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Pelosi Tells Netroots Nation She Opposes Impeachment Because She's BiPartisan

Netroots Nation or Nation of Sheep: Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore Address the Netroots Nation Conference
By: Ronnie Cummins, National Director, Grassroots Netroots Alliance,

Saturday morning, July 19. Sitting here at the Netroots Nation conference in Austin, Texas with several thousand other online activists. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Party Speaker of the House, the third most powerful politician in the United States, is up on the podium, doing her best to damp down the mounting criticism of the Democratic Party's shameful collaboration in funding the war and aiding and abetting the Bush administration's shredding of the Constitution.

Before Pelosi speaks, an announcement is made from the podium that disruptions will not be tolerated--if any of us express our frustrations too passionately with Pelosi and the sell-out Democratic Party leadership we will be arrested. The first question the Netroots moderator poses to Pelosi is about impeachment. This generates considerable applause and cheers from the crowd. Pelosi, notorious for proclaiming that "impeachment is off the table," artfully dodges the question and evasively talks about censuring the Bush administration and getting tough on Karl Rove. This generates polite clapping from the front of the room, where all the tables have apparently been "reserved" for Pelosi fans. In contrast I can see groans, grimaces, and shaking of heads from many of us, the netroots rabble, sitting at the back of the hall.

I resist a strong urge to get up and leave. How long will the centrist bureaucrats of Netroots Nation and groups like MoveOn roll-over for lowest common denominator Democrats and Barack Obama? After an hour of rather boring rhetoric by Pelosi, Al Gore makes a surprise appearance on the stage, letting Nancy off the hook.

After a standing ovation, Gore reminds us that the polar icecaps are melting even faster than scientists had expected. The global climate crisis, he goes on, is about to turn into a climate catastrophe. Gore then points out that global warming is of course connected to the energy crisis, reliance on foreign oil, and the economic crisis, as well as the lack of political leadership in the country. Finally, to cheers from the crowd, Gore calls on the assembled netroots to educate the public and get behind his campaign to generate 100% of the nation's electricity from renewable sources of energy within 10 years.

Pelosi once again joins Gore on the stage and rather unconvincingly tries to present herself and the Democratic majority in the Congress as "revolutionary" on energy matters. This is too much for a number of us in the audience, and finally a man yells out at the top of his lungs, "What about the goddamn impeachment resolution?" The security guards at side of the hall look nervously around, but no one makes a move to arrest the man.

After unconvincingly claiming that she is trying to be "bi-partisan" today, and dodging a question about whether or not she will get behind Gore's campaign for 100% renewable electricity by 2018, Pelosi rather anti-climatically reminds us that nothing will change unless we "get out there and elect Obama and a Democratic majority in November..."

Whether or not you decide to vote for Democrat Barack Obama, Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney, or Independent Ralph Nader in November, please go to and join a growing radical populist army who believe we need an alternative to MoveOn and Democratic Party centrists. The doomsday clock is ticking. Let's fight like hell to make sure that 2008 is not the year where we tried to change drivers, but still went over the cliff.

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...will I vote for ANY candidates in the uni-party!

the idea of NOT voting and letting the GREATER OF TWO EVILS win is a "sin of ommission" , in my book anyways. Waddya think, RA?



So I KNOW its my fault Gore did not win :-(



Impeachment is nothing he need to try to fit in prison uniform and put in general population Bush is a mad man maybe we can backer act the bush gang.Here in Florida we still have a nice chair for him to rest in.Bush made a micky mouse out of Al Capone & Jeff doma & Jack ripper & hitler Is he above the law??? It makes one wonder lets all of us stick togeather like it was before I LOVE MY COUNTRY and some little scum bag is trying to kill all the middle class & the poor and the old folks at home.& the rest of them are his bitches.

The fact is that Al Gore DID WIN the 2000 election! The Republicans STOLE the election in Florida!

One other point: A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil! Do not support them at all!


A two-headed hydra corporate montrosity, consisting of the "donkeys" and "elephants" having a monopoly on political power in America.

Center stage comes the House Speaker "shame forever" Nancy "off the table" Pelosi, who took the "donkeys" off in "a new direction", dumping the nation's Constitution "off the table", eliminating "the rule of law", skipping "checks and balances", ignoring the "truth", side tracking "accountability" at every turn, and introducing the American people to a new form of governance, an imperial majesty presidency, not accountable to the American people for anything and a complete abomination to a free and peace loving nation.

She smiles and confers her blessings to those fans sitting in the front tables who applaud her every utterance.

How dare she show her face there, I'm surprised she wasn't mobbed and only one person decided to break the courtesy ban

or, she probably meant that's she for fascism on both sides of the aisle! Lovely to see such fair minded representatives in our capitol!

Being a Republican immitating a Democrat does not make you bipartisan! Or is she a Democrat immitating a Republican, take your pick!

Either way she has to go: vote for and support Cindy Sheehan:

Pelosi is VERY partisan! She is stalling impeachment and cutting off of funding for the Iraq occupation so as to hang everything wrong in the country on the Republicans. This is to stuff the legislature with Democrats. The cry is: we can't do anything substantial because we don't have enough Democrats. She could stop funding for the occupation the same way she is stopping impeachment. Just don't allow the legislation to come to a vote! Instead she brings funding bills to the floor so that they will be passed by the Republicans. It STINKS! It is obscene!

Support Cincy Sheehan no matter if she has a chance to get Pelosi's seat or not. Her campaign itself will help generate awareness of what is going on! This is very important.

Al K.

It was also good to hear the netrooters did not all fall into line and fawn over Nancy. What we need is a new face and a new party in town. I am so excited to think that Cindy is going to take the place of Nancy after the election in November. It is a no-brainer. Why would anyone vote for a woman who believes torture is a good thing? What a truly horrible person. She brings shame to her whole family. She really is not even suitable to be a dog catcher. We would expect better.

everyone went gaga over Gore and forgot that Nancy didn't answer a damn thing.

why is everyone afraid to speak in America?

They created an economic problem so wide spread that most people don't have time to notice their way of life & their country has been stolen . The traitors come from both parties.

is WHO in Netroots Nation thought it was a good strategy to threaten attendees of the Pelosi event with arrest if they didn't behave like good girls and boys?




Lisa, because they'll take your house.. then your job. Ask Roger Shuler.

Be real,whether Earthling or not*Pelosi the Traitor and Bitch,prison for you too..

She really is a Republican!!!!

Pelosi really needs to go, vote her ass out. the sooner the better. She needs to be impeached also... What a disgrace...

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