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Robert Wexler Demands Impeachment Hearings Now

Mr. Chairman,
Thank you for calling this hearing.
For the past few months, I have vigorously argued that this Committee
should immediately begin impeachment hearings.

The allegations made against the Bush White House document serious
abuses that -- if proven -- would certainly constitute high crimes.

The White House is charged with:
* Deliberately lying to Congress and the American people and
manipulating intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq;

* Ordering the illegal use of torture;
* Firing U.S. attorneys for political purposes;
* Denying the legitimate Constitutional powers of Congressional
oversight by blatantly ignoring subpoenas;
* Among countless other crimes.

Never before in the history of this nation has an administration so
successfully diminished the Constitutional powers of the legislative
It is unacceptable, and it must not stand.
This is not how our Founders so carefully and delicately designed our

In a deliberate effort to reduce the power of Congress and obstruct our
ability to provide oversight over the executive branch, President Bush
has ordered Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, Josh Bolten and other
Administration officials to simply ignored Congress by refusing to

This failure of Administration witnesses to even appear is unprecedented
in the history of our nation. The Bush White House has distorted the
concept of 'executive privilege' beyond recognition in order to hide
White House wrongdoings from Congress and the American people.

Faced with this litany of wrongful actions, I am convinced that the most
appropriate response to this unprecedented behavior is to hold hearings
for impeachment.

We must now use this power of impeachment,
which our Founding Fathers provided to the House of Representatives
precisely for this type of wrongdoing.

I fully recognize the significance of holding impeachment hearings,
and I have not come to this position lightly
- but when an Administration takes actions that amount to high crimes,
we are left with no other option than to seek his impeachment and
removal from office.

Our government was founded by a delicate balance of powers
- whereby one branch carefully checks the other branches to
prevent a dangerous consolidation of power.
The actions of this White House have totally destroyed this careful

Without these checks and balances, a president could run roughshod over
any law and turn us into a nation
- where wars can be waged based on lies
- and laws can be rewritten without the input of Congress or the
American people -

Congress must end this disturbing pattern of behavior.
And, in these circumstances, the only option left is impeachment.

We have been down this road before: in 1973, articles of impeachment
were introduced against President Nixon after he inappropriately tried
to use executive privilege to bury evidence of his wrongdoings.

I think it would be helpful to delve more deeply into the history of
what happened during the Nixon Administration, particularly as it relate
to obstructing the oversight powers of Congress.


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