recommend impeachment as the only practical solution to our problems, then resign.

It's the only way she'll avoid her own accountability for the administration's crimes.

These criminals are going to completely destroy America! Any freedom loving American who remains in America will soon find out how poor a choice they made. Get out while you still can!!!

I thought men where the ones who don't listen.

Women .... This was your first lady speaker of the house... If she would have done even a half hearted job of it she would have been the first lady president and a national hero for generations to come. That would have led to more lady presidents and more lady speakers. Between her and Bush choosing the worst possible lady canidate for the supreame court he could find you reeeeaaalllyyy got screwed out of your chance to show the world that women can be in important high power positions to, and do a damn good job of it. That's what they should be disscussing with Polisi on THE VEIW of all places.

The post says to email here the list of Bush's crimes. BULL HOCKEY! She knows what the crimes are. She is corrupt, not stupid. Email here insults instead! I faxed her telling her to "get her fingers out of her ears and her head out of her a--!". She obviously does not respond to good reasoning so maybe insults might do something!

Al K.


You can do it. "F" her, Baby. "F" her!!!

FFFF.. FFFFFFffff... (I'm trying) ... FFfffff -- her.

Oh well, the sentiment is there!

Credit for effort?

Al K.

The amazing thing is she's serious, and thinks the people she's talking to are that stupid. The only explanation is that there's a lot of lead in the food on the Hill...

she works for israel
wake up

If she KNEW of a crime he committed??? Remember, when Csaesar did what he did... he did so LEGALLY. As did Hitler...

So, when referring to crimes in this case, then she is clearly guilty of the same crimes as well. By subverting the laws and the constitution to such a degree as to go about tyranny LEGALLY is no less of a criminal conspiracy. The problem is LAWYERS to begin with... there's just not enough scrupulous ones around to actually go after these people.


It's TRUE... if anyone else did like they do, they'd be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law under a R.I.C.O. predicate. So why is it just a means of doing business, or good government when THEY do it, but when the Mob does it, it's Racketeering, and when they have NOTHING that they can get you for, they choose a R.I.C.O. prosecution.

So why is nobody attempting a R.I.C.O. prosecution against Nancy Pelosi. Let us also not forget about her FAMILY, and THEIR history. She is PERFECTLY INDICTABLE, as are the rest of them... but nobody's got the guts to do it.

Maybe pelosi can be impeached for breaking her word to the American people. Support Cindy

Heads Up! I tried to download .pdf of 35 articles of impeachment to fax to Pelosi and it just hung up/ would not complete the download. Maybe you could check your site to see what's up or it's just really, really busy. I was able to download Conyers .pdf and did fax it to her about an hour ago.

If you're looking for the charts of the 35 articles that Elizabeth de la Vega prepared, you can find them in pdf form here:

Her chart listing violations is here:

Masdar It is clear that Ms. Pelosi has been to long on the job when she can’t come up with a reason why G.W. Bush should be impeached. I am sure that the majority of American’s would like to see him receive the same treatment as was delivered to the El Duce by patriotic Italians. This man is a liar cheat and should be on trial in the world court period.

That she'd impeach Bush if anybody knew of a crime he'd committed, just as she told Ed Schultz a year ago.

I submit that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is not worthy of her position.

It is known fact that George W. and his ilk has violated practically every law known to man. Including torture.

I say throw Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, and the rest of the Republican party wannabees out on their asses.


I have submitted a response online to "The View" requesting a "rebuttal" interview to Pelosi's comment. Perhaps if we all blast message "The View" they will respond and allow a remote-TV or telephone interview!

Here's the web address:

Also -
Laura McGann is the Managing Editor for a NEW publication, The Washington Independent -
As a new independent publication, I would think they would be willing to provide us with advertising a "CHALLENGE PELOSI" RESPONSE!!

Anyone interested in pooling funds to place an ad contact me!!


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