You are herecontent / Dennis Kucinich: Thanks to You, Impeachment Will Be Heard on Friday

Dennis Kucinich: Thanks to You, Impeachment Will Be Heard on Friday

TRANSCRIPT: I want to thank you for the support which you have given to my efforts to hold this administration accountable for taking us into a war based on lies and for the destruction of the rule of law and the destruction of cherished constitutional principles.

Because of your support, this Friday in Washington, DC, I will make a presentation before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives at which time I will make the case that this president has violated his oath of office, violated United States law and international law, has separated our nation from our constitution, and has taken us on a course that has been so profoundly anti-democratic that it has threatened the core of our nation.

Because of your support, I have been able to advance this series of matters right to the table of the Judiciary Committee.

Because of your support, I have been able to create an opening so we’re finally getting a chance in Washington to discuss the abuses of power, to discuss a war based on lies, to discuss the whole architecture of constitutional principles that have been taken down.

Every serious matter that faces the people of this country today can be linked to an administration which is not accountable.

For example, the price of gasoline. You know that Vice President Cheney with the permission and blessing of President Bush held secret meetings with leaders of the oil industry where they laid out maps of Iraq far in advance of the attack on Iraq. You know and I know the war was about oil, and if we can force the vice president of the United States to have to testify, we can get the information that is necessary to be able to prove that not only has US law been violated, but that the public trust has been under a continuous assault by an alliance between the White House and the oil companies.

You look at the sub-prime lending fiasco with millions of Americans having the dream of home ownership threatened, and you look at an administration that took the cops off the beat at the Securities and Exchange Commission that enabled the Fed to look the other way when they should have been disciplining the banks. The American people had a right to expect the government would protect their interests.

When you look at the shakeout in the stock market and all these small investors who are losing their life savings, again the Bush administration and their alliance with interest groups, violating an oath of office, enabling these interest groups to steal from the American people, over and over and over again.

For the first time we are going to have a chance to raise these issues in the Judiciary Committee in the context of a hearing at which I am going to present the Articles of Impeachment so that the Committee cannot say, well, they just didn’t know. We are going to force this issue because of you.

We are in danger of losing our country to war based on lies, to destruction of our civil liberties, but it is your commitment and your willingness to stand up and speak out that has enabled me to take a stand and to say not only are we going to save what is right and save what is dear to us, but we are going to hold this administration accountable so that it never happens again.

This is truly our moment. Friday is the beginning. Thank you for supporting this effort with signing petitions, with your emails and your letters and your phone calls.

I pledge to you that I will continue my efforts to defend a way of life that the American people have a right to expect – to expect to have a government they can call their own – to expect to have a government that will tell them the truth – to expect to have a government that is worthy of the tradition of democracy.

Thank you.

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images 2 HELP DENNIS hold Bush Cheney accountable FREE - 2 COPY at...



PASS them ON - 2 your Family, Friends, REPS in Congress

DO IT TODAY.... Thank U, & - & - & - & - -

soon, ( Step Ahead U )( GLOBAL ) University - " Where All Earth Citizens R Teachers and Students" )

See some of you on Friday!

I expect to be there.

Al K.

Hey wouldn't it be great if like........... we could have representatives .......... that people know.....could send to DC express the veiwpoint of an entire group of people.......... so that millions of us don't have to waist valuable time and resources to actually physically be there in the room for stuff like this every time.(Like there's even enough room) Hey....while were're at it.....WE should form a government like that.......... you know after this snowjob doesn't work.
I vote for David......... for something!

can you freeway blog?

I have now read to Federalist Paper #27 so far. Publius, otherwise Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison, pretty much envisioned this type of conduct. What they envisioned was more of a threat from foreign sources. It is apparent that these men held in very high regard the spirit of their times and the love of the American citizens of freedom and liberty which was wrested away from the tyranny of the King of England.

These men did see the possibility of "domestic enemies" but so regarded the American citizens love of that liberty and freedom that they felt certain that adherence to the then new Constitution would quell the rogue efforts of the lusts and greed for power that would be contrary to the new form of government in America.

What has been striking so far to me in the FEDERALIST PAPERS is what I perceive to be the intentional reading of these works with a mind set to reverse the effect. What Hamilton, Jay and Madison were promoting the Constitutional Federalism as a way to govern the people through the vehicle of a republic, Bush administration officials like Cheney, Addington, Yoo, Gonzalez, Rice and numerous others seem to intentionally have looked to what it was "Publius" was seeking to avoid for the then new nation and in the 21st century, Bush's group has been seeking ways to justify that which the founders sought to avoid.

In essence, BushCo has sought, with some serious success(?) to "restore" the tyranny which the patriots, including the trinity Publius, fought so bravely and intelligently to hand down to generations of Americans since the Eighteenth Century.

THE FEDERALIST PAPERS are fascinating reading when taken in light of what has been happening since January 20, 2001. Really, it is most instructive to read these works of governmental philosophy critically with an eye toward the history of the United States since WWII or maybe even back to FDR's New Deal. What squares with the writings of Publius? The New Deal or the Neocons? A strong America or an Imperial America?

I know how I view the answers to these types of questions but I submit that everyone needs to come to his or her own conclusions which may be affected by one's own circumstances and experiences.

Yet, I find it difficult to imagine anyone professing to be an American, loyal to its founding principals, who can justify our current plight and, with a straight face, claim that what America is today emanates from the vision of people such as the trinity that made up Publius.

these guys had plans that were wrapped up neo federalist paradigms

the fact they believed they were doing good is atrocious

Hamilton asked for forgiveness

Bush #1 has to be melting in a chair somewhere

Bush #2 has no one to look at, let alone Cheney

Clinton #1 has to be freaked

Clinton #2 might not get the chance after all to even consider being a running mate

so much momentum in impeachment and war crimes

Obama should continue deliberating as a Senator in Iraq, he's doing more than Bush #2 did in 8 years

Obama should visit New Orleans right now, like RIGHT NOW - by addressing this nation he will make ALL of them look like serious nasty chumps

it's a blockbuster that Impeachment punchline


First they based the system of governing in the US on the British Monarchy, so that was a bit silly yes, but they negated all they thought was wrong and tried to right it.
Dennis is, as am I, a strict Constitutionalist. Once they start taking that away, as in OUR Fourth Amendment, the Murderer and his minions knew that one but hey, Article.II.Section.4., that is what I live for.
Read "Traitor" by Marcus Tillius Cicero and that was between 106 BC - 43 BC. Then JFK from 30 September 1962, his Remarks to the Nation on the James Meredith case, "On Defiance Of Law".
Much great stuff out ---->>>>> there.


I find it absolutely amazing that within the last thirty-odd years, we have an American population who know little, if anything, about the Founders' intentions for this nation, and how at least two generations have been denied the ability to really read, study and put into practice the methods and procedures of governing which were laid out in THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.

It should come as little surprise that Franklin Roosevelt was an ardent student of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, and he applied many of the principles contained within it, especially in regards as to how a nation's economy should function (which is how we got the New Deal), and within the space of almost seventy years, the Bush Administration (with plenty of help from the last three Presidential Administrations) has broken away from the real, republican traditions of our nation, and has fully embraced fascism, tyranny and oligarchism.

Also, the true meaning of "patriotism" has been drowned out in a sea of hyper-emotionalism and shallow symbolism, which was something that "Publius" sought to warn people about through THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, and the publication of these papers was their way to educate the citizens of the new republic about the dangers of allowing oligarchism and tyranny to slip back in, and to teach them how to be on guard against those who would do so and to render themselves immune to the "seductive" lure of tyranny, imperialism and oligarchism which still resided in the minds and hearts of some of the nation's citizens.

Unfortunately, due to the systematic revising of much of America's history, and the failure to teach this history to our children, few Americans truly know about or understand the sacrifices which "Publius" and others made in order to bring forth a republican nation which wouldn't be dragged down by the oligarchy which had already transformed Europe into a cesspool of backwardness, feudalism and reduced its population into thinking of themselves as serfs who served at the pleasure of their oligarchical masters.

We're well on our way to becoming a fascist oligarchy through our own ignorance, passivity and stupidity, and I can't help but wonder what the three men who called themselves "Publius" would think of us if they were to hear us make an impassioned profession that we're "Americans" who claim that we're loyal to the principles which were the foundation for this nation, and dare to justify the destruction of those principles.

I know Conyers is going to pull the carpet out from under Dennis' feet, Bill, my VFP Chapter Prez is going all crazy because I just sent him the link to the video! I just saw it 1/2 hour ago. He did email blasts to vvaw and ivaw, too. Man I know Conyers, "You know, Mr. Kucinich I know what you're doin', I'm not going to let you get away with this, so..", bunch O' angry Vets refuse to shut up or move at that point, although I truly do not want to sit in a cell, albeit inside that damned compound for 6 hours.
I just want him to say it aloud, in the House Judiciary while I watch, then I'll cry. Always all the guys and Rhoda, and I'll cry about a Politician with ethics, an oxymoron, honest politician, yeah? I fired my Congressguy and my Senator over 2 weeks ago. they screwed with my Fourth Amendment, they broke their Oath of Office, Dennis is my Rep., I've always donated to him, even after they 'Disappeared' him from presumptive Nominee, I donated to his seat in the House run, I felt he was the only one that listened, he answers everything I ask, he's so kind.
I just wanna' see it before I die, the Murderer shouldn't laugh too hard if he represents in fron of the Judiciary.
It is what it is....


I spent over an hour today speaking with staff people,
Democrats and Republicans, in the Judiciary Committee.
My message essentially was to encourage the Congressman,
Congresswoman, to support Rep. Dennis Kucinich and the
Impeachment hearing on friday; press for full impeachment hearings as the American people deserve to hear the evidence. Staff and interns were polite and said they
would pass on the message...too, I was told the hearing
would be a full committee, many, I surmised, would attend.
The most disturbing remark made to me was from a republican staff person who said basically that this hearing was held
in order to placate the anti-war groups and that impeachment
has virtually no chance of really being 'on the table' or
full hearings being held. He was adament aboutthis and felt
that al-qaeda must be subdued regardless of past misdeeds.

It would be nice if everyone had as much courage and love for America as Dennis Kucinich has, but we can't expect miracles. What we can expect is for our elect officials to listen and heed Dennis' call to defend the Constitution. We're with Dennis on that.

Dennis, thank you for being just about the only courageous congressperson willing to stand up to power, and protect our Constitution and our rights. Never doubt the value what you are doing. ~Corpsman1

From the American Interest Magazine-Vol.III, No.5 | May/June 2008... by John Mueller...

"...the total number or people killed worldwide by genuine al-Qaeda types and assorted wannabes outside of warzones since 9/11 averages about 300 per year...that number is smaller than the yearly number of bathtub drownings in the United States."

Get ON with Impeachment, the real enemy is within and lives in a White House and in the Naval Observatory!

Nothing against Obama; but this is my favorite candidate for President. He cares about the Constitution, working people, children, and seniors. AND H.R. 676


Thank you Dennis Kucinich, for not giving up. We support you!

For the first time ever, Norton 360 has tried to block this site. This is the message I got:
This web page is a known phishing web page. Accessing this web page even to view it could make you vulnerable to criminal activity. It is recommednded that you DO NOT visit this web page. This web page might have MALICIOUS CONTENT.

Dear Dennis Kuciinik
Thank you for representing our country in your fight to impeach President Bush and VP Cheney. I'm 66 year old retired woman and in my adult life have never experienced a dictatorship in my America. That is, until now. The past 8 years have been the personal rendition of an incompetent individual who spends his life in denial. Actually, I feel sorry for him as he is an embarassment to the world. Just doesn't have what it takes But is able to keep his self interests and those of his friends and lobbyists as priorities.
Fortunately, Bush's era is drawing to a close. Most of the time, I really didn't know if we would all come through it intact. I'm not sure that we have but I think it is vital that we hold him and his staff accountable for the damage he has done. Not for punishment so much as to show our citizens and the world our outrage at the corrupt handling of our treasures beginning with our young men and women killed and injured in the Oil war. The unprovoked attack on a non-threatening but oil-rich country and the murder of their citizens and demolishment of their country.
His administration bas allowed the unbridled greed of the large corporations and their interests to supersede the interests of the American people, their country and the safety of the world.
Thank you for protecting our Constitution. I do believe it was divinely inspired and is worthy of protection.
Know that you are highly respected and always speak truth to my ear. You have my full support in your efforts.

very good statement mary! speak to the people and encourage them to change things for the better...-s.

although the tech said it was because I use Mozilla Firefox and that "another party" is corrupting the link. Whatever, I blame my "fee for service" security software provider.

By the way, switching over to Internet Explorer allowed me full access to AfterDowningStreet. But as I write this, I still cannot use Mozilla Firefox at ADS.

Thank You

I agree with impeaching Cheney. I disagree with impeaching Bush, when there is NO CHANCE to convict. (Prof) Bob Meyer

mr. kucinich, i am very proud of you! big time kudos to you, sir. why do the other democratic members of government not join you? what are they so afraid of? i wish you the best of luck and the strength it will
take to do what is necessary. i am a canadian citizen. i have been staying away from your country because it scares the hell out of me. i was there less than 2 days before that fateful day and that scares the hell
out of me. many people speculate that the facts presented to the public are nothing more than lies. i am very disappointed with speaker pelosi, she was involved in meetings and agreements with the derailed
federal government. i see there is a movement to replace her senatorially. if the democrats do not get it together soon it will complicate matters, senator obama in the white house while losing the other branches
is not the rosiest of scenarios... so many issues, so many issues...-s.

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