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Bush's Former Under Secretary of Defense Steals 2.3 Trillion $U.S.

The biggest outrage is President Bush's appointee to a commission: former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense Dov Zakheim, the man principally responsible for the fraud, waste, and abuse committed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the criminal neocons who surrounded him.

Former Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim was CEO of Systems Planning Corp., which markets the technology to take over the controls of an airborne vehicle already in flight. For example, the Flight Termination System technology could hijack hijackers and bring the plane down safely. Link:

Rabbi Dov Zakheim steals $2.3 TRILLION from Pentagon. Link:

Impeach Bush-Cheney for war crimes and for leaving the U.S. in the most unnsecure position in history. joe martin, www DOT informamerica DOT net

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Dov was a member of the Vulcans. Condi Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, George P. Shultz and others that met starting in 1998 to plan George Bush's "foreign policy" for his presidency.

Meaning, Dov and his remote control systems were involved in this thing from the very begining.

support AT informamerica DOT net

Yeah, long range planning, indeedy!! This whole operation of theirs clear back into the 70's and at the JFK hit was a deliberate looting operation, as I stated in the last post I wrote here about the pan-German, Nazi DVD group.

The 911 Attacks were simply the opportunity! They had the guy installed with his reichstag under-fuhrer, Cheney, and they had the criminal group on the aircraft carrier to provide the copter and all. What an operation!

In fact, according to actual books in print, the neocons have been stuffing each other into the Pentagon and grooming proteges for decades!

The fact that Dov Zakheim, who actually looks like some damn gestapo character, not a rabbi, was heading up the remote control systems for so many years, then disappears with the trillions is too coincidental. What were the trillions....but his damn paycheck for the whole operation.!!!????

'America's Most Wanted' praised the FBI, last night on John Walsh's appearance, but still deeply in denial, fronted Osama Bin Laden,(whom we also know as aka 'Tim Osman' CIA asset) as the one on the ten most wanted list to get. He's been dead for, what , 7 years now?!! The F.B.I. has become a propaganda ministry that is 'script reading'. Their personnel simply cannot break ranks and they follow their 'line'. I wrote of this in 'Candidates For The Con'.

There are some law officers picking up what real crooks and phony bankers they can, but reports state that elements of the special prosecutor's office, and Justice Department are resigning out of protest for not being able to do anything. This country's in a real danger of collapsing any moment an 'emergency' cannot be contained.
Thanks, joe martin

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