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How They'll Try to Bury Impeachment and Fail

UPDATE #7 The House Judiciary Committee website has posted its schedule for the week, which includes on Thursday a hearing of the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties on . . . No, not impeachment, but "Lessons Learned from the 2004 Presidential Election". Hmmm. Fail to stand up to Bush and Cheney, fail to get anywhere. Must be a different lesson? Also included is Fridays' hearing with yet another new title: "Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations," which does avoid the oxymoronic "Imperial Presidency," but makes the mistake of dragging in the Constitution, which is chock full of instructions on impeachment, but does not mention censure anywhere, and nowhere refers to the remedy of redundantly recriminalizing crimes after a criminal president is out of office.

UPDATE #6 Rocky Anderson says he'll be testifying on Friday too. He tells me he'll speak for impeachment "and other remedies/reforms."

UPDATE #5 (although unconfirmed and we pretty much already knew it): RoccoR5955 at writes: "I saw Hinchey a few hours ago, and asked him if he was going to speak for impeachment. He told me, 'With all of my constituents like you, bugging me to call for impeachment, I sure will call for the impeachment of these criminals.' (part of this was tongue-in-cheek, because he's a long time friend). Before Hinchey was my Congressman, he was my State Assemblyman. We have a history, and are on a first name basis. You can count on him. This much is certain. As much as the cornservatives around here complain that Hinchey is 'such a damn Liberal,' they still vote for him, because he does right by them. He holds town meetings to explain his positions, and get feedback from his constituency whenever he is not doing his job in DC." The problem is that he may say "i'd like impeachment but censure is more realistic" and then push censure, which would be unforgiveable.

UPDATE #4 (although we knew it already): people who keep claiming John Dean is smart enough to back impeachment should listen to me unsuccessfully try to get him to do so for 60 minutes here.

UPDATE #3 (although we knew it already): Barr confirms that he'll be worse than useless.

UPDATE #2: Conyers has canceled the noon meeting with Veterans for Peace, suggesting that the 10 a.m. hearing is expected now to run more than 2 hours. VFP rightly sees this as a success for our cause.

UPDATE: Harold Burbank says Ralph Nader says Ralph Nader will be testifying. Add him to the list of those who will speak for impeachment.

By David Swanson

In response to public demand for impeachment hearings and pressure from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Congressman Robert Wexler, and others, as well as electoral challenges by pro-impeachment candidates, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally caved and proposed to allow Kucinich to present impeachment in a Judiciary Committee hearing.

The hearing was then scheduled for a Friday (July 25) and scheduled to last a full two-hours (10 a.m. to noon). Then the topic was altered. Rather than being about impeachment, the hearing will be about impeachment and other supposed remedies to a lawless presidency, with the bulk of the time devoted to those other remedies. Most of those other remedies will involve, believe it or not, legislative proposals. Thus, the dererrence to future presidents who follow the Bush-Cheney tradition of violating all laws and checks on power will be the knowledge that during the administration following Bush-Cheney some bills were passed criminalizing what had always been criminal activity.

Rumor has it there are two panels being planned for the hearing, one consisting of Kucinich and four other members of Congress (Jane Harman, Walter Jones, Brad Miller, and Maurice Hinchey), and the other consisting of five non-Congress Members (Elizabeth Holtzman, Bruce Fein, Frederick Schwartz, John Dean, and Bob Barr). Each of these speakers will likely have 5 minutes for opening remarks. So, Kucinich's presentation of the impeachable offenses of 7.5 years will be limited to 5 minutes. The hope of those planning this affair will be to bury impeachment.

Here's why they'll fail. Holtzman and Fein -- and Kucinich -- are among the most persuasive advocates for impeachment alive. At least those three speakers, it is safe to assume, will be standing up for our Constitution. Another you can add to that list is committee member Robert Wexler. Others are committee members Sheila Jackson-Lee and Tammy Baldwin. It is safe to assume that these members will direct their questioning to the need for impeachment and the advocates of beginning it. Plus Hinchey favors impeachment too.

Other supporters of impeachment on the committee are Keith Ellison, Steve Cohen, Hank Johnson, and Maxine Waters, as well as Luis Gutierrez and Anthony Weiner. Zoe Lofgren is also likely to speak up for impeachment. And those in the room as audience will be overwhelmingly defenders of our Constitution. But you can help defend it without coming to Washington. Here's how:

Contact the members of the Judiciary Committee and insist that they be there on Friday the 25th and that they speak up for impeachment:

And on Friday the 25th, everywhere, Freeway Blog the word IMPEACH.

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Everyone knows without question, and without blinking an eye, a woman can change her mind faster than you can say "Johnny come lately", and so, when Wolf Blitzer asked Speaker Pelosi why she took impeachment "off the table" way back when this woman responded "I ruled out impeachment before the election in terms of a priority for the new Congress. IMPEACHMENT'S ALWAYS ON THE TABLE depending on the behavior of the President of the United States, but in terms of where we planned to go I said before the election that impeachment was off the table".

It's way past before the election now and this President's behavior is a matter of public record for the posterity of the American people forever, and this woman certainly has every right to change her mind about impeachment. Hey, that's what makes her a woman.

Let's have some impeachment hearings to make it all official.

Just look at John Conyers. He wrote a book that practically outlined a complete case for impeachment, and then said he wouldn't support impeachment. We NOW need him to change his mind one more time....

If we can get to DC, we should come. If we can't come to DC, we should call. If the cat has our phone, we should at least keep a right thought. Be positive. Minds can changed. Sanity can prevail. America can be saved. Impeaching Bush and Cheney would be a necessary first step.

Hello All… Use the BELOW - IMAGE, IDEAS as U C fit... HELP IMPEACH Bush, Cheney - Impeachment Begins: - Be on Capitol Hill on Friday July 25th - PASS it ON,
Thank U, another Vet.


Life Imitates Art - Again - Title: ( TREASON, the TRIAL ) Oil & Paper on Canvas, 36 X 60 in. 1 of 20 Completed in 2001, Earth. by, Roger Drowne E.C.

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About his 20 - Patriot, Democracy, Protest, Paintings – Completed in 2001 – the Why, When, Where, Who, What, Inspiration, etc.

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We need not to forget the people which have not held up the constitution and let impeachment be taken off the table.

When it comes for reelecting the memebers of the House and Senate which has not perform their jobs ,, we need to purge them not only from their seats but from any control or function in our party.

We need to carry out our threats and get rid of the persons that are destroying our constitution and country.

You CANNOT impeach Senators or Members of Congress. You either expell them or vote them out of office come election time.

Look it up.

Mr. Douglas why would you bother the Congress with an Impeachment proceeding when it only takes 2/3 of either House to throw the schmucks out?

I'm not sure what your reffering to. I'm saying as a matter of fact only that senators CAN be impeached if that's what you mean. If that's not what you are reffering to please elaborate a little more and I will be happy to give you a better answer.

I don't get it.

How can they possibly get through the testimony of all those witnesses, plus Kucinich, plus have time for remarks by the House Judiciary members themselves in just 2 hours?

How is Dennis Kucinich supposed to even simply restate the case that he made on the House floor in just 5 minutes allotted, much less create any discussion of the evidence or analysis?

Somehow, we have to get this thing extended.
Only 2 hours to defend the U.S. Constitution.

That is an outrage.

look, I hate to sound like a naysayer of the worst kind, but honestly folks, there is no evidence that the DINOCRATS, the COMPLICIT, TRAITOROUS, CRIMINAL dinocrats, are going to do anything to rock the boat. They know that this son of a bitch will declare MARTIAL LAW at a moments notice, so nothing worthwhile is going to happen regarding HOLDING THESE SCUM ACCOUNTABLE FOR 911 MASS MURDERS, ILLEGAL INVASIONS, MURDER OF IRAQI's for no good reason, or the COMING ATTACK ON IRAN.

they are complicit, guilty of TORTURE and MURDER, and COMPROMISED TOTALLY. why do you think they are going to do something that ultimately would lead to THEIR OWN PROSECUTIONS AND DEATH SENTENCES????

why?? just tell me the fuck why they'd do that. please. I'm listening.

They won't allow it to go forward.

David, I think you're playing a little fast and loose with the "caved" reference. Allowing a full debate and vote in the House would be Pelosi "caving." Friday is another form of kabuki theater. Interesting, to be sure. But theater! A V-O-T-E ON IMPEACHMENT IS OUR GOAL. That is not on the script.

I hope to call all umpteen HJC members. If a few hundred of us do the same, we'll be noted.

We've got until Friday.

I wonder who suggested Barr? Why not McKinney?

Way better than McKinney on this. I love Cynthia, but sad to say she is not taken seriously by moderates or conservatives.

Bob Barr was a federal prosecutor, used to work for the CIA, was a Republican congressman, served on the Judiciary and was a leader in the impeachment against Clinton, and has said publically that Bush is a lawbreaker.

and what's the best contact info to lobby him to speak up for impeachment?

He will be just as hard on Congress as Bush.

He has not publically called for impeachment, but he is a principal along with Bruce Fein of the American Freedom Agenda. Take a look at their "about us" - it's all about Bush's abuse of power (particularly from a Constitutional perspective).

He deflected a question about impeachment recently, saying:

"Congress has not done its job. We don't have the evidence. Congress has failed in its responsibility to conduct proper oversight. It does not seem to have the stomach to carry out oversight responsibilities of the executive branch.

But, he is in my opinion a very principled man. I don't agree with a lot of his principles, but he is principled just the same. And, I believe he stands by his dogged approach to the Clinton impeachment and in turn would - if Congress would get moving - feel the same way about Bush. In fact, I'm sure he feels the same way plus some. Just like Bruce Fein.

This is what Barr said about Clinton v Bush:

"[What] George W. Bush has done to the fabric of our constitutional government, to Separation of Powers, to a government of limited powers, to destroy the notion that we are a nation of laws, not of men, is something that is absolutely unforgiveable, irresponsible and terribly, terribly destructive of our notion of government. President Clinton, certainly had my problems with him, but what he did in terms of perjury and obstruction was bad, but it was not destructive of the very systemic foundations of our country."

Below is contact info. Whether it's "the best" I don't know.

Contact info from Project Vote Smart
Campaign Email:

Campaign Address
506 North Harrington Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

Campaign Address
900 Circle 75 Parkway, Suite 1280
Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: 770-836-1776 Media
Fax: 678-384-5745

From Campaign Website:

Fax: 678-384-5745

Barr 2008 Presidential Committee
P.O. Box 725007
Atlanta, GA 31139

Think it's a great idea to lobby him on this. Let's do it.

Cheryl Biren-Wright

or something like that

i didn't recommend either of them

"Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity."

Id love to see Vincent Bugliosi as one of the 5 Non-Congress members. I wish he and Dennis could get together and join forces.
BTW-I did call every member of the HJC. All were polite and said they would relay message except maybe the woman from Goodlatte (VA) office. She told me Clinton was impeached for "lying under oath" not oral sex so i pointed out noone died when Clinton lied under oath and every day people are dying due to this adminstrations lies. She could not wait to get me off the phone.
I am angry with the majority of this do-nothing Congress.

he's offered a free copy of his book for every committee member and that may happen

They went along w/ & even supported torture, warrantless wire tapping,and many of BushCheney's crimes against the Constitution , military, citizens of the world and our laws, they will never prosecute or even bring to light the extent of his treason because they were partners in crime. This is a sad commentary on the state of our once proud country, I hope we can dig ourselves out but it won't happen untill we throw the whole bunch out ( Congress & the Executive)

look they are being forced to entertain but a few representatives of the 'people'

i tell you straight to your face, having Nader there means they have one of their guys stacked in the deck

i agree with David, it won't work

yet... being led to the trough is not a fricken strategy

the trough is to let the impeachment crowd 'think' they are making progress

intesify the pressure

you either let them win or YOU WIN

do you love the smell of impeachement in the morning or What???!?!??!?

what do you want now... WHAT DO YOU WANT AMERICA

then go get it, yum yum!!

eat them alive - they are a bunch of treasonous murdering currs - illegal war, murder, torture, gutting the us constitution - Go get'm - this is YOUR OUTLET

IMPEACHMENT is your shiny brand new TOY


those that are claiming to help or HINDERING - oh yeah - HINDERING and STALLING

shiny, shiny toy

This is being planned like an Andy Hardy show in the barn would be planned, except this is for real.

July 25th is not so much about who is allowed to speak, it's about whether the media pay attention Friday, Saturday, Sunday....

Will C-SPAN cover it live? They absolutely should if the House isn't in session. Will the hearing be re-played through the weekend? No reason not to, right? Will it make the Sunday talk shows? What will be the spin from guests allowed to speak for impeachment?

Definitely a work in progress.

David reports that "Harold Burbank says Ralph Nader will be testifying."

Pardon me, but who is Mr. Burbank?

What's his link into all this?

lawyer, impeachment and indictment activist, congressional candidate in Connecticut's Fifth, and a guy who says Nader told him he (Nader) is on the panel

He's been shunned by Congressional Democrats since the late 1980s. Why is the policy different now? Maybe because he's been saying recently that he cannot "get an audience" with any members of Congress.

In Nancy Pelosi's tortured reasoning, putting an "outcast" (Nader) on a panel to advocate for an "outcast" idea (impeachment) makes very good political sense.


"Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity."

Nader only pulls votes from Dems not Reps.
Lets be real here. Wasnt the damage he did 4 years ago enough for us? His ego must be very large to put it above the welfare of this nation/world.

Obama is a vote for Israel and Wall Street and Coal and...more military and protecting Bush and less privacy and ..... Is that what YOU are for?

Obama is not in favor of anything this website stands for, have you noticed? YOU vote for Obama.

If you liked Carter and Clinton, you'll love Obama.

Here's a recent piece on a Reuters poll:
"Nader and Barr each picked up 3 percent, but *nearly all of their support came from MCCAIN." Did you get that? MCCAIN!!

You really need to check your history. Nader had NO effect on the 2004 election, period. Maybe you meant 2000, the election that was stolen by the Supreme Court? "Democrats for Bush" outpolled Nader three to one in Florida in 2000, but you'll never hear boo from the DNC about that.

If you accept the National Democratic Party leadership's position on Nader, you are being duped, an apologist for the corporatism that controls the DNC.

My "job" is not to elect Obama. It's OBAMA's job to convince ME he won't be just another handmaiden to "the free market" and the Washington Consensus. So far, he has done a good job to tell people like me to "go fuck ourselves." You probably agree with him on that, too. ;^)

Here's a recent piece on a Reuters poll:

"Nader and Barr each picked up 3 percent, but nearly all of their support came from MCCAIN."

Did you get that? MCCAIN!! N-a-d-e-r takes v-o-t-e-s from MCCAIN. Psst, don't tell anyone.

Obama is a vote for the Israel government and Wall Street insiders and Coal and even more military and protecting Bush and less privacy and ..... Is that what YOU are for?

Obama is not in favor of anything this website stands for, have you noticed?

If you liked Carter and Clinton, you'll love Obama.

You really need to check your history. Nader had NO effect on the 2004 election, period. Maybe you meant 2000, the election that was stolen by the Supreme Court with DNC aquiesence? "Democrats for Bush" outpolled Nader three to one in Florida in 2000, but you'll never hear boo from the DNC about that.

If you accept the National Democratic Party leadership's position on Nader, you are being duped, an apologist for the corporatism that controls the DNC.

My "job" is not to elect Obama. It's OBAMA's job to convince ME he won't be just another handmaiden to "the free market" and the Washington Consensus. So far, he has done a good job to tell people like me to "go fuck ourselves." You probably agree with him on that, too. ;^)

YOU vote for Obama.


You have swallowed the "common knowledge" about Ralph Nader. It's B.S. perpetuated by the people that are in power. Nader supporters will STAY HOME on election day rather then vote for a "Republicrat". He will not take votes from either of the Corporate stooges. He was NOT responsible for Bush winning the election in 2000 because Bush DID NOT win in 2000. Al Gore actually won that election! The election was STOLEN in Florida by the Republicans. If you vote for the "business as usual" candidates, that is exactly what you will get!

Al K.

John Nichols of The Nation. While Holtzman and Fein are two good voices for impeachment, John Nichols is very articulate and knowledgeable of the issue. I might even throw in there state rep. Betty Hall of New Hampshire and Vermont impeachment hero Dan DeWalt too. Strength in numbers as they say.

I suppose we'll have it together schedule wise as soon as we hook up with every group that has shown an interest. Conyers didn't announce the "Imperial Presidency " stuff until Friday. I'll be in the District by the 24th, then on the Hill and in the Rayburn hopefully by 2pm, of course back on the 25th early to get a seat.
anyone that thinks just because the Judiciary has 2 hours blocked off for all questions and witnesses that is HOW it'll occur is, well, wrong. After Addington, Yoo, Fieth and Ashcroft being questioned by the Judiciary, 2 one day, 1 another and the last another. This caused much Partisan bull, bickering over the most inane things. The republican Minority sucks, Issa, Trent Franks, Lungren and King made infantile jokes about deaths as a result of TORTURE, hemming and hawing, as if, "Oh just when will this be over", they could have cared less, so if you don't or can't come please call. Here's 2 toll frees: 800-828-0498 and 800-459-1887 I used to have 6 but I suppose when they welched on paying the spies we call Telecoms they were disconnected. Dennis is giving all he's got for this Nation, its Citizens and OUR Constitution. I feel although I've been at this since Vietnam I owe him and this country ONE MORE chance, if they screw us again I'm outta here, they can keep the passport. Please if you have the tact of groveling, it eludes me, call Issa, King, Lungren and Franks[Trent], because they are not going to budge. If you need to ask a question re; hotels or anything at all leave a comment here, 'cos I moderate them so you can leave an email or phone # and I am the only one that'll see it.
Thanks so much for helping us
Peace, Rhoda


WOW!! You folks are halarious!

Were you looking for the Fox Channel blogsite and lost your way?

Is "halarious" a word? Hilarious? Speaking for many others here, we resent being compared to Congress. Take down your "words," sir.

I notice one of Polosi's excuses(that I have heard repeated word for word from the rest of her freeloading stooges) for not impeaching is that "We are just soooo busy with all these other, more important issues... like gas prices......... healthcare ........ and.......... the economy!" like they really have to think hard about that third one!

Well gee's been a really long time and you haven't been working on anything tell me, how is that list of more "important issues" comming along? These other more important issues that you have been "working" so damn hard on all this time instead of the root cause, George Bush's monarcy. Or would answering these types of questions that take up too much of thier precious time?

Lord knows I would hate to waist THIER time......... when it could be better spent on that long list of important issues like....... let me see, so far it looks like they have more money and more immunity for Bush marked off the list.

Two years and that's what they have accomplished!
Now that's hilarious if you ask me............
"important issues".......... what a bunch of cards...........

Have these people not proven beyond a shadow of doubt that through the spying of AIPAC and the Israeli Mossad they are devoid of principles? Nothing they do makes any sense whatsoever until the factor of spying and blackmail is considered.

Once this is considered everything makes perfect sense.

So, why repeat the same thing over again with the same people and expect a different result? We have fewer days ahead than behind. Life is too short is it not?

Pelosi and company's pattern of lies and sycophantic behavior has become far too predictable and the meaning of it is crystal clear.

They have been blackmailed, bribed and complicit in grotesque criminal conspiracies against the United States and care about no one or nothing but themselves. They consistently lie and repeat the same lame excuses to "rationalize" more treason.

I don't like these people. They are not democrats, republicans or Americans. They are sub-human with no conscience whatsoever. How many innocent people have died because of them? How many innocent people have been tortured? How much more money would they steal from Americans? How much more unbelievable debt and what is yet to come?

They are the most unforgivable cowardly charlatans that I have ever seen.

I cannot advocate for the appeasement of such undesirable elements but how about offering them the opportunity of amnesty in exchange for doing something they have never tried to do before, like honoring the oath of office for a change? What kind of "business" could dual Israeli-American citizens possibly have occupying sensitive positions within the United States government and why try to conceal it?

Michael Chertoff (dual Israeli-American citizen) is the Director of "Homeland (Fatherland) Security", the same TSA Gestapo that gropes, fondles, harasses, humiliates, threatens and steals from our innocent wives and daughters at US airports.

The bogus "watch list" of over 1 million Americans routinely violates the 4th Amendment and their minimum rage goons stupidly hassle, harass and steal from innocent men, women and children at US airports everyday. As if to add insult to injury, MILLIONS of cargo containers still enter the US annually without any kind of inspection whatsoever.

Lest we forget, this is the same Attorney General Michael Chertoff who allowed the Bin Laden family to fly out of the United States with impunity during a time when all Americans were forbidden to travel by air after the "Shock and Awe" of "9-11-01".

This is also the same Michael Chertoff who ordered the release of the 5 dancing Israeli Mossad Agents who were caught red handed and arrested after being observed celebrating and filming the impact and subsequent collapse of the Twin Towers. They weren't just arrested, they had with them video taped evidence (including "box cutters", C-4,$4,700 in cash and passports) of themselves celebrating on camera as the towers fell as would a demolitions team after a successful implosion. One of them even had the temerity to hold a cigarette lighter in front of the camera smiling like a kid at a rock concert.

Whatever information the entities of a foreign government is using to blackmail members of Congress with would be forgiven in return for restoring our Constitutional Rule of Law and holding the most disgusting war criminals ever seen to legal accountability and deporting immigrants of a foreign government out of our government.

Otherwise, we take the overwhelming campaign of criminal evidence against them to the International Criminal Court, offshore media outlets and even to the government of Russia. Yes, Russia.

We warn Pelosi about the need for criminal investigations about everything, including "9-11", her signing off on torture and illegal domestic spying or else.

To the sycophantic right wing: Please do not attempt to annoy with bogus accusations of "anti-Semitism" boulderdash. That old Edsel is so used up that it cannot hold oil. Zionists have less claim to Judaism than the Ku Klux Klan has to Christianity.

Zionists have caused the deaths of over 1 million innocent Iraqi men, women, children, destroyed over 5 million more, defrauded our military community, caused the deaths of over 4,100 soldiers, permanently maimed over 40,000 more soldiers, stole over 5 trillion dollars, contaminated the rule of civilized law, customized the defrauded United States into the most despised rouge nation in the world and contaminated our communications media. All of this plus more for a illegal war of aggression based on lies.

And THAT constitutes a certifiable Holocaust.

When soldiers take the sacred oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic, we do not take an oath to defend corrupted political parties, oil companies or evil men.

The civilized world is fed up with corrupted chicken hawk politicians and their bovine excrement. People like us who care about the integrity of United States sovereignty are fed up with them. It is not humanly possible for me to care less about corrupted members of Congress' stupid sex problems or Israeli-AIPAC blackmail.

If Israel is warped enough to start another reckless war of aggression based on the same Iraq lies against Iran, (Iran has not invaded anyone for over 300 years) threaten to murder Iran's innocent civilians and threaten Russia's financial interests then Israel should take responsibility for it's reckless behavior alone. No more exploitation of our soldiers for Israel.

How about it?

And remember too that Bush was illegally spying well before 9/11, and probably from his first day in office. Heaven knows what kind of files they were creating on everyone, and I'll bet it makes Nixon's spying look like child's play, especially with today's technology. And the big difference is, Bush has far fewer principles than Nixon did, if he has any at all, which I doubt.

Then you have the whole system subverted anyhow, with Republicans masquerading as Democrats (DLC). In short, were f'd.

It doesn't help when you have an entire generation of people who are victims of FNFBS (Faux News Fried Brain Syndrome) who cannot or refuse to think for themselves, and a complicit media system in general.

These are deeply troubling times.


Have a military family who has lost a loved one press charges in their Federal District Court. This is how it must be done. Will Obama pardon Bush? Read Bugliosi's "The Impeachment of George W. Bush."

Impeachment will not go through, because all top Dems are afraid it may result in repercussions for themselves. Most of them knew of all the crimes, including false intelligence reports on Iraq.

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