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Hearing on Impeachment Videos

Kucinich enters hearing to cheers:

Rep. Robert Wexler:

Rep. Steve King:

Rep. Jerrold Nadler:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich:

Bruce Fein:

Vincent Bugliosi:

Bruce Fein:

Vincent Bugliosi:

Vincent Bugliosi:

Lamar Smith:

Rep. Baldwin:

Maurice Hinchey:

Rep. Dan Lungren:

Protesters ejected:

Rep. Walter Jones:

Congressman Steve Cohen:

Before the hearing Dennis Kucinich took calls on CSpan:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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... but I couldn't find Lz Holtzman's opening statement on video. Have you seen that yet?

... but I couldn't find Lz Holtzman's opening statement on video. Have you seen that yet?

An abbreviated version of Lz Holtzman's opening statement appears in 'Historic Hearing on Impeaching Bush-1/2', a production of Democracy Now, the following YouTube link:

I have not checked the website, however, the host of the above YouTube 2-part series mentioned that more complete coverage was on their website

Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz tackles the extensive and abusive use of signing statements by the Bush Administration Link CLICK HERE

Does anyone know what Bruce Fein said regarding the fallacy that there wasn't enough time left to impeach Bush? Didn't Ms. Holtzman say we could do a Twofer?

If they would just quit fucking around. Time is not the problem... that's just an exscuse they get away with because people don't know any better. Shame on the people!

They got a law passed in a day Guys from fruition to being signed by BUSH! The Terri Shiavo Law. THE CONGRESS TIPPED THEIR HAND WITH THAT ONE! Passing a law is much much harder than an impeachment hearing. Time is irrelavent with these guys. They take as long as THEY want. And when you have six months to investigate a crime that's already been investigated.... been confessed to on national television ... and when voting for them takes what.... an afternoon when a photo opp is involved. Its pretty pathetic in my oppinion to then turn around and say there just isn't enough time to save the constitution! We should start putting all our flags at half mast until they actually do their jobs and quit fucking us over!

So we don't have enough "time" to get them impeached huh? How long is the statute of limitations for TREASON? Our own leaders have betrayed our country and our constitutional rights!

they attach a country who waS NOT A THREAT MTO US,,,they are responsible for the DEATHS of over 4000 of our young people,, they are responsible for thr deaths of 100's of thousands of IRAQ people. they have destroyed our country and our good name.. they must take the blame for what they have done,, M.B.

I think the inclusion of Vincent Bugliosi may have compromised the panel's credibility among many viewers. That Bugliosi is more publicly appreciated for his crime novels than his expertise on the powers of the presidency and Bush's alleged transgressions may effectively obscure his political activism to a majority of Americans. Such a situation may render his testimony as unauthoritative to many unsavvy viewers.

Man......that entire hearing was wonderful!! Loved every minute!!! So....looks like we're going somewhere now!! Shame on Pelosi for trying to "silence" what would've come out without her "orders".

My only question?....How come nobody asks about Bush's Skull & Bones affiliation at Yale? He took an oath to uphold their "agenda", whatever that is....I hear it's all about death, death, death!!! Seems to me like he took that "oath" more serious than the oath of upholding the U.S. Constitution, which is "just a piece of paper", according to some reports that actually quoted him.

Hmmmm....I wonder? Next question......

How come the so-called "secret societies" in America are allowed to be "secret" when their organization's symbolism is all about "middle east", "far east", "egyptian", "arabism", "sheikism", "ancientism", "muslimism"?

I mean, I heard of a secret society called "The Order of the Sudan Temple". When I lived in N. Carolina, I saw quite a few license plates of members advertising their affiliation. Can somebody tell me, what would a bunch of uneducated hicks from New Bern, North Carolina want to join an organization called "The Order of the Sudan Temple" for? The license plate had arabic symbolism on it, i.e. two Arabic swords crossed over each it was "Aladin" & the "Arabian Knights" iconic. What the that? But the ones with those license plates are as "country" & "backward" as anyone you'd ever want to meet? I WONDER?????? Can somebody explain this to me?

Why would a bunch of old men in N. Carolina give a shit about "the sudan"? They don't even know where it is....or do they?

I don't recall for sure if there's a direct connection between Skull & Bones and the Masons, but it seems like I recall that. And since a good number of past Presidents have been tied to the Masons, this bit of "trivia" may still have value. Same principles apply.

The penalty for betraying a fellow Mason is DEATH. Betraying the Presidential Oath of Office ... well ... I don't know who we could count on to uphold the Presidential Oath if doing so could get them killed by their fellow Masons.

Kind of a serious conflict of interest there for any President who's a Mason

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