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Washington Democrats: No Will, No Backbone
By Joshua Frank

These are tremulous times for the Republican establishment. A poll released this past weekend by Ipsos/Associated Press confirms that Bush's agenda has slid right off the table and into the trash bin. The president's popularity has plummeted to a meager 39 percent, the lowest of his tenure. At the center of Bush's nose dive is the Iraq catastrophe: almost two-thirds of those polled disapproved of Bush's handling of the invasion and subsequent occupation. The people's voices have indeed been heard. They want light, not more tunnel and lies.

So you'd think Democrats, the alleged opposition party in Washington, would be elated over the latest findings, quickly devising a scheme to capitalize on Bush's overwhelming disapproval ratings. Well, they are devising a scheme, all right, but it's not one that will bring the troops home or provide any mortar for Bush's cracked foreign policy.

Two former staffers of the Clinton administration, William Galston and Elaine Kamarck, both Democratic Leadership Council patrons, released a report on Oct. 6 that outlined their strategy to take back Washington.

"The groups that were supposed to constitute the new Democratic majority in 2004 simply failed to materialize in sufficient number to overcome the right-center coalition of the Republican Party," wrote Galston and Kamarck. "[On defense issues], liberals espouse views diverging not only from those of other Democrats, but from Americans as a whole."

What a load of bull. The American public, although slow to digest the truth about the Iraq war, is finally coming around. Yet the Democratic Party has nothing to offer in return. Even with nearly 2,000 U.S. soldiers and countless civilians dead, the Dems still want to stay the failing course in Iraq. It's all about winning political campaigns, not justice – never mind that the Dems can't even win a match that's been forfeited by the Republicans. The liberal establishment is beyond inept; it's hopeless.

Antiwar crusader Cindy Sheehan recently told me that she thought the Democrats should be abandoned. "I will not support a pro-war Democrat [in the upcoming elections]. … I regret supporting John Kerry in 2004," she said. "[T]he movement gained nothing from his candidacy." Later, in piece titled "War-Hawk Republicans and Antiwar Democrats: What's the Difference?," Sheehan wrote, "I think if one is not speaking out right now against the killing in Iraq, one is supporting it."


Virtually every leading Democrat in D.C. is silent. They have been from the get-go. One may wonder what the Democrats are waiting for, now that the popular tides are turning against Dubya. Do they think the Republicans will simply crumble on their own? Do they think that Karl Rove and Scooter Libby are going to be indicted over this whole Valerie Plame affair? While the stalwarts of the Democratic Party sit idly by waiting for a miraculous Bush collapse from within, more people are dying in Iraq every day. Billions more are spent on a war with no end in sight.

So even though Bush is down and out, don't expect the Democrats to ever capitalize. They have neither the will nor the backbone.

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As an outspoken democrat I was harrassed by my Republican counterparts (I am a minority at work with a 5 to one ratio of inferiority). "Four more years!" they shouted. My resolute reply was that I really hoped that Kerry would lose. I want "Yellow Cake" to get us out of this mess he has gotten us into (but, oh, please Cindy, Casey is on my mind and may I never inadvertently hurt your feelings, and I did vote for Kerry even though my favorite was Kucinich)
I have read that 99 out of 100 senators are millionaires (tax-free) and that they do not pay into Social Security. Sounds like a catch-22. And, that 25% of our elected are dixie-crats. Where in hell do we stand? What I am saying is that, for their own interests, our incumbents support our opponents!.

earlywine, born in another era, and I, unlike "yellow cake", has proudly served in the infantry during the Viet Nam conflict. And, as a soldier (drafted) during that era I was openly critical of our reasons for being there (Shell was already there).

John McCain was a phony> campaign reform, MY EYE. He has so many irons in the fire its pathetic. He was president of New Citizenship Project which initiated the PNAC, the mob organization that got us into this mess! There must be Think Tank REFORM... I don't care if you were in a mob organization and you don't get one cent from them in campaign money, the mob think tanks that promote wars (mass murder) outside the realm of the Constitution have got to go (and their members arrested, not running for president!)... they violate NPO laws and RICO laws and they are American terrorist organizations!

I hear people say it will only hurt us by making the democratic party weaker. But what does that matter at this point. Maybe if a third party starts pulling enough votes away the democrats will wake up.....

The Roll-Over Democrats, is how I think of them...
Edwards or Dean should have been the pick.

I don't like to see attacks on the Democratic party given top bill on a site I'd like to work with to bring Bush and his war cronies to justice.

Our representatives are elected to serve in a fair and honorable government. Since Bush took power in a collapse of the righteousness of the Supreme Court, we haven't had that working environment to provide for our representatives.

I have nothing against people expressing such dissent and anger, but it should not divert attention from the purpose of the website. WHY is this stuff being allowed to divert attention from the actual issue? Someone coming to this site on a link to find out about the DSM is getting a faceful of political controversy that should be on some column somewhere down below.

There are quite a few Democratic representatives, such as John Kerry, who are honorable and whom America would happily agree to let serve his elected term, instead of the one Bush just stole again. America would happily trust a great number of Democrats (and lower tier Republicans) to assume power after rooting out this coup. Throwing tomatoes from the top level of this website blurs the Iraq War Lies focus, and to some degree dishonors the dead.

Beyond that, thanks for all you are doing, and especially for the 'Key Documents' pile, which may seem prosaic to you who are fighting, but is the meat of the site for anyone coming here for the first time.

Must seperate....

The democrats must go back to being the party of the people.

If this does not happen a third-party, the GREENS will become the party of the people and take over.

The republicans must go back to being the party of the corporations. (Oops, wait they already ARE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!!!!!)

And then all the funny money will be obvious and investigated.

Doug Eldritch

“For many years I have felt that the situation in the Middle East was very nearly hopeless. The fundamental problem for us is that we have lost our freedom of action an the Middle East and are committed to policies that promote neither our own national interest nor the cause of peace. AIPAC (the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) and its allied organizations have effective working control of the electoral process. They can elector defeat nearly any congressman or senator that they wush, with their money and coordinated organization.

Repubs versus Dems.

Left versus Right.

Liberals versus Conservatives.

"Us" versus "them".

The two factions of our one party corporate whore government have us right where they want us. While we're busy pointlessly scuffling over political ideology, and soaking up the latest scandal dujour in a media that is completely devoid of journalistic integrity and failing the people miserably, what is left of legitimate government in the United States is being siphoned away by people pretending that they actually care about average citizens.

Think about this for a second: There are 535 people on Capitol Hill, most of them millionaires, who hold the well being of the entire populace (roughly 280 million) in their hands. Except for a very few good apples, this bunch couldn't care less about Joe Six Pack, aside from blowing enough sunshine up his ass to get his vote.

They certainly don't care about balancing the nation's checkbook. They'll just keep passing the debt to future generations. And they'll keep fighting wars for corporate profit under the guise of protecting the people they really couldn't care less about.

America has forgotten that the elected representatives inside the Beltway are not the leaders. The people are the leaders. Washington is supposed to be accountable to US.

Remember "government of by and for the people"? Boy, those were the days.

I think we have a chance to turn it around, but we need to start acting on this chance NOW.

We need to stop awarding our votes to people based on what we think they can do for us as individuals, and start thinking with honest hearts and open minds about what is truly best for the country as a whole.

It's long past time for real, wholesale change.

John Perry

The situation is even more drastic than that, David! Not only are our Democratic Senators afraid to lead the country in a direction away from the Pentagon's $440 billion warchest budget and all the destruction that goes with it, but they are not positioned to take a progressive stance for leadership on any other issue, either.

In the United States, the military bosses the government and people around (even though it's supposed to be the other way). By giving up their moral leadership stance on this key issue, the Dem Senators are incapable of leading on any other issue.

It's not even a question of being anti-war -- although it should be. It's more a question of being pro-democracy vs. pro-dictatorship, pro-people vs. pro-corporate, progress vs. regress, etc...

All of them must go!

I am glad that some Republicans are antiwar. Unfortinately most have been lined up 100% behind the President and have not changed their point of view even today. Democrat in Congress are coming around! Please note that Robert Byrd, Jon Corzine and others were against the war from the start. Russ Feingold and Barbara Boxer have come out for a plan to end the war by end of 2006. Harry Reid and 30 other Senators have sent the President a letter demanding an exit strategy. I don't call that silence. Okay, it's not exactly what we all want but it's a start.

So, I might ask the author - why doesn't he beat the Republicans as hard as the Democrats? The Republicans are in power. If any party can end the war quickly it is the majority party. If Republican constitutents were tough with their Republican representatives they may get somewhere. In the meantime, Democrats must continue to press their Democratic representatives hardon the war.

For those who say that Democrats have been silent they are absolutely wrong. See this letter from Harry Reid to Bush (signed by 30 Democratic Senators):

Also, the Out Of Iraq caucus keeps growing in the House.

I appreciate the that are "paleo-conservative" Republicans who oppose the neocons. That is wonderful. But, they have an unfortunate tendency to shower blame on Democrats while not taking on their own party. I don't quite get that. I certainly welcome their support but urge not to create partisian tension between Democrats and Republicans by calling Democrats sphineless. Some of us with Representatives who have been against the war all long, such as Frank Pallone, take serious exception to this categorization. It just isn't a helpful argument.

NOT the Republican and the Democrat that have nuthin' to do with PNAC/AIPAC.

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