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Reason Congress Won't Act on Impeachment. Plantation Caste System

I withheld this article for some time because I am not a member of the Bar Association, even though I know a bit of law, and it's a crime in some jurisdictions to practice law without a license. Nevertheless, I do not hold a law license, but do have an opinion, so I'm issuing a disclaimer that I am not instructing anyone in the law.

You, as an American, may have increasingly heard the term, 'plantation system', or something like that, referring to the system we now have in The US. It bears a crude analogy to the old slavery which used to exist in The US, part of which, even the late Shelby Foote who authored The Civil War, said we now all of us have a federal slave collar around our necks. He was referring to the system which came about after the old slavery ended with the Civil War.

There are articles in print and available on the internet, as well as in other libraries, which define the social security number as something from a foreign or alien entity which is not a part of The United States Constitution, which is the law of the land. According to the information I have read, the social security number is affiliated with, or identifiable as akin to the Federal Reserve System, a part of the Federal Reserve Corporation which is a registered trademark whose charter is said to be in London, England. -IT IS NOT OWNED OUTRIGHT BY THE US GOVERNMENT. IT IS A PRIVATE CORPORATION.

Over the years after the JFK Assassination, the US was taken off the silver standard, and on the day JFK was buried, the Federal Reserve Corporation, a corporation of private banks and banking institutions and families, issued the first few billion so-called 'new Federal Reserve Notes'(one dollar bills) which, for the first time, did not bear the "promise of redeemability" on the faces of the bills. This meant the bills were no longer redeemable in 'lawful money (GOLD or SILVER COIN)at the US Treasury or any Federal Reserve Bank' as they had been before when they were at least 'silver certificates'.

The practice of removing the redeemable lawful currency continued until now when we have no new basic denominations of currency issued in 'bearer notes' which are redeemable, but instead, we have been issued phony fiat money by a PAN-GERMAN NAZI DVD. outfit headed for many years by George H. W. Bush, President 41 and father of the so-called current p) resident thug. Consequently our worth as a nation, unbacked by real currency, has dwindled and we have suffered another dollar devaluation recently, and we had already suffered about a complete 50% devaluation, unannounced, in 1985!!!!

There are many more aspects to the looting of our nation's worth and US Treasury, but the main points are covered here below and above.

As the money decreases in worth the demand increases to use the social security number until we are all virtually forced to use it to get anything. What choice do we have? When the number of citizens who don't depend on this number nor use it decreases to the current point where only rich, preferred people don't constantly depend on the number the majority of the nation is entrapped. Entrapped in a legal status of being citizens who are more in the nature of corporate subjects instead of sovereign citizens.
End of part one
PART TWO Citizens Forced onto a 'Status of Credit'

Now you see the reason why various persons in contemporary times have been unable to sue government or government affiliated persons, agencies, etc., and other such outfits. They, holding a social security number, are on a status of 'credit', and are not necessarily a 'free and sovereign citizen at law' with all his or her constitutional rights, so the courts don't have to act. This, unfortunately, is the position the great majority of US Citizens are in where we have a punk-resident in the Black House who has allegedly been involved with others who have allegedly, reportedly, placed massive funds linked to US Treasury into secret accounts. In addition, there are some dual Israeli-American Citizens such as former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense, 'Dov Zakheim', who have reportedly absconded with more than a trillion US dollars. More recently there was a published uproar alleging that Treasury Secretary Paulson was responsible for removing a massive amount of U.S. Funds which, I am not certain were returned.

With our US Treasury money not physically in the US Treasury inside the United States Jurisdiction, I think the status problem is thereby severely aggravated, as we citizens who don't hold immense wealth and don't have great resources and logistics are helpless to deal with the machine Bush-Cheney have commandeered against us. In short, the whole world knows we are broke, especially if what money in our banks is fiat money, unbacked by silver or gold, or anything. The world views us, as slaves, already, waiting for the next shoe to drop, when we could be 'led away slaves into every nation'.

And we enjoy non-common law privileges instead of rights. Why else can you not legally drive down the road (freedom to travel) without a driver's license which is issued by states that generally demand the social security number at least on the license application. So we begin waiving our rights right there at the DMV. The Nazis have replaced our common law rights with privileges, and removed the status of citizen and replaced it with a status of credit. They removed the gold and silver and removed it from behind our currency and replaced it with fiat notes of credit. Citizen to credit-slave, lawful money to worthless paper.

The 'Candidates For The Con' in the Black House already know that establishing the current phony War-Emergency Powers conditions is what it would take to finish us off completely!
You are not free if you cannot even refuse to talk to a police officer when you are not breaking the law, without risking being shot to death for 'refusing to obey a command'. We are under a complete dictatorship and you, as a citizen, have the responsibility and duty to do what you can to encourage this nation to impeach the current filth in the White House, and strive to restore a rule of law to America, and rid our country of these phony wars and war criminal cons.

In summary: We citizens of the United States are looked upon by Congress as a bunch of bankrupted slaves without the legal status to compel Congress to do anything at all.

Every day you live right now and every day your family lives free of Martial Law is a God's Miracle! Even members of Congress have stated, and it has been published, that they want to attack Iran right now, which would start, yet another war, and The US is severely overextended currently as it is.

So thank you David Swanson and all the others who have sponsored and participated on this site.
And may God Almighty truly help and save America. joe martin

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