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CNN Anchor Slams Impeachment As Kabuki Theatre. FIRE HER!!

by Linda Milazzo

Those familiar with cable news television understand that several programs - even entire networks - broadcast from a particular bias. Keith Olbermann's COUNTDOWN on MSNBC is left leaning, as is Dan Abrams' VERDICT. Olbermann has become famous for his highly crafted "Special Comments" which take aim at conservatives from George W. Bush to Rudolf Giuliani. CNN has Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs - both of whom use vitriol to attack various factions of the political world. Beck goes after so-called liberals. Dobbs is an equal opportunity attacker who assaults the Bush administration, members of Congress and ethnic groups from his prejudiced perspective. FOX has an entire network, with anchors like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, who routinely lambaste the left. Each of these pundits, or performers, are known for their ideological leanings. Those who watch their programs do so presupposing the bias they will see.

Until recently, it had seemed that most of the clearly biased shows on cable news television had been publicly outed as leaning left or leaning right. But on Friday, viewers learned there was yet another conservative Republican show, as vitriolic as FOX, airing nightly on CNN. That show is Election Center, hosted by former NBC performer, Campbell Brown. Election Center, which began airing last January with original anchor John Roberts, is billed as "the network's daily examination of news from the campaign trail that combines CNN's unrivaled field reporting and analysis with state-of-the-art broadcasting technology." It might be that providing "unrivaled reporting and analysis" on a daily basis was the original intent of CNN when Election Center first aired with John Roberts. Roberts doesn't conflate reporting with agenda. However, CNN chose a less balanced and more ideological path for the show when it brought on conservative Bush supporter, Campbell Brown, as Election Center's new anchor. If Brown's conservative leanings weren't all that obvious in the beginning, that all changed on Friday when Brown and CNN Headline News anchor, Erica Hill, virulently mocked the House Judiciary Committee for holding a hearing on impeachment. After Brown and Hill's searing attack on the Democrats, any sense of legitimacy Brown had tried to muster instantly fell away. Because of Brown and Hill's over-the-top trashing of the Congressional impeachment hearing, CNN's Election Center has devolved into the lowest form of "spin." It's lost all credibility. Witness for yourselves (in video and text) the slanted performance by CNN anchors, Brown and Hill, on a show that advertises its "unrivaled field reporting and analysis."

C. Brown: You might have thought there was big news on Capitol Hill today. Democrats were talking about impeaching the president. But actually it was all just stagecraft. And Erica Hill is here. Tell us about this piece of Kabuki theatre. Erica

E. Hill: Oh and Campbell, theatre it was. Today's House Judiciary Committee Hearing was officially billed as "an examination of executive power and its constitutional limitations." And from the beginning it was pretty clear this was all just stagecraft in what one Republican lawmaker deemed impeachment light. The Democratic leadership made it clear impeachment is not on the table at this hearing today for two reasons: not only is there not enough time left in President Bush's term but also they know any impeachment hearings at this point could cause a major backlash against the Party come November. So if you can't impeach, why not vent? And that is exactly what they did. Take a listen.

(Democratic Congress members denounce George W. Bush. Erica Hill mocks rules established for the Hearing...)

C. Brown: (giggling) Oooh that's a good one. Who knew? Alright so this is really just stagecraft - not to mention a real waste of taxpayer money and Congress' time.

E. Hill: (mocking) A waste of our money?

C. Brown: Did any Republicans even bother to show up for it?

E. Hill: Actually a few did. Most Republican lawmakers boycotted the hearing but a few were there and those who did attend as you can imagine were downright disgusted.

(...Republican Congressmen Lamar Smith and Trent Franks denounce Democrats and the Hearing...)

E. Hill: Well it turns out Representative Lamar Smith was right. There was no impeachment hearing that came out of it. As for the President today - clearly not too worried about this Hearing. He was in Peoria, Illinois, as you can see here - kissin' babies, smilin' - taking pictures - not a care in the world. Check out that guy [a baby pictured with President Bush] with his little shades on. Cute.

C. Brown: Cute baby.

E. Hill: I can't get my kid to wear them.

C. Brown: (approving hand gesture and smile) And there's the President. Good stuff tonight! Erica Hill - as always, thanks.

In some instances in broadcast journalism - or in what passes for broadcast journalism - there is room for interpretation. But in this high-pitched giddy exchange between Brown and Hill, the bias is unmistakeable. They never offer the possibility that the Congressional Hearing is legitimate - even though the Committee heard testimony from Constitutional scholars, renowned legal experts, and current and former members of Congress. They never offer that the People's business is being addressed or that there exists a Constitutional mandate for the Legislative Branch to assess and monitor the deeds and acts of the Executive. In their ideological disposal of the rule of law, Brown and Hill use the CNN pulpit to dissuade viewers from any real understanding of what the Hearing was addressing and why Democrats, and some Republicans, believed the Hearing should be held.

Where was the journalism? Where was the reporting and analysis? Do pejoratives like "stagecraft," "Kabuki theatre," and "a waste of taxpayer money" rise to constructive criticism for CNN?

To those who monitor cable news television and the personalities it employs, the fact that Campbell Brown is a Republican is no revelation. She's married to FOX News contributor, Dan Senor, who also served as spokesman for George W. Bush's failed Coalition Provisional Authority, which early on controlled and mismanaged Iraq. Senor was also George W. Bush's Deputy Press Secretary under Scott McClellan. He is currently a founding partner of the global investment group, Rosemont Capital, and a former investment professional at the Carlysle Group - along with George Herbert Walker Bush, James Baker, and other prominent Republicans. Dan Senor is a high power player in conservative Republican politics and in the world of global finance. While Senor's wife, Campbell Brown, doesn't lay public claim to being a conservative Republican, her ideological bent is clear to those who watch her perform. But after Friday's performance with Erica Hill, Mrs. Brown-Senor's Republican agenda will be crystal clear to all.
( )

The harm Brown and Hill caused on Friday by not honestly informing their viewers of what was truly going on in the Judiciary Committee hearing is shameful proof of cable news' dereliction and wanton abuse of the public's airwaves. For me, these abuses of broadcast privileges by depriving the public of its 'right to know' are tantamount to crime. As for CNN, its self-exaltation as the "most trusted name in news" is as much an assault on reality as FOX's claim of "fair and balanced." Broadcast journalism has hit an all time low.

For those who believe as I do that Campbell Brown knowingly and wantonly went beyond the bounds of legitimate journalism and should be removed as host of Election Center, please email CNN as quickly as possible at the following addresses:

CNN Election Center:

CNN Anderson Cooper 360:

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I'm publishing this article far and wide. Clearly Campbell Brown has to be removed as the anchor of Election Center - and hopefully from CNN entirely.

Please pass this along and get folks to write CNN at the emails listed in the article. They're the same addresses I provided in my comment to Chip's original post of the video. Thanks again to Chip for alerting us to Campbell Brown and Erica Hill's reprehensible behavior.

This will be a community effort. I do hope we succeed.


I think I'm going to write to my senator instead. Because ...apparently... if he doesn't write me a personal check for every penny he has......... there will be a huge backlash against the democrates come election time this November. :)

Campbell Brown is clearly just an UN-professional mouthpiece commentator with Neocon talking points that does not hold a candle anywhere remotely near the standard of "unrivaled reporting and analysis" . Even if she beat this moronic trash into our heads by her sophomoric antics, I don't think she could have made it any more obvious that this is YELLOW JOURNALISM . If this dribbled down from the White House at all, in "Pravda format", then its illegal propaganda as well ! :

By all means, via your above article, petitions, letters to CNN, etc. , MRS. Campbell Brown-Senor needs to be immediately FIRED ASAP, and replaced with a responsible and mature journalist, like YOU.



No question-I watch CNN on a regular hear Ms. Brown say this hearing was "a waste of taxpayer money" was a disgrace. Where is Ms. Brown's outrage on the expense of the War On Terror in all its various forms. There was no analysis of the issues brought before the House committee on this "news" show. The hearing was dismissed with laughter and insult-I remember well CNN's coverage of the Clinton administration and the lies about sex. No question there is a difference in coverage and it is disgusting-this type of coverage by the "4th Estate" is unwittingly going to lead to violence in this country-when many, many citizens with take to the streets and vent their rage against all the failed institutions in this country. Cambell Brown will not be among those enraged citizens, no question.

I am writing to you today concerning a "story" Erica Hill and Campbell Brown did concerning the Non impeachment hearings of last week. This is not journalism and you should not pass off her obviously biased oppinions as such. If you want to give a waist of airtime like Cambell Brown her own show than give her her own talk show and get her out the news all together. That way she can lie and missinform all she wants. Election Center is supposed to be a news show! You should have more respect for the proffession then that if your going to TRY to pass yourselves off as "the most trusted name in news" which was already a joke as it is. This "kabuki theatre" of YOURS takes the cake. You should really be ashamed of yourselves. But I realize that one would have to at least have an once of integrity first in order to feel shame so I won't hold my breath. I also won't be watching CNN ever again. You can take THAT to the bank!

George Bush immediatly goes out and fondles a baby or reads to school children......... for gods sakes leave the kids out of it you @#%@&* devil worshiper. Find a cow to kiss or something. Farmers vote to!

that Trent Franks reffered to the so called terrorists as "Our terrorist freinds" Did anyone else catch that froidian slip? I thought only cheney had the authority to just blurt out classified information all willy nilly like that.

How much did the republicans pay to have that put on the air?

It looked like she hit every talking point on the way down.



Isn't she married to Dan Senor, frontman-liar for Bush-Cheney in Iraq ? There is no difference between Brown & Andrea Mitchell-Greenspan.

...making a demo tape for Rupert Murdoch. What a pathetic piece of trash that piece was. Below is my note to CNN:

If CNN wishes to retain any shred of legitimacy regarding its claim to be “the most trusted name in news,” Campbell Brown, Erica Hill and the producer(s) who approved their vicious attack piece on Friday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing must be fired immediately.

Their juvenile attempt to reduce a congressional hearing centering on the extremely serious issue of Executive Branch power and its constitutional limitations to "stagecraft" and "Kabuki Theater" is among the most disgusting things I have ever seen on television.

Friday’s hearing would not have happened if it were not for the demands of millions of responsible citizens across this country, who insist on transparent government and a Congress that actually honors its constitutional responsibility to hold the Executive Branch accountable.

The Bush administration has unquestionably committed multiple impeachable offenses, including the illegal warrantless wiretapping and torture programs, both of which George W. Bush has publicly acknowledged. In addition, famed prosecuting attorney Vincent Bugliosi presented irrefutable proof during Friday’s hearing that Bush knowingly lied to Congress and the American people to gain support for the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Not surprisingly, Brown and Hill’s “report” did not mention these facts.

CNN’s responsibility, as a media entity entrusted with use of the peoples’ airwaves, is to keep the people accurately and completely informed, without bias, regarding the functioning of our government. With their blatantly partisan, journalistically vacant attempt to minimize the importance of Friday’s hearing, Brown and Hill didn’t even begin to live up to this standard. Their contempt for justice, accountability and the rule of law is not only perfectly clear, but also an egregious insult to the intelligence of all responsible citizens and the dedication of all serious journalists.

If CNN does not wish to viewed as just another neoconservative propaganda outlet in the style of Fox News Channel, Campbell Brown, Erica Hill and anyone else responsible for the airing of their blatant attack on Friday’s Judiciary hearing must be fired immediately.

Unfiltered Video Commentary:
Phone:202-225-5126 Fax:202-225-0072

While the piece was disgusting to watch, the real reason it was disgusting is because much of it was the truth. It was a Kabuki Theater with the Democrats refusing to perform their constitutional duty and pursue impeachment and the Republicans there to ridicule the Democrats from doing their duty.

Campbell Brown and her reporter Erica whoever wouldn't be able to dismiss Impeachment Hearings, if in fact we actually had them. The Democrats, minus Kucinich and a few others, are beyond disgusting.

This crap type of hearing allows Campbell Brown and others like her to focus on the petty Democratic/Republican politics, instead of on the multitude of crimes this Bush Administration has committed and the complicity of many of these same Democrats. I hate to say it, but I see no hope for the Republic.
Nick Egnatz
NW Indiana Veterans For Peace

Crap Type of Hearing. Couldnt have explained it better. Democrats are mad about many things they should be furious about this sort of drama brought forth by Kucinich. I know he thrives on getting attention by not passing any bills and hunting Cheny and Bush but it does the democratic party more harm than good.

Instead of worshipping these super liberal vegan activists. We should be alienating them along with the super conservative warlords. The middle of the road is where we should all strive to be and the only way to do that is to get rid of the extremes.

At one point you can see Elizabeth Kucinich.

Here is my SECOND letter to CNN

As a 61 year old Air Force veteran of the Viet Nam era I remember the serious way the Watergate scandal hearings were covered live by the news media. This scandal was about abuse of power by Richard Nixon involving a break-in of a private office and the cover-up that ensued. No lives were lost! According to a respected participant in that investigation, John Dean, the current administration's abuse of power far exceeds anything that happened in "Watergate" yet similar hearings conducted on July 25 on the abuse of power by the Bush administration were categorized by a small-minded young "personality" as "Kapoki theater" and "a waste of taxpayers money". This administration has led this country into an illegal war of aggression on trumped up evidence resulting in the loss of over 4000 of our military and a MILLION innocent civilians as well as the squandering of roughly three TRILLION dollars of the "taxpayers money"! I put the blame for this total desensitization of moral values squarely on young so-called journalists like Campbell Brown who simply repeat the government propaganda. This lady and all those who condone this sort of "journalism" should be fired for the sake of our democracy and the preservation of our Constitution. This is the final straw with respect to my ever viewing CNN again. I will no longer subject myself to the steady stream of "conventional wisdom" thrown at me by young wet behind the ears commentators who have given no thought whatever to the ramifications of their opinions and commentary. The concern is solely for TV ratings to bolster their advertising revenues! It is totally contemptible!

Al K.

you were a war veteran! God bless you, and thanks for speaking your mind... so very eloquently :o)
Peace and (((hugs))) , yankhadenuf



If you will notice, I said "Vet Nam ERA" veteran. I was stationed in North Carolina during the war. I serviced a B52 bombing and navigation trainer (simulator). I don't deserve the respect due to those who saw combat however. I definitely saw the state of mind of people at the time and know how a young person thinks. I was very gulable and believed what I was told back then! I know better now!

Al K.

I'm so glad you are intact in mind and spirit. If only we could put your wisdom inside the minds of the youth of today that are thinking of enlisting. It would make life so much easier if young people made informed decisions.



Many thanks for the kind words!

Al K.

But I had several uncles that saw combat in nam. Actually one was a medic in a mash unit and got his legs badly dammaged when a grenade was thrown into his tent while he was sleeping. He still has problems dealing with the VA. One didn't ACTUALLY see combat... the army was too busy testing nerve gas and agent orange on his unit in Utah. He still has trouble dealing with the VA because the army didn't "officially" use him as a human guinee pig. There were four others that WILL NOT talk about their experiences at all. I don't know what they saw but it scard them for life what ever it was. They gave up dealing with the VA a long time ago. Then there was my grandfather. He was marine in the pacific theatre in WW2. He was one of the marines that raised our flag on the beach at Iwa Jima(or Iwo Jima ... I'm too lazy to look up how to spell right this second) He was a very honerable man who was treated very dishonorably by the US government after they were done using him. If my grandfather were still alive today he would have taken over the nearest military base by now and would have fought to the death to keep it out of Bush's hands.

Every one of them said the same thing. "If you join the millitary I will shoot you." Simply to put me out of my misery. It seems that the government can promise you everything but are not legally obligated to follow through on anything. And I just won't sign a unilateral agreement because only one member of the agreement has to keep up their end of the bargin and it isn't the government. And in my oppinion .... that is the very deffinition of tyranny ... and I for one WILL NOT contribute one once of my blood for a tyrant no matter what flag he wraps himself in.

Or government tells everyone that we must "support the troops", so give us money for the war. This is how they do it! Any kid bent on joining the military these days should be forced by his parents to do a one-on-one with someone who really knows what the reality is. Young people only see the glory and adventure stories laid on them by the TV ads and the recruiter's line of bull. Join the Army and "be all you can be", dead or maimed for life! There are far better ways to serve your country.

I was lucky and got out intact! I came very close to being sent to Nam. The Air Force had a policy of sending airman from tactics trainers to Nam as bomb loaders. Figure that one out! It really takes a lot of electronics training to load a bomb into the Bombay of a B52! Lucky for me it didn't happen to our section.

Al K.

I urge CCN to fire Campbell Brown immediately. Bush has killed 6,000 Americans and 100,000 Iraqi citizens
and she calls the hearing Kabuki
Theatre? Fire the b*tch!!

The hearings were Kabuki Theatre??

Bush has murdered 4,500 Americans in Iraq and 3,000 on our own soil. He has killed over 100,00 Iraqi citizens.

Campbell Brown should be fired!!!

Country Joe and the fish

Hey there all you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs
your help again
got himself in a terrible jam
way over there in AFghanistan (i modernized it)

No, I guess I'm missing some memory cells.

Al K.

It was on the Woodstock album and the reference was Vietnam, not Afghanistan. I was jus tryin to help you make your point above, which i aggree with. their feedin the kids that glory bs. All their doin is tryin to get their quota of bodies.

I never would have heard it. I'm a Beethoven and Mozart fan. I get the point now though.

Al K.

I think you need to take a step back and realize that there realy will be no impeachment, so the CNN reporters were being pretty accurate here. There is very little time, and clearly the Democrats have no back bone to attempt such a thing. Believe me, I would love to see Bush et al impeached, but its not going to happen with these jellyfish Democrats in power. I think the CNN reporters are doing us a favor by calling it what it is.

Where were the mindless repugnicans the first SIX YEARS while all this was going on..... they are all a bunch of p*&%ies if you ask me!

I have never, ever seen a "news" person shill so blatantly and so consistenly, as Ms. Brown has done all during this campaign.

This anchor is very unprofessional- from her rhetoric to her obnoxious sneers. She should be fired.
Lin from Buffalo, New York

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